MassWildlife provides maps of ponds and lakes to which the public has a right of access. If you cannot find a particular lake or pond map, contact the town recreation department or conservation commission where the pond or lake is located. In some cases, MassWildlife District offices  may have information on other ponds not listed. The MassWildlife Pond Maps contain approximate boundaries and depths. Please use these maps at your own risk.

Connecticut Valley District Pond Maps
Town(s)Pond Map*Directions
BelchertownMetacomet Lake pdf format of    Lake Metacomet  Google Map
BelchertownQuabbin Reservoir pdf format of    dfwquabb.pdf  Visitor Center
Gate 8
Gate 31
Gate 43
Brimfield / MonsonDean Pond pdf format of    dfwdean.pdf  Google Map
Brimfield / SturbridgeEast Brimfield Reservoir pdf format of    dfweast.pdf  Google Map
BrimfieldLittle Alum Pond pdf format of    dfwlittl.pdf  Google Map
ChicopeeChicopee Reservoir pdf format of    dfwchic.pdf  Google Map
ColrainMcLeod Pond pdf format of    dfwmcleo.pdf  Google Map
EasthamptonNashawannuck Pond pdf format of    dfwnasha.pdf  Google Map
Easthampton / NorthamptonOxbow Pond pdf format of    dfwoxbow.pdf  Google Map
Erving / WarwickLaurel Lake pdf format of    dfwlaure.pdf  Google Map
GranbyAldrich Lake pdf format of    dfwaldr.pdf  Google Map
GranbyForge Pond pdf format of    dfwforg1.pdf  Google Map
HadleyLake Warner pdf format of    dfwwarne.pdf  Google Map
HollandHamilton Reservoir pdf format of    dfwhami.pdf  Google Map
LeverettLeverett Pond pdf format of    dfwlever.pdf  Google Map
LudlowChapin (Haviland) Pond) pdf format of    dfwchap.pdf  Google Map
Ludlow / WilbrahamRed Bridge Pool pdf format of    dfwredbr.pdf  Google Map
OrangeLake Mattawa pdf format of    Lake Mattawa  Google Map
OrangeLake Rohunta pdf format of    dfwrohun.pdf  Google Map
PalmerForest Lake pdf format of    dfwfore.pdf  Google Map
ShutesburyLake Wyola pdf format of    dfwwyola.pdf  Google Map
SouthwickCongamond Lakes pdf format of    Congamond Lake (Middle Pond)  North Map
South Map
SpringfieldFive Mile Pond pdf format of    Five Mile Pond  Google Map
SpringfieldLoon Pond pdf format of    dfwloons.pdf  Google Map
SpringfieldLake Lorraine pdf format of    dfwlorra.pdf  Google Map
SpringfieldWatershops Pond (Lake Massasoit) pdf format of    dfwwater.pdf  Google Map
SunderlandCranberry Pond pdf format of    dfwcran.pdf  Google Map
WalesLake George pdf format of    dfwlake.pdf  Google Map
WarwickHastings Pond pdf format of    dfwhast.pdf  Google Map
WarwickLake Moore pdf format of    dfwmoore.pdf  Google Map
WarwickSheomet Lake (Clubhouse Pond) pdf format of    dfwsheom.pdf  Google Map
WestfieldBuck Pond pdf format of    dfwbuck.pdf  Google Map
WestfieldHampton Ponds pdf format of    dfwhamp.pdf  Google Map
WilbrahamNine Mile Pond pdf format of    dfwninem.pdf  Google Map