If you have a question about any project that has been or will be reviewed by the NHESP, please contact the regulatory review team .

Recent MESA Project Review Applications
NHESP Tracking NumberTownLocationFiling DateNHESP Due Date
15-34788AMESBURY91 Whitehall Road19-Oct-1518-Nov-15
15-34985ANDOVER495 over Fish Brook04-Nov-1518-Nov-15
15-34938BARNSTABLE400 Lake Side West29-Oct-1528-Nov-15
15-34964BARNSTABLE371 Wheeler Road02-Nov-1502-Dec-15
15-34966BARNSTABLE393 Lake Side West, Centerville05-Nov-1505-Dec-15
14-33660BEVERLY44 & 52 Standley Street23-Oct-1522-Nov-15
14-33098BOXFORDAdams Road & Carlton Circle13-Nov-1513-Dec-15
15-34973BREWSTER73 Hamilton Cartway19-Oct-1518-Nov-15
15-34225EAST BROOKFIELDoff Adams Road19-Oct-1517-Nov-15
15-34962EDGARTOWNAtlantic Drive (South Beach State Park)02-Nov-1502-Dec-15
15-34971EDGARTOWN8 Earl Ave05-Nov-1505-Dec-15
15-34978FALMOUTH187 Carriage Shop Road23-Oct-1522-Nov-15
10-28858FALMOUTH177 Fay Road04-Nov-1504-Dec-15
10-29037GILLCamps 2W, 10W, 12W, Route 2 West (Mohawk Trail), Gill; Camps 2E, 3E, 4E, 6E, 7E, 8E, Industrial Blvd, Montague26-Oct-1525-Nov-15
08-25937GREENFIELD11-17 Meridian St05-Nov-1505-Dec-15
12-31353GROTONNate Nutting Road, Sandy Pond Road, Lowell Road, Cow Pond Brook Road22-Oct-1521-Nov-15
15-34882HADLEYoff River Drive19-Oct-1518-Nov-15
15-34391HALIFAX69 Summit Street03-Nov-1503-Dec-15
13-32653HARWICH4 Cove Landing Road05-Nov-1505-Dec-15
15-34668HAVERHILL20 Nettleton Ave28-Oct-1527-Nov-15
15-34946HUBBARDSTON20 Streeter Road23-Oct-1522-Nov-15
15-34972LAKEVILLE12 Settler's Drive19-Oct-1518-Nov-15
08-24387LAKEVILLE5 Harding Street; Route 4423-Oct-1522-Nov-15
15-34944MARSHFIELDSouth Point Lane and 955 Careswell Street (955 Duck Hill Lane)22-Oct-1521-Nov-15
15-34963METHUEN151 Cross Street26-Oct-1525-Nov-15
13-32438METHUENHampstead Street30-Oct-1529-Nov-15
08-24387MIDDLEBOROUGH5 Harding Street; Route 4423-Oct-1522-Nov-15
09-26269MIDDLEBOROUGHBenson Street (lots 1-3)06-Nov-1506-Dec-15
10-29037MONTAGUECamps 2W, 10W, 12W, Route 2 West (Mohawk Trail), Gill; Camps 2E, 3E, 4E, 6E, 7E, 8E, Industrial Blvd, Montague26-Oct-1525-Nov-15
05-18606NANTUCKETTuckernuck Island02-Nov-1502-Dec-15
14-33638NORTH ANDOVER602 & 562 Boxford Street29-Oct-1528-Nov-15
15-34959OXFORDWidening of Route 20, Emergency05-Nov-1519-Nov-15
15-34773PLYMOUTHResnik Road26-Oct-1525-Nov-15
15-34949PLYMOUTH15 Highland Terrace04-Nov-1504-Dec-15
15-34934PLYMOUTH20 Eagle Hill Drive04-Nov-1504-Dec-15
15-34969PLYMOUTH65 Post N' Rail Avenue05-Nov-1505-Dec-15
15-34917REHOBOTH16 Providence Street21-Oct-1520-Nov-15
14-33175REHOBOTHReynolds Avenue30-Oct-1529-Nov-15
15-34915ROCHESTERHigh Street21-Oct-1520-Nov-15
15-34916SCITUATE304 Clapp Road19-Oct-1518-Nov-15
15-34970STOCKBRIDGE108 Interlaken Road02-Nov-1502-Dec-15
15-34965TISBURY733 Main Street04-Nov-1504-Dec-15
15-34650UPTONParcel 031-020 Moon Hill Rd02-Nov-1502-Dec-15
15-34423WEST BRIDGEWATER140 Scotland Street05-Nov-1505-Dec-15
14-33919WESTFIELD219 Russellville Road30-Oct-1529-Nov-15
15-34873WESTFORD343 -355 Littleton Road03-Nov-1503-Dec-15
15-34919WESTPORTBentley Lane/Highland Ave21-Oct-1520-Nov-15
15-34953YARMOUTH11 South West Drive30-Oct-1529-Nov-15
15-34958YARMOUTH41 Powers Lane05-Nov-1505-Dec-15
Pending Conservation & Management Permit Applications
NHESP File NumberTownLocationFiling DateNHESP Due Date
10-28375ATTLEBOROSlater Street10-Jul-158/9/2015*
12-31095BELLINGHAMProposed Subdivision - Elmshade27-Jun-14MEPA**
14-33183GREENFIELDCabot Tap Separation Project, NGRID04-Nov-1504-Dec-15
06-19721MIDDLEBOROUGHOld Center Street01-Oct-1510/31/2015*
14-33183MONTAGUECabot Tap Separation Project, NGRID04-Nov-1504-Dec-15

