Depending upon the game species sought or the particular season, certain stamps may be required in addition to your Massachusetts hunting, fishing, trapping, or sporting license. Beginning in 2012, Massachusetts stamps will be sold electronically through an online licensing system called MassFishHunt. After you purchase stamps online or through a participating license sales agent, your stamp purchase will be noted on your computer-printed license. MassFishHunt replaces traditional stamps formerly issued from stamp books.  Due to the switch to the all electronic system, conservation stamp art competitions will no longer be held for the waterfowl, archery and primitive arms stamps. Collector stamps will not be printed.

The following is a summary of the stamps that may be required to hunt certain game in the Commonwealth:

  • Migratory Bird (Waterfowl) Stamp

    Migratory Bird (Waterfowl) Stamps are available wherever hunting licenses are sold and are required of Massachusetts waterfowl (ducks and geese) hunters. This stamp is NOT required for hunting woodcock, snipe or rails. Remember, your stamp purchase will be indicated on your computer generated license. Due to the advent of the electronic licensing system, there will no longer be a Waterfowl Stamp Competition.
  • Federal Duck Stamp

    Required of all hunters who hunt migratory game birds, including ducks, geese, woodcock and other birds, Federal Duck Stamps (Migratory Bird Hunting and Conservation Stamps) are available at selected post offices, staffed National Wildlife Refuges and a few other outlets. These federal stamps CANNOT be purchased through MassFishHunt. These stamps are valid from July 1 through June 30 of the following year. ($15)
  • Archery Stamp

    This stamp is only required to hunt deer during the archery season. Bowhunters do not have to take any courses in order to purchase this stamp.
  • Primitive Firearms Stamp

    This stamp is required of any deer hunter who wishes to hunt with a muzzleloader or archery equipment during the Primitive Firearms Season.
  • Wildlands Stamp

    This stamp is required for all fishing, hunting, and trapping license purchases. Stamp fees are earmarked for the Wildlands Fund, a fund created specifically for purchasing important wildlife habitat that is open to hunting, fishing and trapping as well as other outdoor recreation. Donations are also welcome. Checks must be payable to "MassWildlands Fund". All fishing, hunting and trapping license buyers are required to purchase the Wildlands Stamp.