If you have a question about any project that has been or will be reviewed by the NHESP, please contact the regulatory review team .

Recent MESA Project Review Applications
NHESP Tracking NumberTownLocationFiling DateNHESP Due Date
17-36356AMESBURY473 Main Street09-Jan-1708-Feb-17
15-34910ATHOLAthol Pond Dam, Washington Ave06-Jan-1705-Feb-17
17-36315BARNSTABLE20 Rue Michele29-Dec-1628-Jan-17
17-36361BARNSTABLEWindrush Lane Inlet behind 40 & 50 windrush Lane12-Jan-1711-Feb-17
17-36347BOURNE41 Harbor Drive22-Dec-1621-Jan-17
17-36346BOURNEButtermilk Bay04-Jan-1703-Feb-17
09-27105BREWSTER323 Hamilton Cartway19-Dec-1618-Jan-17
17-36337BREWSTERFlax Pond, Nickerson State Park19-Dec-1618-Jan-17
17-36352BRIMFIELD99 Cubles Drive06-Jan-1705-Feb-17
10-27920DENNIS85, 92 & 96 Miramar Ave19-Dec-1618-Jan-17
17-36354DRACUT28 Bayberry Road09-Jan-1708-Feb-17
17-36349EDGARTOWNPatio, Barn, Garage, View Channel - 63 Kanomika Road23-Dec-1622-Jan-17
17-36344GRAFTON21 Keith Hill Road03-Jan-1702-Feb-17
15-34295GREAT BARRINGTON27 Humphrey Street09-Jan-1708-Feb-17
16-36309GROTON267 Whiley Road29-Dec-1628-Jan-17
15-34559HADLEY66 River Drive05-Jan-1704-Feb-17
16-36294HARWICH8 Lonesomes Way22-Dec-1621-Jan-17
16-36209HOLYOKEOld Bassett Road (Behind 81- 85 Jarvis Ave)22-Dec-1621-Jan-17
02-10392HOLYOKEHolyoke Gas Tar Deposits Remediation Project10-Jan-1709-Feb-17
17-36317HUBBARDSTONHealdville Road03-Jan-1723-Jan-17
17-36317HUBBARDSTONHealdville Road03-Jan-1702-Feb-17
16-36293LAKEVILLE135 Staples Shore Road22-Dec-1621-Jan-17
16-36295LITTLETON180 Great Road and 0 Goldsmith Street23-Dec-1622-Jan-17
17-36343MASHPEE18 Shorewood Drive19-Dec-1618-Jan-17
17-36360MATTAPOISETT3 Oyster Lane12-Jan-1711-Feb-17
16-36278MIDDLEBOROUGH6 Heritage Crossing19-Dec-1618-Jan-17
16-36277MIDDLEBOROUGH63 East Main Street19-Dec-1618-Jan-17
16-36229MILTONPonkapoag Take Station23-Dec-1622-Jan-17
16-36265NANTUCKETOld South Road20-Dec-1619-Jan-17
17-36358NANTUCKETShimmo Service Area Sewer Extension27-Dec-1626-Jan-17
