Wild Turkeys! A Learning Kit was developed by James E. Cardoza and Marion E. Larson of MassWildlife as a teaching tool for conservation educators. Specifically, the kit is designed to teach about the wild turkey, but, additionally, materials are included which convey ideas and concepts about wildlife and their habitats in general.


The Learning Kit provides teachers with ideas and materials which can be used with students from grammar school through high school, as well as with adults. The Kit includes actual artifacts and biological specimens, audiovisual material (videotape, CD-ROM), reference materials, a series of questions-and-answers (FAQ's) and several exercises. Teachers may also develop their own lessons, using the material provided as well as the several references.

Funding for the Kit was provided by the Massachusetts Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation , using monies from the Massachusetts account of the National Wild Turkey Federation SuperFund. This support is gratefully acknowledged.

Kits are available for loan free of charge to teachers, sportsmens' groups, and other interested parties. Seven Kits are available, which may be obtained from the Information and Education Section of MassWildlife's Field Headquarters in Westboro, MassWildlife's five District offices, and from the Massachusetts Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation .

We hope that the Kit will enhance the understanding of wild turkeys and their habitats by both instructors and students. Particularly in Massachusetts, where it evokes the memory of Pilgrim times, the wild turkey is a symbol of wilderness and the forest primeval. By learning about wild turkeys, we can enhance our understanding, not only of that bird, but of our wild environment and our emotional and spiritual needs to understand, enjoy, and conserve our natural heritage.