The deadline to apply for an Antlerless Deer Permit via the MassFishHunt licensing system is July 16. There are NO EXCEPTIONS!  Hunters can apply online or at any authorized license agent location . Only one application per person is permitted, and there is no application fee. If you are not sure you applied for an Antlerless Deer Permit, you can check either your Hunting/Sporting License in the Item Purchased section for a line item that reads: “Antlerless Deer Permit Application- Zone OR you can log on to MassFishHunt and check your License Inventory. If you have not yet applied, please follow the steps below:

  1. Login to MassFishHunt system with your Last Name and Customer ID and click the [Next] button
  2. Click the [Enter Sales] button
  3. Click [Accept] button on Customer Electronic Signature dialog box
  4. Click "Hunting Permits and Stamps" option on Main Menu
  5. Click [Add] button next to "Antlerless Deer Permit Application"
  6. Click [Select] button next to Zone for which you wish to apply
  7. If you are finished making purchases, click the [Check Out] button
  8. Click [Check Out] button in main Shopping Cart
  9. Click [Submit] button (no payment required for application)

Beginning August 1 and continuing through December 31, all applicants MUST return to the MassFishHunt system to try to draw an Antlerless Deer Permit for the Zone where they applied. Selection is random (NOT first-come-first-served), and applicants will "instantly" be notified of their drawing success. Odds of drawing a permit remain the same throughout the Instant Award period and are determined by the number of available permits and applications for each Zone. Successful applicants will be assessed a $5.00 fee and may print permits immediately or at a later date.