2015 Deer Season

10,102 deer were harvested in Massachusetts during the 2015 hunting seasons.
Harvest by season:

  • 146 taken on the youth deer hunt day
  • 4,187 taken in the archery season
  • 4,136 taken during the shotgun season
  • 1,633 taken during the primitive firearms season

MassWildlife uses regulated hunting during three distinct hunting seasons (archery, shotgun, and primitive) to manage deer numbers across the state, with a goal to keep deer numbers below the level where major impacts are seen to the habitat, but in balance with social desires/tolerance.The deer population is managed using 15 Wildlife Management Zones. The Fisheries and Wildlife Board oversees any changes to hunting seasons, bag limits, and antlerless deer permit numbers, which are set annually to achieve goals.

Deer Harvests in Massachusetts