If you have a question about any project that has been or will be reviewed by the NHESP, please contact the regulatory review team .

Recent MESA Project Review Applications
NHESP Tracking NumberTownLocationFiling DateNHESP Due Date
16-36059ADAMSHowland Avenue07-Oct-1606-Nov-16
10-28442AUBURN50 Elm Street13-Oct-1612-Nov-16
16-36028BECKET40 Access Road29-Sep-1629-Oct-16
16-36051BOLTON33 Burnham Road28-Sep-1628-Oct-16
16-35939BOLTON22 West Berlin Road; off Randall and Berlin Road30-Sep-1630-Oct-16
14-33074CARVER0-0 Plymouth Street27-Sep-1627-Oct-16
16-36071CHATHAM1495 Old Queen Anne Rd29-Sep-1629-Oct-16
13-32167CHILMARK34 Blacksmith Valley Road04-Oct-1603-Nov-16
16-36104CHILMARK96 Hammett Lane05-Oct-1604-Nov-16
16-36097CLARKSBURGRoute 819-Oct-1618-Nov-16
16-36062CONCORD99 Ministerial Drive07-Oct-1606-Nov-16
16-36066DENNIS33 Cove Road26-Sep-1626-Oct-16
16-36074EASTHAMPTONRoute 91 South & Manhan Rail Trail13-Oct-1612-Nov-16
16-35186FRAMINGHAMOffice & Scout Training Center off Edgell Road14-Oct-1613-Nov-16
15-34407GILL19 Speer Way; off Main Road (Speer Way/Hayfields Road)26-Sep-1626-Oct-16
16-36054GRANBYLot 7 Morgan Street04-Oct-1603-Nov-16
06-20311GROTON122 Old Ayer Road05-Oct-1604-Nov-16
16-36087GROTON30 Britt Lane17-Oct-1616-Nov-16
16-35339HADLEYKnightly Road30-Sep-1630-Oct-16
16-36090HADLEY343 River Drive18-Oct-1617-Nov-16
16-36081HAVERHILL131 Amesbury Road14-Oct-1613-Nov-16
16-36053HINGHAMWorld's End (North End of Martin's lane)03-Oct-1602-Nov-16
15-34607HOLYOKE264 Southampton Road10-Oct-1609-Nov-16
16-36029HUNTINGTON17 Montgomery Road04-Oct-1603-Nov-16
10-28613MENDON34 George Street20-Oct-1619-Nov-16
16-36064MONSONPulpit Rock Pond Dam11-Oct-1610-Nov-16
16-36060NANTUCKET16 Greenleaf Road26-Sep-1626-Oct-16
16-36101NANTUCKET45 Quidnet Road03-Oct-1602-Nov-16
13-32466NEWBURY11 54th Street11-Oct-1610-Nov-16
15-35050NORTH ADAMS861 State Road: 861, 895, & 915 State Road30-Sep-1630-Oct-16
16-36091NORTH ANDOVERLots 1-3 Salem Street17-Oct-1616-Nov-16
16-35801NORTH READING39 Chestnut Street13-Oct-1612-Nov-16
04-17119NORTHAMPTONNorwottuck and Williamsburg Rail Trail04-Oct-1603-Nov-16
16-36052NORTHBRIDGE867 Sutton Street28-Sep-1628-Oct-16
16-36078OTIS189/199 Ray Hubbard Road14-Oct-1613-Nov-16
16-36058PEPPERELL127 Chestnut Street06-Oct-1605-Nov-16
15-34226PITTSFIELD1350 West Street, Berkshire Community College20-Oct-1619-Nov-16
16-36068PROVINCETOWN7 Creek Round Hill Road27-Sep-1627-Oct-16
16-36076RICHMONDRichmond Mountain Road16-Oct-1615-Nov-16
16-35872ROWE87 Zoar Road27-Sep-1627-Oct-16
16-36079SHIRLEY133 Hazen Road14-Oct-1613-Nov-16
16-36061STOCKBRIDGE15 Mahkeenac Road07-Oct-1606-Nov-16
15-34871SUNDERLANDPark Road07-Oct-1606-Nov-16
16-36099TISBURYWeaver Lane03-Oct-1602-Nov-16
16-35983WAREHAMAquaculture, Wareham River01-Oct-1630-Oct-16
16-36072WELLFLEETSchool Street29-Sep-1629-Oct-16
16-36073WELLFLEET575 Chequessett Neck Road30-Sep-1630-Oct-16
16-36088WELLFLEET800 Ocean View Drive30-Sep-1630-Oct-16
16-36089WHATELYOff Chestnut Plain Road17-Oct-1616-Nov-16
04-17119WILLIAMSBURGNorwottuck and Williamsburg Rail Trail04-Oct-1603-Nov-16
16-36080WILLIAMSBURG3 North Main Street14-Oct-1613-Nov-16
16-36108WILLIAMSBURGBridge Street Over Mill River21-Oct-1620-Nov-16
16-36057WILLIAMSTOWN912 Cold Spring Road06-Oct-1605-Nov-16
16-36085WILLIAMSTOWN614 Main Street17-Oct-1616-Nov-16
16-35999WINCHENDON580 River Street11-Oct-1610-Nov-16
Pending Conservation & Management Permit Applications
NHESP File NumberTownLocationFiling DateNHESP Due Date
12-31722BARNSTABLESampson's Island and Dead Neck Land Management Plan (Dredge, Nourish, Vegetation Management)7/28/20168/27/2016*
12-30540DRACUT100 Pelczar Rd9/13/201610/13/2016*
15-34659HOLYOKE200 Rock Valley Road9/16/201610/16/2016*
15-34109NANTUCKET10 & 14 Massasoit Bridge Road8/3/20169/2/2016*
09-26262WESTPORTBrookmeadow Estates, off Brookwood Drive5/9/20166/8/2016*
13-32438METHUENHampstead Street10/11/201611/10/2016