17-36353NEEDHAM124 South Street09-Jan-1708-Feb-17
17-36336NORFOLK30 Lawrence Street30-Dec-1629-Jan-17
16-36264ORANGETully Trail, Fish Brook WMA, Tully Mountain WMA19-Dec-1618-Jan-17
17-36351OTIS1 Round Island - Otis Resevoir05-Jan-1704-Feb-17
17-36355PEPPERELL160 Jewett Street09-Jan-1708-Feb-17
16-35658PITTSFIELDDoreen Street Substation11-Jan-1710-Feb-17
17-36359PITTSFIELD587 Pecks Road11-Jan-1710-Feb-17
17-36345SANDWICH63 North Shore Boulevard22-Dec-1621-Jan-17
09-26317TOWNSENDWallace Hill Rd30-Dec-1629-Jan-17
06-20415TRUROStandish Way21-Dec-1620-Jan-17
16-35870TRURO46 Highland-67 S. Highland Road12-Jan-1711-Feb-17
16-36279TYRINGHAMMain Road over Hop Brook19-Dec-1618-Jan-17
16-35535WAREWare River Lower Canal Dam19-Dec-1618-Jan-17
15-34495WELLFLEET287 Coles Neck Road19-Dec-1618-Jan-17
17-36342WELLFLEET35 Kincaid St19-Dec-1618-Jan-17
16-36199WELLFLEET305 Goss Lane29-Dec-1628-Jan-17
16-36272WELLFLEET340 Winthrop Road10-Jan-1709-Feb-17
16-35723WEST TISBURY219 Vineyard Meadow Farms Road27-Dec-1626-Jan-17
17-36357WESTFORDGroton Road (Route 40) and Oak Hill Road10-Jan-1709-Feb-17
17-36348WOBURNRehabilitation Way- Horn Pond Mountain09-Jan-1708-Feb-17
Pending Conservation & Management Permit Applications
NHESP File NumberTownLocationFiling DateNHESP Due Date
12-31722BARNSTABLESampson's Island and Dead Neck Land Management Plan (Dredge, Nourish, Vegetation Management)7/28/20168/27/2016*
00-8132BRIDGEWATERPleasant Street (Route 104)1/11/20172/10/2017
12-30540DRACUT100 Pelczar Rd9/13/201610/13/2016*
14-32963EASTONoff Mill Street, 71 Mill Street12/1/201612/31/2016*
15-34659HOLYOKE200 Rock Valley Road9/16/201611/27/2016*
16-36229MILTONPonkapoag Take Station12/23/20161/22/2017
15-34109NANTUCKET10 & 14 Massasoit Bridge Road8/3/20169/2/2016*
16-36175ROWEBear Swamp Substation, Tunnel Road12/19/20161/18/2017
16-35477TAUNTONWoodbine Street12/5/20161/4/2017*
09-26262WESTPORTBrookmeadow Estates, off Brookwood Drive5/9/20166/8/2016*