*Please Note: Due dates for Conservation & Management Plans often are suspended by mutual agreement with the proponent in order to work out final details prior to a Permit being issued.

**If a Conservation and Management Plan has been submitted and the Project or Activity is undergoing a MEPA review, the due date will be 30 days after the issuance of a final MEPA certificate (per 321 CMR 10.23(4)).

MESA Project Review Decisions
NHESP File NumberTownLocationDate of DecisionDetermination
15-34788AMESBURY91 Whitehall Road20-Oct-15No Take
15-34985ANDOVER495 over Fish Brook13-Nov-15No Take
15-34926ASHFIELD1379 Cape Street09-Nov-15Conditional - No take
15-34862BARNSTABLE219 Green Dunes Drive29-Oct-15Conditional - No take
15-34876BARNSTABLEHuckins Neck Road27-Oct-15No Take
15-34941BOLTONLot 4, Still River Road13-Nov-15Conditional - No take
15-34831BOLTON370 Main Street16-Oct-15No Take
15-34830BOURNE4 Massasoit Ave21-Oct-15No Take
14-33098BOXFORDAdams Road & Carlton Circle13-Nov-15No Take
15-34892BREWSTER283 Hamilton Cartway19-Oct-15No Take
15-34880BRIDGEWATER0 Conant Street09-Nov-15No Take
15-34845BRIMFIELDRoute 2023-Oct-15No Take
15-34778CHICOPEEReplace Railroad Bridge over Connecticut River - Pan Am Bridge No. 7.0905-Nov-15Conditional - No take
12-31131CHILMARK21 Squibnocket Road21-Oct-15No Take
15-34840CHILMARK6 Arbutus Way29-Oct-15No Take
15-34854CHILMARK5 Herring Run, 267 State Road30-Oct-15No Take
15-34932CHILMARK35 Cranberry Hill Road04-Nov-15No Take
15-34905DARTMOUTHGaffney Road03-Nov-15No Take
15-34837DENNIS70 Dr Lords Road21-Oct-15Conditional - No take
15-34902DENNIS10 Bay View Ave21-Oct-15Conditional - No take
15-34903DENNIS6 Bay View Ave21-Oct-15Conditional - No take
15-34904DENNIS71 Dr. Lords Rd21-Oct-15Conditional - No take
07-23004DIGHTON1130 Briggs Street09-Nov-15No Take
04-16638DOUGLASCrescent Lane and South Street - off Crescent Road22-Oct-15No Take
15-34427DRACUT401 Broadway Road20-Oct-15No Take
08-25491EASTHAM20 Cartway South12-Nov-15No Take
15-34826EASTHAM5 Ben's Way27-Oct-15No Take
07-23602FALMOUTHPerch Pond22-Oct-15No Take
15-34978FALMOUTH187 Carriage Shop Road13-Nov-15No Take
15-34931FALMOUTHDrumlin Road/Palmer Avenue04-Nov-15No Take
08-24581GREAT BARRINGTON79 Bridge St23-Oct-15No Take
08-25937GREENFIELD11-17 Meridian St12-Nov-15Conditional - No take
14-33674GROTONoff Cow Pond Brook Road23-Oct-15Conditional - No take
15-34836GROTON211 Whiley Road21-Oct-15No Take
09-26285HADLEYBay Road and Russell Street05-Nov-15No Take
15-34882HADLEYoff River Drive20-Oct-15No Take
15-34868HARWICH2059 Route 2822-Oct-15No Take
15-34832HARWICHDepot Street22-Oct-15No Take
15-34859HARWICH3 Panorama Point27-Oct-15No Take
15-34668HAVERHILL20 Nettleton Ave11-Nov-15No Take
15-34850HOLYOKE200 Northampton Highway (Route 5)05-Nov-15Conditional - No take
15-34778HOLYOKEReplace Railroad Bridge over Connecticut River - Pan Am Bridge No. 7.0905-Nov-15Conditional - No take
15-34838LUNENBURG324 Mulpus Road20-Oct-15No Take