*Please Note: Due dates for Conservation & Management Plans often are suspended by mutual agreement with the proponent in order to work out final details prior to a Permit being issued.

**If a Conservation and Management Plan has been submitted and the Project or Activity is undergoing a MEPA review, the due date will be 30 days after the issuance of a final MEPA certificate (per 321 CMR 10.23(4)).

MESA Project Review Decisions
NHESP File NumberTownLocationDate of DecisionDetermination
16-35466AQUINNAHHerring Creek, State Road, 20 Black Brook Road19-Oct-16Conditional - No take
12-31166BARNSTABLE102 Alpine Way19-Oct-16No Take
16-36038BARNSTABLE0 Wakeby Road14-Oct-16No Take
16-36028BECKET40 Access Road20-Oct-16No Take
16-35957BEDFORD200 Hanscom Drive23-Sep-16Conditional - No take
16-36051BOLTON33 Burnham Road19-Oct-16No Take
16-36006BOURNEScraggy Neck Road Causeway07-Oct-16No Take
16-35993BOXFORD128 Main Street17-Oct-16No Take
16-36047BREWSTER40 Cranview Road18-Oct-16No Take
16-36004BREWSTERParcel 85-111 Long Pond Road07-Oct-16No Take
16-35989CARLISLEGreenough Pond Dam; Maple Street04-Oct-16No Take
16-36045CHATHAM96 Old Wharf Road21-Oct-16No Take
16-36097CLARKSBURGRoute 820-Oct-16No Take
16-35957CONCORD200 Hanscom Drive23-Sep-16Conditional - No take
99-4761CONCORD1400 LOWELL ROAD, MIDDLESEX SCHOOL18-Oct-16Conditional - No take
16-35896CONCORD214Y Main Street11-Oct-16No Take
16-36062CONCORD99 Ministerial Drive20-Oct-16No Take
16-36048DARTMOUTH1 Masthead Lane19-Oct-16No Take
16-35839DEERFIELD67, 69, 73 and Off Sugarloaf Street07-Oct-16No Take
16-35960DENNIS27, 33, 35 Diamond's Path23-Sep-16No Take
12-30653DOUGLAS115 Shore Rd28-Sep-16No Take
15-34579DUXBURYEversource Duxbury to Marshfield Transmission Project17-Oct-16No Take
16-35962DUXBURY0 Keene Street23-Sep-16No Take
16-36036DUXBURYTea Kettle Lane14-Oct-16No Take
05-19057EAST BRIDGEWATERRobbins Pond Campground Property, Wampanoag Way23-Sep-16No Take
08-24292EASTHAMDyer Prince Road12-Oct-16Conditional - No take
16-36074EASTHAMPTONRoute 91 South & Manhan Rail Trail 17-Oct-16No Take
14-33151EDGARTOWNForever Wild Way12-Oct-16Conditional - No take
14-33473EDGARTOWN70 Pohogonot Road20-Oct-16No Take
16-35982FALMOUTH1 Southview Way23-Sep-16No Take
16-35984FREETOWN4 Cleveland Ave23-Sep-16No Take
10-29037GILLCamps 2W, 10W, 12W, Route 2 West (Mohawk Trail), Gill; Camps 2E, 3E, 4E, 6E, 7E, 8E, Industrial Blvd, Montague21-Oct-16No Take
15-34407GILLNorthfield Mount Hermon School18-Oct-16No Take
16-35686GRANVILLERoute 57 over Potash Brook04-Oct-16No Take
16-35339HADLEYKnightly Road19-Oct-16No Take
16-36090HADLEY343 River Drive18-Oct-16No Take
16-36029HUNTINGTON17 Montgomery Road20-Oct-16No Take
04-13795LOWELL55.1 and 61 First Street Boulevard (VFW Highway) ;61 First Street Boulevard30-Sep-16No Take
15-34579MARSHFIELDEversource Duxbury to Marshfield Transmission Project17-Oct-16No Take
12-31734MASHPEE188 Pimlico Pond Road06-Oct-16No Take
15-34632METHUENLots 43 & 49 Elane Avenue12-Oct-16Conditional - No take
16-35818METHUEN15 Renfrew Street11-Oct-16No Take
16-35985MIDDLEBOROUGH485R Wareham Street26-Sep-16No Take
16-35903MIDDLETON17 Old Essex Street07-Oct-16No Take
10-29037MONTAGUECamps 2W, 10W, 12W, Route 2 West (Mohawk Trail), Gill; Camps 2E, 3E, 4E, 6E, 7E, 8E, Industrial Blvd, Montague21-Oct-16No Take
