Stockbridge and Great Barrington


The Agawam Lake Wildlife Management Area consists of a complex of calcareous wetlands that support a diverse flora, as well as much of the eastern face of Monument Mountain. A large and diverse example of a Black Ash-Red Maple-Tamarack Calcareous Seepage Swamp, an uncommon natural community, is located northwest of Agawam Lake and contains both forested swamp and marsh habitats. An open, wet Calcareous Basin Fen is located on the south and southeast sides of Agawam Lake. A large, high-energy spring feeds into Agawam Lake from the south. Agawam Lake and its associated wetlands drain via Agawam Brook to the Konkapot Brook and then empty into the Housatonic River.

Swamp Birch (Betula pumila), Endangered

Four state-protected rare plants are documented from the swamp and fen habitats. A good population of White Adder's-mouth (Endangered) has been observed in the forested swamp. Records of Swamp Birch (Endangered) in the fen south and southeast of the lake date from as early as 1915. Recent visits to this site, however, have documented dieback of this species likely caused by the elevated water levels due to beaver activity.

South of the Wildlife Management Area on the mountain, The Trustees of Reservations own the 500-acre Monument Mountain Reservation. North of the WMA is a private 600-acre property, protected from development by a conservation restriction held by the Berkshire Natural Resources Council. Both of these properties also support state-listed rare species. Together with DFW's Wildlife Management Area, most of this important natural resource site has been permanently protected.