2013 Deer Season

Deer Project Leader, David Stainbrook, reports a total of 11,566 white-tailed deer harvested by licensed hunters during the combined 2013 hunting seasons.

By season, the total breaks down as follows:

  • 6 deer taken during the special deer season for paraplegic sportsmen
  • 4,486  taken in the archery season
  • 4,609  taken during the shotgun season
  • 2,343 taken during the muzzleloading season
  • 122 deer harvested during the Quabbin Reservation hunt

Deer populations are managed according to deer density goals established to maintain healthy deer populations in balance with the environment and people. Goals are set at levels that allow sustainable deer harvest and deer viewing opportunities for hunters and wildlife watchers, and at levels which minimize impacts on property damage, public health issues, and safety.

Deer Harvests in Massachusetts