Whether your passion is hiking, hunting, fishing, birding, boating, or just taking in the scenery, keeping safety in mind will add to your enjoyment during a day in the field or on the water. Below are a series of outdoor safety tips for anglers, hunters, wildlife watchers, hikers and boaters. Outdoor activities are among the safest recreational pursuits; by using a little common sense, they'll stay that way.

Blaze Orange Girl

Effectiveness of Blaze Orange

Hunter Education and the use of blaze orange has helped to dramatically reduce the number of hunting-related firearms incidents in the field.  View a short (5-minute) video on the “Effectiveness of Blaze Orange” from Kalkomey Enterprises. See some excellent footage demonstrating how wearing blaze orange makes you highly visible to others. Blaze orange, also referred to as hunter orange is useful for any outdoor user who is in the woods during hunting seasons.