16-35403MONTEREY24 Lakeside Terrace28-Sep-16No Take
11-29930NANTUCKET4  & 9 Head of Plains Road, Sheep Pond Road, Head of Plains Road Layout23-Oct-16Conditional - No take
16-35921NANTUCKET316 Polpis Road19-Oct-16Conditional - No take
14-33240NANTUCKET141 Cliff Road26-Sep-16No Take
16-35987NANTUCKET13 Boulevarde26-Sep-16No Take
13-32466NEWBURY11 54th Street19-Oct-16No Take
13-32586NEWBURYPORT2 Woodland St Rear & 300-302R Merrimac St ; 2016 300-302R Merrimac St04-Oct-16No Take
16-35801NORTH READING39 Chestnut Street20-Oct-16No Take
04-17119NORTHAMPTONNorwottuck and Williamsburg Rail Trail20-Oct-16No Take
16-36052NORTHBRIDGE867 Sutton Street19-Oct-16No Take
13-32621NORWELLNorwell Bike Path18-Oct-16No Take
11-29425ORLEANS29 Beach Plum Lane06-Oct-16Conditional - No take
16-35998OTIS6 South Gate Island Road30-Sep-16No Take
11-29284OXFORDReconstruct Charlton Street07-Oct-16Conditional - No take
16-36058PEPPERELL127 Chestnut Street20-Oct-16No Take
16-35991PEPPERELLnear 55 Prescott Street30-Sep-16No Take
16-36008PLYMOUTH0 Western Point, Saquish07-Oct-16Conditional - No take
16-36003PLYMOUTH200 Cutters Field Road06-Oct-16No Take
16-36076RICHMONDRichmond Mountain Road17-Oct-16No Take
16-36014ROCKLAND300 VFW Drive11-Oct-16No Take
16-35872ROWE87 Zoar Road28-Sep-16No Take
16-36033ROWLEY151 Boxford Road17-Oct-16No Take
10-27817SANDWICH265 Phillips Road12-Oct-16No Take
16-36039SANDWICH145 Route 13014-Oct-16No Take
16-36024SHEFFIELD304 Barnum Street19-Oct-16No Take
16-35994SOUTHWICK13 Robin Road30-Sep-16No Take
16-36061STOCKBRIDGE15 Mahkeenac Road20-Oct-16No Take
09-27240SUDBURY189 Boston Post Rd11-Oct-16No Take
16-36001TISBURYBorder Road06-Oct-16No Take
16-36037TRURO8 Florence Way14-Oct-16No Take
16-35983WAREHAMAquaculture, Wareham River20-Oct-16Conditional - No take
16-36046WELLFLEET25 Marsh View19-Oct-16No Take
06-21208WEST TISBURY32 Plum Bush Point Road23-Sep-16No Take
16-35948WESTFORD508 Groton Road26-Sep-16No Take
04-17119WILLIAMSBURGNorwottuck and Williamsburg Rail Trail20-Oct-16No Take
04-16453WILLIAMSTOWNWater Street (Route 43)07-Oct-16No Take
16-35551WINCHENDONoff Gardner Road23-Sep-16No Take


Definitions of Determination

No Take: The NHESP has determined that the project, as proposed, will not result in a prohibited "take" of state-listed rare species.

Conditional - No Take: The NHESP has determined that the project, as proposed, must be conditioned as outlined in the NHESP determination letter in order to avoid a "take" of state-listed rare species.

Take: The NHESP has determined that the project, as proposed, will result in a "take". The project must be revised to avoid a "take" or the applicant may apply for a Conservation and Management Permit.


Conservation & Management Permit Decisions
Project NameTown(s)Date of DecisionDetermination
Middlesex Turnpike Transportation Improvement Project Phase 3Beford, Billerica15-Sept-2016Permit Issued
Old Sturbridge Village Solar ArraySturbridge15-Sept-2016Permit Issued
10 Eat Fire Spring RoadNantucket29-Sept-2016Permit Issued
Pilot Study of Cap Materials to Remediate Coal Tar Residuals in the Connecticut River from the Former Manufactured Gas PlantSpringfield29-Sept-2016Permit Issued


Adjudicatory Proceedings

No recent decisions.