MassFishHunt Main Menu
  1. Log into MassFishHunt system with your last name and customer ID
  2. Click the [Enter Sales] button at the bottom right of the screen
  3. Click [Accept] button on Customer Electronic Signature dialog box
  4. On the Main Menu, click the "SURPLUS DEER PERMITS" option (see image on right)
  5. Click the [Add] button next to "Surplus Antlerless Deer Permit"
  6. Click the [Select] button next to the Zone for which you would like to purchase a surplus permit
  7. The permit will be placed in your Shopping Cart and you will receive a message that states:
"This product will be removed from your cart unless the purchase is completed within fifteen (15) minutes."
  1. Click OK to acknowledge the message
  2. If available, you may purchase additional permits for other Zones by repeating steps 4-7 above until all permits have been placed in your Shopping Cart.
  3. Click the blue [Check Out] button on the bottom right of the screen.
  4. If you are finished shopping, click the blue [Check Out] button on the Shopping Cart screen.
  5. Enter your payment information on the Check Out screen and click [Submit Payment]
  6. To Print your permit(s), click the blue [Print Licenses / Permits and Receipt] button on the Payment Confirmation screen.

Reminder: You will have 15 minutes to complete your purchase online or the permit(s) will be removed from your Shopping Cart. If a permit is removed, you may re-add it following the above steps as long as permits for that Zone remain available.