Freshwater Fishing in Massachusetts

View a list of Massachusetts fish in greatest need of conservation.

As identified in MassWildlife's State Wildlife Action Plan.

Visit a Massachusetts Fish Hatchery.

Hatcheries operated by MassWildlife are open to visitors in Belchertown, Montague, Sandwich, and Sunderland. Be advised that your visit will be self-guided. 

Certain Lead Jigs and Sinkers in Fresh Water are Prohibited

The use of any lead fishing sinkers and lead jigs weighing less than 1 ounce is now prohibited in all inland waters (freshwater) of the Commonwealth. Learn more.

Didymo in Massachusetts

The Freshwater algae Didymoshenia geminata (Didymo) has been identified in Massachusetts waters. Once thought to be a harmful invasive, Didymo is now believed to be native to North America and the New England region. Learn more.

Zebra Mussels in Massachusetts

In July 2009, the presence of invasive zebra mussels was confirmed in Laurel Lake, Lee. Learn more about this invasive species.

Technical Report on Factors Affecting River Fish Communities (2011)

A technical report Factors Influencing Riverine Fish Assemblages in Massachusetts about factors affecting the composition of river fish communities in Massachusetts streams has been recently published and is available at the U.S. Geological Survey.

Target Fish Community Technical Report (2009)

The Target Fish Community Technical Report pdf format of Target Fish Community Technical Report
file size 2MB, published by MassWildlife,  includes methods used in the Target Fish Community effort, describes river-specific results for 11 major mainstem rivers and conclusion on the effort. Please note that only a few hard copies are available.