If you have a question about any project that has been or will be reviewed by the NHESP, please contact the regulatory review team .

Recent MESA Project Review Applications
NHESP Tracking NumberTownLocationFiling DateNHESP Due Date
15-34835AMESBURY60 Merrimac Street18-Sep-1518-Oct-15
09-27031BARNSTABLE656 Mary Dunn Road08-Sep-1508-Oct-15
14-33124BARNSTABLE131 Attucks Lane/1520 Iyannough Road14-Sep-1514-Oct-15
15-34814BARNSTABLE480 Barnstable Road, Barnstable Municipal Airport23-Sep-1523-Oct-15
15-34820BEDFORDHanscom Field14-Sep-1514-Oct-15
15-34828BELCHERTOWNoff Railroad Street14-Sep-1514-Oct-15
15-34831BOLTON370 Main Street17-Sep-1517-Oct-15
15-34830BOURNE4 Massasoit Ave21-Sep-1521-Oct-15
14-33129BREWSTERFisherman's Landing Road08-Sep-1508-Oct-15
15-34845BRIMFIELDRoute 2001-Oct-1515-Oct-15
12-31131CHILMARK21 Squibnocket Road21-Sep-1521-Oct-15
15-34840CHILMARK6 Arbutus Way30-Sep-1530-Oct-15
15-34820CONCORDHanscom Field14-Sep-1514-Oct-15
08-24565CONWAYSouth River30-Sep-1530-Oct-15
14-33948CONWAYRose Property, Shelburne Falls Road30-Sep-1530-Oct-15
15-34837DENNIS70 & 71 Dr Lords Road, 6 & 10 Bay View Ave25-Sep-1525-Oct-15
04-16638DOUGLASCrescent Lane and South Street - off Crescent Road24-Sep-1524-Oct-15
08-25947EDGARTOWN22 Down Harbor Road14-Sep-1514-Oct-15
06-21092FAIRHAVENWelcome Street; 34 Welcome St; 32 Welcome Street14-Sep-1514-Oct-15
07-23602FALMOUTHPerch Pond25-Sep-1525-Oct-15
15-34836GROTON211 Whiley Road21-Sep-1521-Oct-15
15-34633HAMPDENSouth Monson Road, Scantic Road14-Sep-1514-Oct-15
15-34832HARWICHDepot Street23-Sep-1523-Oct-15
11-29077LAKEVILLE12 Village Road10-Sep-1510-Oct-15
15-34820LINCOLNHanscom Field14-Sep-1514-Oct-15
15-34838LUNENBURG324 Mulpus Road21-Sep-1521-Oct-15
15-34724MARIONSippican Harbor29-Sep-1529-Oct-15
15-34733MIDDLEBOROUGHCorner of Bedford Street & Old Center Street29-Sep-1529-Oct-15
15-34436NORFOLKKing Philip North Middle School, 18 King Street16-Sep-1516-Oct-15
14-33189NORFOLK38 Holbrook Street23-Sep-1523-Oct-15
05-17527OAK BLUFFSJoseph A. Silvia State Beach, Beach Road, Sea View Ave18-Sep-1518-Oct-15
08-24173PLYMOUTH128 Stage Point Road08-Sep-1508-Oct-15
15-34684RAYNHAMPine Street08-Sep-1508-Oct-15
14-33675RAYNHAM485 Prospect Hill Street28-Sep-1528-Oct-15
14-33175REHOBOTHReynolds Avenue08-Sep-1508-Oct-15
15-34813RICHMONDCentral Berkshire Boulevard08-Sep-1508-Oct-15
15-34078ROCHESTER620 New Bedford Road17-Sep-1517-Oct-15
15-34841SANDWICH117 & 119 North Shore Blvd30-Sep-1530-Oct-15
15-34693SOUTHWICKoff Rising Corner Road29-Sep-1529-Oct-15
15-34845STURBRIDGERoute 2001-Oct-1515-Oct-15
15-34816SUNDERLANDoff South Silver Lane (Rear of #332)08-Sep-1508-Oct-15
08-24765TISBURYMink Meadows09-Sep-1509-Oct-15
15-34829TRURO4 H Bay View Road21-Sep-1521-Oct-15
15-34443TRURO7 Parker Drive25-Sep-1525-Oct-15
15-34617WAYLANDLake Cochituate Gate House08-Sep-1508-Oct-15
15-34808WEST BOYLSTONBeaman Street/Sterling Street08-Sep-1508-Oct-15
15-34776WESTPORTHighland Ave08-Sep-1508-Oct-15
15-34844WILBRAHAMRoute 20 over Twelve Mile Brook01-Oct-1515-Oct-15
15-34817WINCHESTERRear 375 Cambridge Street08-Sep-1508-Oct-15
Pending Conservation & Management Permit Applications
NHESP File NumberTownLocationFiling DateNHESP Due Date
10-28375ATTLEBOROSlater Street10-Jul-158/9/2015*
12-31095BELLINGHAMProposed Subdivision - Elmshade27-Jun-14MEPA**
07-22183HADLEYRocky Hill Road & North Maple Street05-Aug-1504-Sep-15
06-19721MIDDLEBOROUGHOld Center Street01-Oct-1531-Oct-15

