• READ manufacturer's instructions
  • PRACTICE using equipment at ground level with a partner
  • WEAR your harness and stay connected
  • INSPECT equipment before each use
  • NEVER HURRY when using a treestand

Treestands are popular with both hunters and wildlife photographers. As new research and technologies become available, treestand safety practices evolve; be sure to educate yourself about the latest safety protocols. Read the detailed article on Treestand Safety pdf format of Treestand Safety article 2016 Guide
that appears in the 2016 Massachusetts Guide to Hunting, Freshwater Fishing, and Trapping.

MassWildlife's Hunter Education Program, in cooperation with HunterCourse.com, offers a voluntary online treestand safety course . By reviewing this 15-minute, interactive, narrated course, a treestand user will learn about the latest Treestand Manufacturer's Association's safety standards and guidelines. For more about treestand hunting read the 2008 Massachusetts Wildlife Magazine article At Ease in the Trees pdf format of At East in the Trees
written by MassWildlife's Todd Richards.

For a detailed list of certified products, refer to the Treestand Manufacturer's Association - TMAsrands.com.