If you have a question about any project that has been or will be reviewed by the NHESP, please contact the regulatory review team .

Recent MESA Project Review Applications
NHESP Tracking NumberTownLocationFiling DateNHESP Due Date
15-34457AMESBURY20 Woodwell Circle15-Jun-1515-Jul-15
11-30302ASHBYWest Road17-Jun-1517-Jul-15
15-34511BEDFORDHanscom Field, 200 Hanscom Drive04-Jun-1504-Jul-15
12-31628BEDFORD9A Francis Kelley Rd; 350 A Concord Rd; 269E Dudley Road15-Jun-1515-Jul-15
14-33863CANTONWashington Street, Blue Hills Ski Area24-Jun-1524-Jul-15
15-34570CARVER0 North Main Street & 1 Green Street19-Jun-1519-Jul-15
14-33940CHILMARK0 Gosnold's Way08-Jun-1508-Jul-15
15-34387CHILMARK2 & 4 Gosnold's Way22-Jun-1522-Jul-15
14-33037EASTHAMNauset Beach05-Jun-1505-Jul-15
15-34573EGREMONT44 Mount Washington Road25-Jun-1525-Jul-15
15-34527FALMOUTH345 Hatchville Road08-Jun-1508-Jul-15
15-34508GREAT BARRINGTON409 Stockbridge Road01-Jun-1501-Jul-15
15-34563GREAT BARRINGTONMultiple locations on the Housatonic Rairoad16-Jun-1516-Jul-15
15-34507HAMILTONoff Asbury Street01-Jun-1501-Jul-15
15-34517HARWICH50 Martha's Lane03-Jun-1503-Jul-15
15-34575HARWICH150 Long Road23-Jun-1523-Jul-15
15-34534LAKEVILLE54 Pierce Avenue10-Jun-1510-Jul-15
15-34509LEE1565 Pleasant Street03-Jun-1503-Jul-15
15-34563LEEMultiple locations on the Housatonic Rairoad16-Jun-1516-Jul-15
15-34563LENOXMultiple locations on the Housatonic Rairoad16-Jun-1516-Jul-15
15-34489LEVERETT184 North Leverett Road15-Jun-1515-Jul-15
15-34466MIDDLEBOROUGH17 Jericho Road08-Jun-1508-Jul-15
14-33863MILTONWashington Street, Blue Hills Ski Area24-Jun-1524-Jul-15
15-34027NANTUCKET80 & 84 Wauwinet Road01-Jun-1501-Jul-15
15-34110NANTUCKET24 Boulevarde11-Jun-1511-Jul-15
10-28702NANTUCKET78 Madaket Road18-Jun-1518-Jul-15
15-34574NANTUCKET10 Monomoy Creek Road22-Jun-1522-Jul-15
15-34542NEW MARLBOROUGH260 Hadsell Street09-Jun-1509-Jul-15
15-34544NORTH READING9 Park Street08-Jun-1508-Jul-15
15-34518NORWELLMain Street (Route 123)04-Jun-1504-Jul-15
14-33037ORLEANSNauset Beach05-Jun-1505-Jul-15
15-34522PEPPERELL78 Prescott Street05-Jun-1505-Jul-15
15-34523PHILLIPSTON190 Baldwinville Road09-Jun-1509-Jul-15
15-34563PITTSFIELDMultiple locations on the Housatonic Rairoad16-Jun-1516-Jul-15
15-34429PLYMOUTH138 Roxy Cahoon Road15-Jun-1515-Jul-15
15-34490SANDWICH107 Salt Marsh Road01-Jun-1501-Jul-15
10-28138SANDWICH34 Salt Marsh Road22-Jun-1522-Jul-15
15-34563SHEFFIELDMultiple locations on the Housatonic Rairoad16-Jun-1516-Jul-15
15-34294SHIRLEY21 Patterson Road25-Jun-1528-Jul-15
15-34563STOCKBRIDGEMultiple locations on the Housatonic Rairoad16-Jun-1516-Jul-15
15-34552SUDBURY625 Boston Post Road10-Jun-1510-Jul-15
14-33838UXBRIDGE617 Chocolog Road22-Jun-1522-Jul-15
07-21325WAREHAM127 R Marion Road15-Jun-1515-Jul-15
15-34572WENDELLoff Wendell Depot Road19-Jun-1519-Jul-15
13-32146WEST TISBURY15 Plum Bush Point Road05-Jun-1505-Jul-15
15-34521WESTFIELDGranville Road05-Jun-1505-Jul-15
09-26262WESTPORToff Brookwood Drive22-Jun-1522-Jul-15
99-5672WHATELYMill River, east of Chestnut Plan Rd09-Jun-1509-Jul-15
15-34571WILLIAMSTOWNSimonds Road18-Jun-1518-Jul-15
14-32906WORCESTER375 Airport Drive05-Jun-1505-Jul-15
15-34568YARMOUTHBishop & Clerks Lighthouse19-Jun-1519-Jul-15
Pending Conservation & Management Permit Applications
NHESP File NumberTownLocationFiling DateNHESP Due Date
10-28375ATTLEBOROSlater Street28-May-15MEPA**
12-31095BELLINGHAMProposed Subdivision - Elmshade27-Jun-14MEPA**
14-33700WAREHAMoff Sand Pond Road18-Jun-1518-Jul-15

*Please Note: Due dates for Conservation & Management Plans often are suspended by mutual agreement with the proponent in order to work out final details prior to a Permit being issued.