15-34823MARSHFIELD251 Old Ocean Street21-Oct-15No Take
15-34944MARSHFIELDSouth Point Lane and 955 Careswell Street (955 Duck Hill Lane)09-Nov-15No Take
15-34864MIDDLEBOROUGHLot 11 Bon View Circle04-Nov-15No Take
15-34733MIDDLEBOROUGHCorner of Bedford Street & Old Center Street21-Oct-15No Take
15-34954NANTUCKET11 Wauwinet Road10-Nov-15No Take
15-34955NANTUCKET25 Starbuck Road13-Nov-15No Take
15-34888NATICK19 Superior Drive30-Oct-15No Take
14-33189NORFOLK38 Holbrook Street22-Oct-15Conditional - No take
15-34436NORFOLKKing Philip North Middle School, 18 King Street16-Oct-15No Take
14-33638NORTH ANDOVER602 & 562 Boxford Street05-Nov-15Conditional - No take
15-34735NORTHAMPTONRear of Riverside Drive19-Oct-15No Take
05-17527OAK BLUFFSJoseph A. Silvia State Beach, Beach Road, Sea View Ave16-Oct-15Conditional - No take
13-32560ORLEANS74 & 75 Viking Road13-Nov-15No Take
15-34959OXFORDWidening of Route 20, Emergency06-Nov-15Conditional - No take
15-34922PITTSFIELD769 West Housatonic Street05-Nov-15No Take
11-30290PROVINCETOWN43 Winthrop Street30-Oct-15No Take
14-33675RAYNHAMHi-Co Farm, 485 Prospect Hill Street21-Oct-15Conditional - No take
14-33175REHOBOTHReynolds Avenue02-Nov-15Take
15-34915ROCHESTERHigh Street13-Nov-15No Take
15-34078ROCHESTER620 New Bedford Road16-Oct-15Take
15-34197ROCHESTERSnipatuit Road04-Nov-15Take
07-22708SALISBURY179 & 180 Bridge Road05-Nov-15No Take
15-34841SANDWICH117 & 119 North Shore Blvd30-Oct-15No Take
05-18770SANDWICH311 Service Road East29-Oct-15No Take
15-34911SHEFFIELDS. Undermountain Road (Route 41) at Salisbury Road22-Oct-15Conditional - No take
15-34923SHIRLEYLots 1 & 2 off Leominster Road06-Nov-15No Take
15-34845STURBRIDGERoute 2023-Oct-15No Take
14-33939SUDBURYPeter's Way, off Concord Road29-Oct-15No Take
14-33280TAUNTONLot 3, Paige Way27-Oct-15No Take
15-34443TRURO7 Parker Drive19-Oct-15No Take
15-34829TRURO4 H Bay View Road21-Oct-15No Take
15-34956WEST TISBURY38 Forest Road13-Nov-15No Take
15-34872WESTFORDLots 1 - 4 Old Lowell Road20-Oct-15No Take
14-33069WORCESTERWorcester Landfill29-Oct-15Take


Definitions of Determination

No Take: The NHESP has determined that the project, as proposed, will not result in a prohibited "take" of state-listed rare species.

Conditional - No Take: The NHESP has determined that the project, as proposed, must be conditioned as outlined in the NHESP determination letter in order to avoid a "take" of state-listed rare species.

Take: The NHESP has determined that the project, as proposed, will result in a "take". The project must be revised to avoid a "take" or the applicant may apply for a Conservation and Management Permit.


Conservation & Management Permit Decisions
Project NameTown(s)Date of DecisionDetermination
Installation of Water Distribution  System and Water Supply Well FieldEastham2-Nov-2015Permit Issued
Worcester Regional Airport, CAT III and Taxiway Improvements ProjectWorcester & Leicester18-Nov-2015Permit Issued


Adjudicatory Proceedings

No recent decisions.