Town(s)Stocked Management AreasStocking Frequency / Week*
BelchertownHerm Covey WMA3
ConwayPoland Brook WMA3
Leyden Leyden WMA (includes property off East Glen Rd)3
MontagueMontague Plains WMA3
MontagueMontague Plains WMA1
NorthfieldBennett Meadows WMA3
NorthfieldPauchaug Brook WMA3
OrangeTully Mt WMA 
SouthamptonSouthampton WMA1
SouthwickSouthwick WMA (parking 1 mile w of Foster & Longyard Rds intersection)3
WhatelyWhately Great Swamp WMA2


Town(s)Other Stocked AreasStocking Frequency / Week*
AmherstCowls Christmas Tree Farm, North of Pulpit Hill Road1
AmherstBetween South East St. and Warren Wright Rd and South Amherst-Lawrence Swamp Conservation Area1
BrimfieldPost 430 Sportsmen, St. George Rd2
ColrainFields at northwest end of Maxam Rd.2
ConwayBardwell Ferry Road and Field North of Station Road and East of Bardwell Ferry road1
DeerfieldMelnick Swamp1
DeerfieldNorth end of Pogues Hole Rd.2
GillEast end of Pisgah Mt. Rd.2
HadleyOld Kentfield Farm1
HadleyBetween Mt. Warner Rd. and the Mill River2
HadleyWest of Rte. 116 and north of Russellville Rd. in Amherst1
HadleyNortheast of Cold Spring Rd. and west of Shattuck Rd.1
HadleyNorth end of River Rd.2
HadleyNorth of Honey Pot Rd.1
HatfieldJericho Rd.1
HatfieldPlain Rd and Hatfield Rd1
HatfieldFields along Little Neponset Rd.2
HatfieldFields along Great Neponset Rd. and east along the Connecticut River and Bridge lane.1
Holland, BrimfieldFlood control area between Bimfield Rd. in Holland and Five Bridge Rd. in Brimfield1
LeverettNorth of Teewaddle Hill Rd. and west of Doolittle Brook1
New SalemMichael Lane1
NorthfieldField west of Upper Farms Rd next to Connecticut River2
NorthfieldFields between Rte. 63 and Pine Meadow Rd. on the Northfield / Erving town line2
NorthhamptonNorthampton Meadows - Fields off Hockanum Rd., north to Old Ferry Rd.3
OrangeChenauskys Farm 82 North Main St.1
South HadleyFields between Rte. 47 and the Connecticut River south of Bachelor Brook1
SouthamptonFields east of Glendale Rd. and north of Miller Ave., along the North Branch of Manhan River1
SouthamptonFields between Pomeroy Meadow Rd. and Rte. 10, along the Manhan River1
WareAt the south end of Robbins Rd. along the Ware River1
WestfieldFields along the Manhan River, north of North Rd. and east of Russellville Rd.1

Due to factors including equipment failure, personnel, inclement weather, high water or other unforeseen circumstances we are unable to provide actual stocking dates and locations.