Stocking times in the Western District begin depending on snow, ice, flood levels and water chemistry conditions. All listed waters are stocked in the spring. Those water bodies underlined are stocked in spring and fall.


Western District Trout Waters
TownStocked Waters
ADAMSHoosic River (S. Branch)
ALFORDGreen River
ASHFIELDAshfield Pond, Clesson Brook, South River, Swift River
BECKETGreenwater Pond, Yokum Brook, Westfield River (W. Branch), Walker Brook
BUCKLANDClesson Brook, Deerfield River
CHARLEMONTPelham Brook, Deerfield River, Chickley River, Cold River
CHESHIREHoosic River (S. Branch), Dry Brook, South Brook
CHESTERLittleville Lake, Walker Brook, Westfield River (Middle Branch), Westfield River (W. Branch)
CHESTERFIELDWestfield River (E. Branch), West Branch Brook
CLARKSBURGHoosic River (N. Branch), Hudson Brook
CUMMINGTONWestfield River (E. Branch), Swift River
DALTONSackett Brook, Housatonic River (E. Branch), Wahconah Falls Brook
FLORIDADeerfield River, North Pond, Cold River
GOSHENSwift River, Upper Highland Lake, Stones Brook
GRANVILLEHubbard River
GREAT BARRINGTONGreen River, West Brook, Williams River, Mansfield Lake
HANCOCKKinderhook Creek, Berry Pond
HAWLEYChickley River
HINSDALEBennett Brook, Housatonic River (E. Branch), Plunkett Reservoir
HUNTINGTONWestfield River (E. Branch), Little River, Littleville Lake, Westfield River (W. Branch), Westfield River (Middle Branch), Norwich Lake, Westfield River
LANESBOROUGHTown Brook, Lake Pontoosuc
LEEBeartown Brook, Goose Pond, Hop Brook, Greenwater Brook, Laurel Lake, Housatonic River, West Brook
LENOXYokun Brook, Laurel Lake
MIDDLEFIELDFactory Brook, Westfield River (Middle Branch), Westfield River (W. Branch)
MONTEREYLake Buel, Lake Garfield, Konkapot River
MONROEDunbar Brook
NEW MARLBOROKonkapot River, York Lake
OTISFarmington River, Otis Reservoir, Big Benton Pond
PERUTrout Brook
PITTSFIELDHousatonic River (SW Branch), Sackett Brook, Onota Lake, Lake Pontoosuc
RICHMONDRichmond Pond
ROWEPelham Brook, Pelham Lake
RUSSELLPotash Brook, Westfield River
SANDISFIELDBuck River, Clam River, Farmington River
SAVOYWestfield River (E. Branch), Chickley River, Cold River
SHEFFIELDKonkapot River
STOCKBRIDGELarrywaug Brook, Stockbridge Bowl, Housatonic River
TYRINGHAMHop Brook, Goose Pond Brook, Goose Pond
WILLIAMSTOWNHemlock Brook, Green River (W. Branch), Green River
WINDSORWestfield River (E. Branch), Windsor Pond, Windsor Brook, Westfield Brook
WORTHINGTONWestfield River (Middle Branch), Little River, Bronson Brook, West Branch Brook