Upon harvesting a deer, bear, or turkey, you must immediately fill out and attach the paper tag from your permit the carcass. Your game must remain intact (other than field dressing), with the harvest tag attached, until it is reported and prepared for food or taxidermy purposes.

Hunters may report most harvested game online via MassFishHunt. There are two exceptions:

  1. During the first week of Shotgun hunting season for deer, all deer must be reported in person at a deer check station so that MassWildlife biologists may collect biological data.
  2. All bobcat and otter must be reported in person at a furbearer check station.

If reporting your harvest online, you will be issued a confirmation number. You must write the number on the harvest tag attached to the carcass. The harvest tag with harvest report confirmation number must remain attached to the carcass until it is prepared for food or taxidermy purposes. Hunters must report their game within 48 hours of harvest.

Hunters may also choose to bring their game to an official check station:

Harvest reporting deadlines:

  • Deer, bear, and turkey must be reported within 48 hours of harvest. (The harvest tag must be attached to the carcass immediately upon harvesting the animal.)
  • All furbearers must be reported within 4 working days of the end of the season.

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Meat Processors and Taxidermists Game Possession Requirements:

Meat processors and taxidermists shall only possess bear, beaver, bobcat, coyote, deer, fisher, fox, mink, ottern or wild turkey with either:

  • An official MassWildlife metal or plastic seal affixed to the carcass or furbearer pelt OR
  • A tag with the assigned MassFishHunt confirmation number affixed to the carcass or furbearer pelt.

It is illegal to accept any of the above game animals that do not have an official MassWidlife seal or have the confirmation number on an attached tag.