*Please Note: Due dates for Conservation & Management Plans often are suspended by mutual agreement with the proponent in order to work out final details prior to a Permit being issued.

**If a Conservation and Management Plan has been submitted and the Project or Activity is undergoing a MEPA review, the due date will be 30 days after the issuance of a final MEPA certificate (per 321 CMR 10.23(4)).

MESA Project Review Decisions
NHESP File NumberTownLocationDate of DecisionDetermination
14-33310ABINGTON0 Chestnut Street11-Sep-15No Take
07-23727ACTON4.8 miles from Acton Indoor Sports to Route 22530-Sep-15No Take
15-34725AYER215 West Main Street16-Sep-15No Take
15-34727BARNSTABLE260 North Bay Road, Osterville15-Sep-15No Take
07-23781BARNSTABLE128 Bluff Point Drive01-Oct-15No Take
15-34814BARNSTABLE480 Barnstable Road, Barnstable Municipal Airport30-Sep-15No Take
15-34742BELLINGHAMWrentham Road18-Sep-15No Take
14-33655BOLTONCentury Mill Road, Lot 109-Sep-15No Take
15-34792BOLTON78 Quaker Lane25-Sep-15No Take
15-34728BOURNEDredge Little Bay Channel, Barlows Landing Marina, Pocasset River, Nourish Mashnee Island17-Sep-15Conditional - No take
15-34743BOURNE3 Vineyard Circle03-Sep-15No Take
15-34751BOURNE4 & 6 Dornick Road03-Sep-15No Take
15-34709BOYLSTONRoute 14008-Sep-15No Take
14-33129BREWSTERFisherman's Landing Road08-Sep-15Conditional - No take
07-23727CARLISLE4.8 miles from Acton Indoor Sports to Route 22530-Sep-15No Take
15-34764CARLISLEoff Mill Pond Lane22-Sep-15No Take
11-29944CHATHAMoff Morris Island Road (Various)30-Sep-15Conditional - No take
15-34785CHATHAM31 Winter Home Road02-Oct-15No Take
15-34786CHILMARK53 Bijah's Way02-Oct-15No Take
10-27896COLRAINRoute 112 over East Branch of North River08-Sep-15No Take
15-34746CONCORD1250 Lowell Road23-Sep-15No Take
15-34790CONCORD2112 Main Street02-Oct-15No Take
07-23727CONCORD4.8 miles from Acton Indoor Sports to Route 22530-Sep-15No Take
01-9151DARTMOUTH576 Potomska Rd30-Sep-15No Take
15-34328EASTON143 Foundry Street02-Sep-15No Take
06-21092FAIRHAVENWelcome Street; 34 Welcome St; 32 Welcome Street28-Sep-15No Take
15-34243FITCHBURG1180 and 0 Ashby State Rd25-Sep-15Conditional - No take
15-34791GROTON65 & 65A Island Pond Road30-Sep-15No Take
11-30415HADLEY325 Rocky Hill Rd18-Sep-15No Take
15-34780LAKEVILLE9 Harding Street30-Sep-15Conditional - No take
11-29077LAKEVILLE12 Village Road11-Sep-15No Take
15-34800LAKEVILLE1 Woodland Ridge Drive25-Sep-15No Take
15-34755LITTLETON547 Great Road11-Sep-15No Take
15-34811MARSHFIELD260 Winslow Cemetery Road30-Sep-15No Take
07-22515MARSHFIELD350 Main Street/Ferry St03-Sep-15No Take
15-34782MASHPEE69 Crescent Rd02-Oct-15No Take
07-22142MIDDLEBOROUGH389 Wareham Street, 130 East Main Street30-Sep-15No Take
15-34759MILLBURYPlaza #9, 10 & 1102-Oct-15No Take
14-33343MILTONBlue Hill and Chickatawbut Water Tanks09-Sep-15Conditional - No take
06-19594MONSONLot 6 Upper Hampden Road24-Sep-15No Take
12-31254NANTUCKET52 Eel Point Road18-Sep-15No Take
12-31487NANTUCKET30 Madequecham Valley Road25-Sep-15No Take
15-34745NANTUCKET201 Eel Point Road23-Sep-15No Take
15-34756NANTUCKET85 Tom Nevers Road11-Sep-15No Take
15-34794NANTUCKET31 North Pasture Lane25-Sep-15No Take
15-34625NATICK5 Lakewood Drive10-Sep-15No Take