**If a Conservation and Management Plan has been submitted and the Project or Activity is undergoing a MEPA review, the due date will be 30 days after the issuance of a final MEPA certificate (per 321 CMR 10.23(4)).

MESA Project Review Decisions
NHESP File NumberTownLocationDate of DecisionDetermination
10-28185AGAWAMRemoval of Hazard Trees causing a threat to utility lines - Robinson State Park28-May-15Conditional - No take
15-34425AMESBURY60 Pleasant Valley Road05-Jun-15Conditional - No take
10-28375ATTLEBOROSlater Street25-Jun-15Take
15-34408BARNSTABLE109 Old Farm Road, Centerville26-May-15Conditional - No take
15-34448BARNSTABLE144 Peppercorn Lane, Cotuit10-Jun-15Conditional - No take
15-34369BARNSTABLE168 Holly Point Road, Centerville29-May-15No Take
15-34511BEDFORDHanscom Field, 200 Hanscom Drive19-Jun-15Conditional - No take
12-31628BEDFORD9A Francis Kelley Rd; 350 A Concord Rd; 269E Dudley Road29-Jun-15No Take
15-34428BOLTON7 Wheeler Road08-Jun-15No Take
15-34262BREWSTERCliff Pond, Nickerson State Park, Route 6A15-May-15Conditional - No take
15-34462BREWSTER130 Gulls Way09-Jun-15No Take
15-34214BRIDGEWATER0 Elm Street25-Jun-15Conditional - No take
15-34209BRIMFIELDTownwide03-Jun-15No Take
15-34414CHATHAM51 Olde Town Lane29-May-15No Take
15-34493CHATHAM403 Old Comers Road19-Jun-15No Take
15-34382CHILMARK76 Old Farm Rd20-May-15No Take
11-29424DARTMOUTHRear of 476 Hixville Road / 0 Reed Road18-May-15No Take
11-30163DARTMOUTH452 Potomska Road20-May-15No Take
14-33563DARTMOUTHCountry Way10-Jun-15No Take
11-30060DEDHAM255 West Street19-Jun-15No Take
12-31733DEDHAM399 West Street19-May-15No Take
10-27920DENNIS85, 92 & 96 Miramar Ave22-May-15Conditional - No take
14-33763DENNIS0 Howes Street26-May-15Conditional - No take
14-33763DENNIS0 Howes Street29-May-15Conditional - No take
15-34395DENNIS103 Horsefoot Path29-May-15Conditional - No take
15-34427DRACUT401 Broadway Road08-Jun-15No Take
15-34467DRACUT1852 & 1862 Bridge Street16-Jun-15No Take
15-34460DUNSTABLEMaple Street17-Jun-15No Take
07-21682EASTHAM50 Van Dale Road19-May-15No Take
14-33037EASTHAMNauset Beach17-Jun-15No Take
15-34416FALMOUTHLots 4 & 5 Crosswinds Way10-Jun-15No Take
15-34375GRANVILLEMain Road (Route 57) at Pond Brook19-May-15No Take
15-34451GREAT BARRINGTON78 Egremont Plain Road21-May-15No Take
15-34458GREENFIELDGreen River Park, Petty Plain Road15-Jun-15No Take
15-34447GROTON167 Mill Street09-Jun-15No Take
15-34373HAMPDENDigs 5 - 9 in Hampden and Monson, TGP 200-1 Line19-May-15Conditional - No take
15-34418HARWICH65 Sequattom Road29-May-15No Take
15-34359HOLDENoff Quinapoxet Street19-May-15No Take
10-28693HOLLISTON194 Lowland Street10-Jun-15No Take
06-20732LEEForest Street; 36 Chanter Road16-Jun-15No Take
06-19136LENOXMollie Way, Pittsfield Road03-Jun-15Conditional - No take
15-34489LEVERETT184 North Leverett Road16-Jun-15No Take
14-33966MANSFIELDStearns Ave and Carriage House Lane21-May-15No Take
11-29107MASHPEE39 James Circle19-Jun-15No Take
15-34424METHUEN24 Riverview Boulevard03-Jun-15No Take
15-34270MIDDLEBOROUGH0 Purchase Street22-May-15No Take
15-34373MONSONDigs 5 - 9 in Hampden and Monson, TGP 200-1 Line19-May-15Conditional - No take
15-34374MONSONOff Wales Road, Digs 24 to 27, TGP 200-1 Line19-May-15No Take
15-34471MONTEREY22 Bidwell Road10-Jun-15No Take
15-34027NANTUCKET80 & 84 Wauwinet Road19-Jun-15Conditional - No take
15-34449NANTUCKET181 Eel Point Road08-Jun-15No Take
15-34110NANTUCKET24 Boulevarde17-Jun-15No Take
15-34463NANTUCKET18 Sesapana Road10-Jun-15No Take
15-34494NANTUCKET18 Madequecham Valley Road17-Jun-15No Take
15-34497NANTUCKET4 Barstow Road19-Jun-15No Take
15-34498NANTUCKET21 Quidnet Road19-Jun-15No Take
