Trophy anglers, the Sportfishing Awards Program offers yearly recognition to anglers who catch the largest fish in each category. Anglers who believe they have broken a state record must present their fish in its entirety (whole) to qualified fisheries personnel at MassWildlife Field Headquarters in Westborough or at any of the five MassWildlife District offices .

Records by Species
SpeciesWater BodyWeightAnglerYear
Bass, LargemouthSampson Pond
15 lbs 8 ozWalter Bolonis1975
Bass, SmallmouthWachusett Reservoir8 lbs 2 ozBarbara Sasen1991
BullheadForest Lake
6 lbs 4 ozRoger Aziz Jr2008
CarpLake Quinsigamond
46 lbs 5 ozShane Felch, Shrewsbury2012
Catfish, ChannelAshfield Lake
26 lbs 8 ozDana Dodge1989
Catfish, WhiteBaddacook Pond
9 lbs 3 ozMichael Payne1987
CrappieJake's Pond
4 lbs 10 ozJames Crowley1980
Perch, WhiteWachusett Reservoir3 lbs 2 ozRay Richford1994
Perch, YellowSouth Watuppa Pond
Fall River
2 lbs 12 ozJames O'Conner1979
Pickerel, ChainLaurel Lake
9 lbs 5 ozMrs. James Martin1954
Pike, NorthernSouth Pond
35 lbs 0 ozDon Greenwood Jr.1988
Salmon, BroodstockLake Mattawa
22 lbs 15 ozDonald Savoy1997
Salmon, LandlockedWachusett Reservoir10 lbs 2 ozRichard Gagne1985
Shad, AmericanConnecticut River11 lbs 4 ozBob Thibodo1986
SunfishSouth Athol Pond
South Athol
2 lbs 1 ozHeather Bulger1982
Tiger MuskellungePontoosuc Lake
27 lbs 0 ozJames Lambert2001
Trout, BrookAshfield Lake
10 lbs 0 ozPeter Harand2008
Trout, BrownWachusett Reservoir19 lbs 10 ozDana Deblois1966
Trout, LakeWachusett Reservoir24 lbs 0 ozMichael Sienkiewicz2004
Trout, RainbowWachusett Reservoir13 lbs 13 ozJeffrey Greco1999
Trout, TigerPeters Pond
9 lbs 7ozMichael Shelton2004
WalleyeQuabbin Reservoir11 lbs 0 ozRobert Methot1973