Diseases & Illnesses

  • Avian Influenza

    A summary of actions being taken by MassWildlife as part of a nationwide surveillance program. Provides reporting guidelines, an FAQ sheet, and links to other agencies.

  • Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD)

    Learn more about this disease that is moving across the country and what MassWildlife is doing to prevent it from spreading to deer in this state.

  • Rabies

    Information about rabies and what you can do to protect you,your family and your pets.

  • Raccoon Roundworm

    Information about the raccoon roundworm parasite and how to prevent infection.

  • Wildlife Rehabilitation

    Know what to do if you find sick or injured wildlife.

Report Wildlife Road Mortality

You can help MassWildlife and partnering agencies in identifying wildlife road crossings by submitting your sightings to the Linking Landscapes for Massachusetts Wildlife.

The website represents a citizen science opportunity to gather information on the locations of wildlife roadkill hotspots. Submit information about wildlife road mortality that occurs in these locations:

  • Turtle road crossings
  • Vernal pool salamander migration road crossings
  • Other wildlife roadkill locations

Links to wildlife related publications and laws are also included.