15-34485NORFOLK28 Leland Road17-Jun-15No Take
15-34486NORTH ANDOVER242 Dale Street17-Jun-15No Take
15-34544NORTH READING9 Park Street25-Jun-15No Take
15-34398NORTHAMPTONGrove Avenue27-May-15No Take
15-34481NORWELL13 & 23 Winter Street16-Jun-15No Take
11-29396OAK BLUFFS164 Edgartown Road27-May-15Take
14-33037ORLEANSNauset Beach17-Jun-15No Take
15-34482ORLEANS158 & 160 South Orleans Road19-Jun-15No Take
07-23039PEMBROKERoute 1424-Jun-15No Take
15-34503PEMBROKE599 Washington Street19-Jun-15No Take
05-19078PEPPERELL16 Groton Street20-May-15Conditional - No take
15-34469PEPPERELLWheeler Street; Heald Street08-Jun-15No Take
15-34376PITTSFIELD13, 14, 15 BETNR Industrial Drive19-May-15No Take
15-34383PLYMOUTH16 Cornish Field Road20-May-15No Take
15-34429PLYMOUTH138 Roxy Cahoon Road29-May-15No Take
15-34444PLYMOUTH102 Gunning Point Road10-Jun-15No Take
07-22849PROVINCETOWNGeorge's Path29-May-15No Take
15-34426SALISBURY28 CCC Road10-Jun-15No Take
03-12613SANDWICH28 Salt Marsh Rd20-May-15Conditional - No take
07-23704SANDWICH117 Salt Marsh Road28-May-15Conditional - No take
11-29497SANDWICH80 Roos Road & 125 Spring Hill Road20-May-15Conditional - No take
14-33004SANDWICH63 Salt Marsh Road03-Jun-15Conditional - No take
15-34346SANDWICH79 & 81 Salt Marsh Road20-May-15Conditional - No take
15-34404SANDWICH119 Salt Marsh Road28-May-15Conditional - No take
15-34409SANDWICH91 Salt Marsh Road28-May-15Conditional - No take
15-34410SANDWICH87 Salt Marsh Road28-May-15Conditional - No take
15-34411SANDWICH116 Salt Marsh Road02-Jun-15Conditional - No take
15-34412SANDWICH8 Captain Hook Road02-Jun-15Conditional - No take
15-34413SANDWICH59 Salt Marsh Road02-Jun-15Conditional - No take
15-34435SANDWICH24 Salt Marsh Rd15-Jun-15Conditional - No take
15-34490SANDWICH107 Salt Marsh Road29-Jun-15Conditional - No take
15-34500SCITUATE37 & 39 Collier Road19-Jun-15No Take
15-34472SHEFFIELDHome Rd & Country Rd22-Jun-15No Take
15-34055SHIRLEY169 Leominster Road19-Jun-15Conditional - No take
15-34420SPENCER97 Meadow Road03-Jun-15No Take
15-34480SUTTON107 West Millbury Road22-Jun-15No Take
14-32995TOWNSEND52 Fitchburg Road (Route 13)20-May-15Conditional - No take
06-20732TYRINGHAMForest Street; 36 Chanter Road16-Jun-15No Take
15-34286WAREoff Robbins Road09-Jun-15No Take
15-34434WAREHAMRoute 25 Dam #129-May-15No Take
15-34483WAREHAMPapermill Road over Weweantic River11-Jun-15No Take
04-13354WELLFLEET190 Blue Heron Road19-Jun-15No Take
07-22704WEST TISBURY30 Beach Pebble Road29-May-15No Take
15-34384WEST TISBURY275 Lambert's Cove Road26-May-15No Take
14-33148WEST TISBURY5 Jane's Fair Way22-May-15No Take
15-34405WEST TISBURY21 Checamo Path26-May-15No Take
11-29953WESTFIELD189 Springfield Rd28-May-15No Take
14-33817WILBRAHAM911/690V Stony Hill Road28-May-15No Take


Definitions of Determination

No Take: The NHESP has determined that the project, as proposed, will not result in a prohibited "take" of state-listed rare species.

Conditional - No Take: The NHESP has determined that the project, as proposed, must be conditioned as outlined in the NHESP determination letter in order to avoid a "take" of state-listed rare species.

Take: The NHESP has determined that the project, as proposed, will result in a "take". The project must be revised to avoid a "take" or the applicant may apply for a Conservation and Management Permit.


Conservation & Management Permit Decisions
Project NameTown(s)Date of DecisionDetermination
Gay Head Light House RelocationAquinnah23-Apr-2015Permit Issued
Adelaide Residential SubdivisionMarshfield7-May-2015Permit Issued
Athletic FieldsLakeville24-Jun-2015Permit Amended


Adjudicatory Proceedings

No recent decisions.