The Next Step for Young Adults Interested in Hunting


Youth with pheasant


The Massachusetts Young Adult Pheasant Hunt Program was developed by MassWildlife to provide an opportunity for 12-17 year old Hunter Education graduates to practice firearms safety, develop shooting skills, and participate in a special pheasant hunt with a safe, experienced hunter in a friendly environment.

The program is run by participating local sportsmen's clubs. Contact your local sportsmen's club to see if it offers this program.Hunter safety is emphasized in all aspects of the program to help build the confidence of young adult hunters so they may feel comfortable hunting alone or with others in the field. This program is more than just a day of pheasant hunting in the field. It is a comprehensive three part outdoor recreation program:

Part One - Shooting Instruction and Practice. One of the most important elements for becoming a safe and ethical hunter is developing and practicing shooting skills. Young adults will practice the fundamentals of shotgun shooting and firearms safety by receiving hands-on instruction at the club range prior to the hunt.

Part Two - Pre-hunt Workshop. Young adults will have the opportunity to practice all aspects of a safe hunt during a pre-hunt workshop held just prior to the actual pheasant hunt. This will be a hands-on "in the field" session that will include safety exercises such as hunting in a group, zones of fire, crossing safely over obstacles, safely loading and unloading firearms in the field, proper field carries, handling and operating firearms safely, shoot/don't shoot scenarios and hunter ethics. In addition, the pre-hunt workshop will cover the basics on firearms for upland hunting, ammunition, gear, clothing, and other equipment typically used in upland hunting.

Part Three - Young Adult Pheasant Hunt. The program culminates with a day in the field pheasant hunting in a relaxed and friendly environment under the watchful eye of a safe, responsible, experienced hunter. It is an opportunity to experience the enjoyment and excitement of watching a dog working a bird; the thrill of seeing a pheasant flush from cover and taking the shot, and then cleaning and cooking the day's harvest.

Young Adult Pheasant Hunt registration pdf format of YAPH Registration


2017 Young Adult Pheasant Hunt - Participating Clubs

Georgetown Fish and Game Association (Georgetown)
Contact: John Holt

Walpole Sportsman’s Association (Walpole)
Contact: Joseph Creedon Jr.

Norco Sportsmen’s Club (Princeton)
Contact: Ken Stidsen

Carver Sportsmen’s Club (South Carver)
Contact: Paul Johnson

Falmouth Rod and Gun Club (Falmouth, Waquoit)
Contact: Keith Engstrom

Worthington Rod and Gun Club (Worthington)
Contact: Walter Fritz Jr.

Lee Sportsmen’s Club (Lee)
Contact: John Polastri
Email: NONE

Essex County League (Danvers)
Contact: Mike Robinson

East Mountain Sportsmen’s Club (Williamstown)
Contact: Tom Brule


Attention Sportsmen's Clubs

The Mass. Young Adult Pheasant Program was developed for Sportsmen's Clubs & Related Groups to:

  • Provide interested young adults with an opportunity to practice skills (learned in the Hunter Education course) in a program that includes shotgun shooting, pre-hunt field practicum and culminating in a pheasant hunt while supervised by responsible, licensed adult hunters in an enjoyable environment.
  • Provide local sporting clubs who want to pass on the traditions of hunting and the great outdoors with tools and guidance in implementing a successful young adult hunting experience.

Please contact the Youth Hunt Coordinator Astrid Huseby at 508-389-6305 with any questions you have about the program.

The MassWildlife District office that serves your community can answer questions about possible locations for the Youth Pheasant Hunt if you do not want to hold the hunt at your club:

  • Central - West Boylston (508) 835-3607
  • Connecticut Valley - Belchertown (413) 323-7632
  • Northeast - Ayer (978) 772-2145
  • Southeast - Bourne (508) 759-3406
  • Western - Dalton (413) 684-1646