For over 40 years MassWildlife has sponsored the Freshwater Sportfishing Awards Program (FSA) designed to recognize anglers who have caught exceptional freshwater fish from waterbodies that are open to the public.Over the years, the program has changed and evolved to reflect the interests of anglers, to promote fishing and to recognize exceptional anglers.

The Program consists of several elements:

  • Annual recognition of adult and youth anglers who catch fish of a certain minimum size in 22 species categories
  • Annual recognition of adult and youth anglers catching the largest fish in 22 species categories
  • Annual recognition of anglers who catch the greatest variety of fish species in the Program

How the Program Works:

Sportfishing Pin Awards - Anglers receive bronze pins for catching fish of certain minimum weight requirements for 22 species. Anglers must have their catch weighed at a certified scale and submit an affidavit pdf format of Sportfishing Affidavit
and photo of their catch to the Sportfishing Awards Coordinator. Anglers who catch the largest fish in each category receive a gold pin and plaque commemorating their accomplishment. "Gold pin winners" are honored each year at a special ceremony (date and location announced each spring). Nearly 500 pins are awarded annually.

Angler of the Year Award - The Division of Fisheries & Wildlife recognizes the angler who submitted the most species qualifying for "pin fish" during the calendar year. This part of the program is designed in part to promote awareness of some of the Commonwealth's underutilized species and to recognize an angler's ability to catch a wide variety of large fish species. Some anglers become specialists, studying the habits of specific species and learning how to target them, while others become generalists seeking out all the species that the state's waters have to offer. This award is also a way to recognize that the motivations for angling are as diverse as the anglers themselves! The Angler of the Year is also honored along with the gold pin winners at the Sportfishing Awards Ceremony.

How to Submit Your Pin Fish Catch

See Program Rules, Eligibility, and Minimum Weights Page

Click here to download the Sportfishing Affidavit pdf format of Sportfishing Affidavit

Record Breaking Catch?

Anglers who believe they have broken a state record must present their fish in its entirety (whole) to qualified fisheries personnel at MassWildlife Field Headquarters in West Boylston or at any of the five MassWildlife District offices.