MassWildlife provides maps of ponds and lakes to which the public has a right of access. If you cannot find a particular lake or pond map, contact the town recreation department or conservation commission where the pond or lake is located. In some cases, MassWildlife District offices  may have information on other ponds not listed. The MassWildlife Pond Maps contain approximate boundaries and depths. Please use these maps at your own risk.

The pond information for each map in this district was updated in 2011.

Central District Pond Maps
Town(s)Pond Map*Directions
Auburn Dark Brook Reservoir pdf format of dfwdark.pdf Google Map
Auburn Eddy Pond pdf format of dfweddy.pdf Google Map
Brimfield / Sturbridge East Brimfield Reservoir pdf format of dfweast.pdf Google Map
Brookfield / East Brookfield Quaboag Pond pdf format of dfwquabo.pdf Google Map
Brookfield / Sturbridge Lake Quacumquasit pdf format of dfwquacu.pdf (South Pond)Google Map
Clinton South Meadow / Mossy / Coachlace Ponds pdf format of dfwsmmac.pdf Google Map
Douglas Wallis Reservoir pdf format of dfwwalli.pdf Google Map
Douglas Wallum Pond pdf format of Wallum Lake Google Map
Dudley Merino Pond pdf format of dfwmerin.pdf Google Map
Gardner Dunn Pond pdf format of dfwdunn.pdf Google Map
Hardwick Hardwick Pond pdf format of dfwhard.pdf Google Map
Harvard Bare Hill Pond pdf format of dfwbare.pdf Google Map
Hopedale Hopedale Pond pdf format of dfwhope.pdf Google Map
Hubbardston Asnacomet Pond pdf format of Asnacomet Pond  (aka Comet Pond)Google Map
Hubbardston Brigham Pond pdf format of dfwbrig.pdf Google Map
Hubbardston Moosehorn Pond pdf format of dfwmoose.pdf Google Map
Lancaster Fort Pond pdf format of dfwfort.pdf Google Map
Lancaster Spectacle Pond pdf format of dfwspecl.pdf Google Map
Lunenburg / Leominster Whalom Pond pdf format of Whalom Lake Google Map
Mendon Nipmuc Pond pdf format of dfwnipmu.pdf Google Map
North Brookfield Lake Lashaway pdf format of dfwlasha.pdf Google Map
Northborough Little Chauncy Pond pdf format of dfwlitch.pdf Google Map
Oakham / Spencer Browning Pond pdf format of dfwbrow.pdf Google Map
Oxford / Charlton Buffumville Reservoir pdf format of dfwbuff.pdf Google Map
Phillipston Bates Power Reservoir pdf format of dfwbate.pdf Google Map
Royalston Tully Lake pdf format of dfwtully.pdf Google Map
Rutland Demond Pond pdf format of dfwdemo.pdf Google Map
Rutland Long Pond pdf format of dfwlongr.pdf Google Map
Rutland Whitehall Pond pdf format of Whitehall Pond Google Map
Southborough / Marlborough Sudbury Reservoir pdf format of dfwsudbu.pdf Google Map
Spencer Sugden Reservoir pdf format of dfwsugde.pdf Google Map
Sterling East Waushaccum Pond pdf format of dfweast1.pdf Google Map
Sterling Stuart Pond pdf format of dfwstuar.pdf Google Map
Sterling West Waushaccum Pond pdf format of dfwwestw.pdf Google Map
Sturbridge Big Alum Pond pdf format of dfwbiga.pdf Google Map
Sturbridge Leadmine Pond pdf format of dfwleadm.pdf Google Map
Sturbridge Walker Pond pdf format of dfwwalke.pdf Google Map
Sutton / Douglas Manchaug Pond pdf format of dfwmanch.pdf Google Map
Sutton / Millbury Singletary Lake pdf format of dfwsingl.pdf Google Map
Upton Pratt Pond pdf format of dfwpratt.pdf Google Map
Webster Webster Lake pdf format of Webster Lake Google Map
West Boylston / Boylston / Clinton / Sterling Wachusett Reservoir pdf format of dfwwachu.pdf Google Map
West Brookfield Wickaboag Pond pdf format of dfwwicka.pdf Google Map
Westborough A-1 Site pdf format of dfwa1st.pdf Google Map
Westborough Lake Chauncy pdf format of dfwchau.pdf Google Map
Winchendon Lake Denison pdf format of dfwdeni.pdf Google Map
Winchendon Lake Monomonac pdf format of dfwmonom.pdf Google Map
Winchendon Whitney Pond pdf format of dfwwhitn.pdf Google Map
Worcester Indian Lake pdf format of dfwindi.pdf Google Map
Worcester Lake Quinsigamond pdf format of Lake Quinsigamond Google Map