Important Forms & Applications For Clubs

To Participating Clubs:

Remember that the Young Adult Turkey Hunt Program is open to all public participants ages 12-17, not just young club members. All youth participants must have:

  • a valid hunter education certificate prior to enrolling in the Program.
  • a Firearms Identification Card (FID) and hunting license is required for all young adults aged 15-17. (Young adults 12-14 years of age do not need a hunting license or FID card.)

Below are forms that are needed as part of your club's Young Adult Turkey Hunt Program planning process. These forms are also found in the Planning Guide for Clubs, but for those club representatives who have had experience with the Young Adult Turkey Hunt, these forms have been made available as separate files for your convenience. Information on who fills out the form and when or where they need to be sent are included on the forms. An asterisk (*) indicates which forms must be sent to MassWildlife. Be sure to note deadlines on mailings to MassWildlife.

Young Adult Participant Registration/Parent Consent Forms

 New YATH Participant Registration Form pdf format of New YATH Participant Registration Form

*YATH Parental Consent Form pdf format of YATH Parental Consent Form

YATH Emergency Medical Form pdf format of YATH Emergency Medical Form

*YATH Participant Survey pdf format of YATH Participant Survey
 (To be filled out by the youth participants and returned to the club after their hunt.)

Forms For Clubs to Complete

*YATH Club Release Form pdf format of YATH Club Release Form

*YATH Club Safety Kit Request pdf format of YATH Club Safety Kit Request

*YATH Certificate of Completion pdf format of YATH Certificate of Completion

YATH Volunteer Form pdf format of YATH Volunteer Form
 (For club use when recruiting volunteers to help run the Young Adult Turkey Hunt Program.)

For Past Youth Turkey Hunt Participants

*YATH Past Participant Form pdf format of YATH Past Participant Form 1
For youths who have completed the Young Adult Turkey hunt in a previous year but need a permit to participate this year. This form is filled out by the youth, signed by parent or legal guardian, and mailed directly to MassWildlife. Once this form is received by MassWildlife and processed, the youth will be able to print out his/her license at home from the MassFishHunt system. Please allow 7-10 days from date of mailing for processing. Directions on how to obtain your turkey certificate can be found here pdf format of Instructions on How to Obtain a Youth Turkey Permit