• Natural Heritage & Endangered Species Publications and Forms

    An important part of the mission of the Natural Heritage & Endangered Species Program is to provide information about the non-game species and natural communities that add to the biodiversity of the Commonwealth, as well as best management practices to help protect these valuable resources.  Publications and forms produced by NHESP can be used for education, research, planning and management purposes. 

    Some of the publications NHESP has produced include "BioMap2:  Conserving the Biodiversity of Massachusetts in a Changing World", "A Field Guide to the Animals of Vernal Pools", and a poster depicting vernal pools and the species that live in them. Other publications include individual fact sheets for state-listed rare species and natural communities, and guidelines for vernal pool certification.  

    Forms are a way for the public to provide information to NHESP, but also include guidance documents for best management practices in rare species habitats as well as collection permit applications.