Application for a 10-day Emergency Permit to Municipal Board of Health pdf format of Application for 10-Day Permit to Resolve Beaver Problem
- This form is needed to apply for a 10-day Emergency Permit through your local Board of Health (BOH). Once the local BOH receives this application they can perform a site visit and determine if your conflict merits the granting of a 10-day Emergency Permit.

Application for a 30-day Extension Permit to DFW pdf format of Application to Extend Permit for Beaver Removal
- This form is needed to apply for a 30-day extension permit with the Mass. Division of Fisheries and Wildlife. When receiving the 1st and 2nd additional 10-day permits from your local BOH, you must also apply for a 30-day extension permit.

Landowner Consent form pdf format of Landowner Consent Form to Remove Beavers from Property
- If a beaver dam or muskrat problem is not located on your property, have the property owner sign this form to grant you permission to access the property and remedy the situation.

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