*Please Note: Due dates for Conservation & Management Plans often are suspended by mutual agreement with the proponent in order to work out final details prior to a Permit being issued.

**If a Conservation and Management Plan has been submitted and the Project or Activity is undergoing a MEPA review, the due date will be 30 days after the issuance of a final MEPA certificate (per 321 CMR 10.23(4)).

MESA Project Review Decisions
NHESP File NumberTownLocationDate of DecisionDetermination
16-36059ADAMSHowland Avenue04-Jan-17No Take
16-36269AGAWAMRoute 147/Westfield River19-Dec-16No Take
16-36249BARNSTABLE48 Harrison Road22-Dec-16No Take
17-36315BARNSTABLE20 Rue Michele12-Jan-17No Take
15-34805BRIMFIELDSturbridge Road12-Jan-17Conditional - No take
16-36289CHILMARK5 Chockers Lane06-Jan-17No Take
16-36255EASTHAM65 Harmes Way16-Dec-16Conditional - No take
16-36242EDGARTOWN54 Oyster Watcha Road21-Dec-16No Take
16-36271FOXBOROUGH33 Mirimichi Road04-Jan-17No Take
16-36230GROTONLongley Road27-Dec-16No Take
15-34559HADLEY66 River Drive12-Jan-17No Take
16-36294HARWICH8 Lonesomes Way05-Jan-17No Take
16-36204HAVERHILLWall Street (Behind 192 Merrimack Street)16-Dec-16No Take
09-27278HUBBARDSTONLovewell Pond29-Dec-16No Take
17-36328KINGSTON71 Ring Road13-Jan-17No Take
15-34123LITTLETONNagog Hill Road22-Dec-16Conditional - No take
17-36329MARSHFIELD100 Enterprise Drive13-Jan-17No Take
16-36240MASHPEE86 Lakewood Drive21-Dec-16No Take
16-36278MIDDLEBOROUGH6 Heritage Crossing22-Dec-16No Take
16-35903MIDDLETON17 Old Essex Street20-Dec-16No Take
16-36229MILTONPonkapoag Take Station20-Dec-16Conditional - No take
16-36229MILTONPonkapoag Take Station13-Jan-17Take
16-36259NANTUCKET14 Western Ave16-Dec-16Conditional - No take
16-36265NANTUCKETOld South Road03-Jan-17Take
14-33527NEW BRAINTREE275 Barre Cutoff20-Dec-16No Take
16-35878NEWBURYPORTOff 115 Water Street21-Dec-16No Take
13-32571NORTH ANDOVER315 South Bradford Street12-Jan-17No Take
16-36244OTIS21 Oak Lane06-Jan-17No Take
12-30842PEMBROKEBrisan Way Ext./ Old Washington Street21-Dec-16No Take
16-36252PEPPERELL44 North Street05-Jan-17No Take
16-36251PLYMOUTH34 Union Street22-Dec-16No Take
16-36283PLYMOUTH11 Oar & Line Road06-Jan-17No Take
17-36322PLYMOUTH7 Douglas Lane11-Jan-17No Take
16-36260PROVINCETOWN793 & 795 Commercial Street16-Dec-16Conditional - No take
07-23181PROVINCETOWN4 Maple Court28-Dec-16No Take
16-36266PROVINCETOWN119R & 129R Bradford Street Extension29-Dec-16No Take
16-36243READINGReading Fifle and Revolver Club, Symonds Way27-Dec-16No Take
16-36275SANDWICH0, 22, 24 Weeks Pond Drive11-Jan-17No Take
11-29747STOCKBRIDGE9 Mahkeenac Road27-Dec-16No Take
16-36290TAUNTON148 North Walker Street06-Jan-17No Take
13-31996TRUROBallston Beach20-Dec-16Conditional - No take
17-36321TRURO22 Cliff Road11-Jan-17No Take
17-36326TRURO135 South Pamet Road13-Jan-17No Take
16-36279TYRINGHAMMain Road over Hop Brook28-Dec-16Conditional - No take
16-35535WAREWare River Lower Canal Dam12-Jan-17No Take
16-36307WAREHAM73 Parkwod Dr11-Jan-17Conditional - No take
11-29505WELLFLEET29 Briar Lane29-Dec-16No Take
16-35394WEST NEWBURY157 Middle Street28-Dec-16Conditional - No take
16-36269WEST SPRINGFIELDRoute 147/Westfield River19-Dec-16No Take
16-35723WEST TISBURY219 Vineyard Meadow Farms Road28-Dec-16No Take
17-36327WEST TISBURY677 Old County Road13-Jan-17No Take
16-36286WESTFIELD798 Airport Industrial Park Road03-Jan-17No Take


Definitions of Determination

No Take: The NHESP has determined that the project, as proposed, will not result in a prohibited "take" of state-listed rare species.

Conditional - No Take: The NHESP has determined that the project, as proposed, must be conditioned as outlined in the NHESP determination letter in order to avoid a "take" of state-listed rare species.

Take: The NHESP has determined that the project, as proposed, will result in a "take". The project must be revised to avoid a "take" or the applicant may apply for a Conservation and Management Permit.


Conservation & Management Permit Decisions
Project NameTown(s)Date of DecisionDetermination
Great Oaks SubdivisionMethuen09-Nov-2016Permit Issued
Root RoadWestfield21-Nov-2016Permit Issued
Tihonet East Solar ArrayWareham13-Jan-2017Permit Issued
Phase C2 Proposed Cranberry Bogs/InfrastructurePlymouth13-Jan-2017Permit Issued


Adjudicatory Proceedings

No recent decisions.