Use the quick, text-only guide to the online spring turkey checking process or download the guide-to-online-turkey-check3  pdf format of guide-to-online-turkey-check3
file size 1MB for a larger document with screen shots.

You must check your harvested bird BEFORE you process the bird for food or taxidermy purposes.

  1. Go to MassFishHunt.
  2. Login to MassFishHunt by entering hunter's Last Name and Customer ID and clicking NEXT.
  3. Click the REPORT A HARVEST button.
  4. Click TURKEY option on the left under HARVEST MENU.
  5. Click the ADD button.
  6. The SPRING TURKEY HARVEST REPORT consists of a series of questions. For some of these questions, you will need to examine your harvested turkey for spur and beard lengths, or tail feathers length. To answer a question, click in the box to the right of the question and enter your information or click the appropriate response. For Help, click the question mark icon to the right of each question. Please take a few minutes to answer each question accurately.
  7. Once you have answered the questions, click the SUBMIT button. You will have a chance to change your answers before they are finalized, but please ensure that Date of Harvest and all required fields are accurate.
  8. Confirm your submission by clicking YES on the pop-up. If you need to make any changes, click NO and edit your entries. Then proceed from step 8.
  9. Upon completion, a unique CONFIRMATION NUMBER will be generated. You must write this confirmation number on the harvest tag that should still be attached to the harvested turkey. The tag must remain on the bird until the turkey is processed for food or taxidermy purposes. Click the OK button after you have recorded the confirmation number.
  10. Hunters can harvest up to 2 wild turkeys during the spring season, though no more than one may be harvested per day. To report the harvest of a second turkey, repeat the above steps.
  11. MassFishHunt will store information about all game checked online. To view the details of any harvest report, click the VIEW button. You may print a copy of the submitted harvest reports at any time.