15-34127NEW BEDFORD1494 E. Rodney French Boulevard18-Sep-15No Take
15-34028NORTHAMPTON140 Riverbank Road22-Sep-15No Take
15-34793NORWELL257 Winter Street25-Sep-15No Take
15-34612ORLEANS18 & 22 Gibson Road16-Sep-15No Take
15-34642PELHAM59 & 63 Butter Hill Road03-Sep-15No Take
15-34781PLYMOUTH5 Pretto Way22-Sep-15No Take
15-34684RAYNHAMPine Street11-Sep-15No Take
14-33812ROCKLAND276 Weymouth Street03-Sep-15Conditional - No take
10-28140SANDWICH131 North Shore Boulevard08-Sep-15Conditional - No take
15-34708SANDWICH89-1 Salt Marsh Road15-Sep-15Conditional - No take
15-34744SANDWICHOff of Building 3172, Coast Guard Air Station, Buzzards Bay11-Sep-15No Take
15-34713SHIRLEY23 Patterson Road22-Sep-15No Take
15-34765STONEHAM5 Woodland Road25-Sep-15No Take
08-24551STURBRIDGEWells State Park - 159 Walker Pond Rd15-Sep-15Conditional - No take
12-31070STURBRIDGE146 Lane Eight02-Sep-15No Take
15-34759STURBRIDGEPlaza #9, 10 & 1102-Oct-15No Take
15-34762TAUNTON414 West Water Street24-Sep-15No Take
15-34815TOWNSEND128 Turner Road30-Sep-15No Take
15-34657TRURO143 Route 610-Sep-15Conditional - No take
15-34630TRURO31 Mill Pond Road18-Sep-15No Take
15-34808WEST BOYLSTONBeaman Street/Sterling Street02-Oct-15No Take
14-33942WEST BOYLSTONRoute 140 & Route 1209-Sep-15No Take
15-34709WEST BOYLSTONRoute 14008-Sep-15No Take
07-21633WEST NEWBURY127 River Road18-Sep-15Conditional - No take
15-34766WEST NEWBURYAsh Street, Lot 818-Sep-15No Take
15-34752WEST TISBURY80 Rustling Oaks Road03-Sep-15No Take
15-34818WEST TISBURY30 Ben Chase Road02-Oct-15No Take
00-7452WESTFIELDSouth of intersection of Rt. 187 and Rt. 20, extending to Agawam city line. Great Brook is located near intersection of Rt. 187 and Pontoosic Road.22-Sep-15No Take
15-34822WESTFIELDI-90/MassPike, Exit 330-Sep-15No Take
07-23727WESTFORD4.8 miles from Acton Indoor Sports to Route 22530-Sep-15No Take
15-34776WESTPORTHighland Ave02-Oct-15No Take
09-26262WESTPORToff Brookwood Drive15-Sep-15Take
15-34706WHATELYof Dickinson Hill Road04-Sep-15No Take
14-33531WILLIAMSBURG5 Goshen Road02-Sep-15No Take


Definitions of Determination

No Take: The NHESP has determined that the project, as proposed, will not result in a prohibited "take" of state-listed rare species.

Conditional - No Take: The NHESP has determined that the project, as proposed, must be conditioned as outlined in the NHESP determination letter in order to avoid a "take" of state-listed rare species.

Take: The NHESP has determined that the project, as proposed, will result in a "take". The project must be revised to avoid a "take" or the applicant may apply for a Conservation and Management Permit.


Conservation & Management Permit Decisions
Project NameTown(s)Date of DecisionDetermination
Tihonet West SolarWareham4-Aug-2015Permit Amended
Nauset Beach (North Beach) Oversand Vehicle UseChatham7-Aug-2015Permit Issued
McLean's WayDuxbury27-Aug-15Permit Issued
Relocation of a portion of the Mill River to an abandoned meander channel for the long-term protection of two municipal drinking water wells.Whately10-Sept-2015Permit Issued
Bassett Knoll Estates and a 30-lot Sub-divisionRaynham21-Sept-2015Permit Issued
Tihonet East SolarWareham21-Sept-2015Permit Issued
McLean's WayDuxbury28-Sept-2015Permit Amended


Adjudicatory Proceedings

No recent decisions.