The Broodstock Salmon Stocking Program has ended. Winter of 2013/14 was the last year that MassWildlife stocked broodstock Atlantic Salmon in Massachusetts waters.

Why the Program Ended
In 2012 the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service withdrew its support and resources from the Connecticut River Atlantic Salmon restoration program, including its egg and fry production at the White River National Fish Hatchery and sea run broodstock operations at the Cronin National Salmon Station. These operations were critical components of the Atlantic Salmon restoration program and without them there was no viable chance of success moving forward. Therefore, after nearly four decades of effort, MassWildlife has ended its efforts to restore Atlantic Salmon to the Connecticut River.
As a result, MassWildlife will no longer culture Atlantic Salmon at the Roger Reed fish hatchery or stock Atlantic Salmon fry or smolts into waters of the Commonwealth. This means there are no surplus broodstock salmon for anglers. The last salmon fry were stocked in 2013; therefore we expect to see adult Atlantic Salmon returns to the Connecticut River through 2017.