Hunters may report or "check” their deer, bear, turkey, and most furbearers online. You must login to MassFishHunt with your Customer ID in order to check your game. There are two exceptions to this process:

1. During the Shotgun hunting season for deer, all deer must be checked in at a traditional deer check station in order for DFW biologists to collect biological data.

2. All bobcat and otter must be checked in at a traditional furbearer check station . You cannot check these game animals on MassFishHunt.

 After answering the game checking questions online, you will receive a confirmation number that you must write on the tag attached to the animal. In the case of furbearers, you can make a tag and write the assigned confirmation number on it and attach to the carcass or pelt. This is the official “seal” and takes the place of metal or plastic tags at check stations. All tags with confirmation number must be attached until the animal is butchered or mounting by a taxidermist. Hunters must complete this checking/reporting process BEFORE processing game for the table, freezer or taxidermist.

Hunters and trappers may still bring their game to a game check station. (See below for locations and a map)

Game Check Deadlines: Deer, bear, and turkey must be checked within 48 hours of harvest.  The harvest tag must be attached to the carcass immediately upon harvesting the animal. All furbearers must be checked within 4 working days of the end of the season.

Detailed Online Game Check

Remember, You must login to MassFishHunt with your Customer ID in order to check your game online.

Detailed information and steps to take when checking different game online:

Game Check Stations

Game Possession Requirements for Meat Processors and Taxidermists

Meat processors and taxidermists shall only possess bear, beaver, bobcat, coyote, deer, fisher, fox, mink, otter or wild turkey with either:

  • An official DFW metal or plastic seal affixed to the carcass or furbearer pelt OR
  • A tag with the assigned MassFishHunt confirmation number affixed to the carcass or furbearer pelt

It is illegal to accept any of the above game animals that do not have a Division official seal or have the confirmation number on an attached tag.

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