If you have a question about any project that has been or will be reviewed by the NHESP, please contact the regulatory review team .

Recent MESA Project Review Applications
NHESP Tracking NumberTownLocationFiling DateNHESP Due Date
17-36552ATTLEBOROLot 79 - 54 Pasture Brook Road10-Mar-1709-Apr-17
16-35448BARNSTABLESandy Neck21-Feb-1723-Mar-17
17-36523BEDFORDL.G. Hanscom Field02-Mar-1701-Apr-17
17-36528BOURNE354 Circuit Avenue28-Feb-1730-Mar-17
09-27433BRAINTREESunset Lake13-Mar-1712-Apr-17
10-27740BROOKFIELD151 Lake Rd03-Mar-1702-Apr-17
15-34825CARVER22 Lakeview Street21-Feb-1723-Mar-17
17-36362CONCORD133 & 138 Keyes Road02-Mar-1701-Apr-17
17-36553DARTMOUTHJason Drive10-Mar-1709-Apr-17
08-24292EASTHAMDyer Prince Road27-Feb-1729-Mar-17
17-36411EASTON290 Turnpike Street27-Feb-1729-Mar-17
14-33473EDGARTOWN70 Pohogonot Road27-Feb-1729-Mar-17
07-22450HARWICH280 Long Pond Drive16-Mar-1715-Apr-17
17-36524HOLLAND58 Morse Road27-Feb-1729-Mar-17
17-36550HOLLISTONoff Woodland Street08-Mar-1707-Apr-17
09-26532LINCOLNFarrar Pond08-Mar-1707-Apr-17
17-36527MANSFIELD10 Roy Road24-Feb-1726-Mar-17
09-27463MAYNARD129 Parker St27-Feb-1729-Mar-17
11-29860METHUENrailroad ROW from Salem NH to Lawrence, MA city lines.03-Mar-1702-Apr-17
17-36525MIDDLETON0 North Liberty street27-Feb-1729-Mar-17
17-36446MOUNT WASHINGTONEast Street21-Feb-1723-Mar-17
15-34887NANTUCKET24 Pocomo Road02-Mar-1701-Apr-17
17-36540NANTUCKET5 Barstow Road24-Feb-1726-Mar-17
09-26559NANTUCKET15 Hallowell Lane24-Feb-1726-Mar-17
16-36154NORTH ADAMSNatural Bridge Pond03-Mar-1702-Apr-17
08-25949NORTHAMPTONWest Street, Smith College02-Mar-1701-Apr-17
17-36505NORTHBOROUGH46 Oak Avenue21-Feb-1723-Mar-17
17-36511ORANGECorner of West Orange Road and Moss Brook Road23-Feb-1725-Mar-17
17-36503ORANGEHolshire Road over Miller's River28-Feb-1714-Mar-17
17-36506ORLEANS128 Monument Road10-Mar-1709-Apr-17
13-32000ORLEANS25 Cheney Road09-Mar-1708-Apr-17
17-36368PEMBROKE538 Washington Street23-Feb-1725-Mar-17
17-36560PLYMOUTH975 Bourne Road03-Mar-1702-Apr-17
17-36557PLYMOUTH25 & 26 Western Point Saquish27-Feb-1729-Mar-17
17-36562ROCHESTER79 Bradford Lane16-Mar-1715-Apr-17
11-30278SHIRLEY0 Patterson Road23-Feb-1725-Mar-17
16-36284SHUTESBURYBeaver Dam, West Branch Swift River27-Feb-1725-Mar-17
11-30238SHUTESBURY12 Wyola Dr09-Mar-1708-Apr-17
17-36548SOUTH HADLEYPromenade Way06-Mar-1705-Apr-17
17-36516SPENCERSpencer Depot Rail Trail28-Feb-1730-Mar-17
17-36517SPENCER3 Old Meadow Road28-Feb-1730-Mar-17
10-28935STOCKBRIDGE4 Williamsville Road06-Mar-1705-Apr-17
17-36543UPTON5 Williams Street06-Mar-1705-Apr-17
13-32149WELLFLEET1400 Chequessett Neck Road23-Feb-1725-Mar-17
98-3506WEST TISBURY142 Plum Bush Point Road28-Feb-1730-Mar-17
06-19566WEST TISBURYPine Hill Road27-Feb-1729-Mar-17
17-36412WEST TISBURY66 Ephraim Allen Road24-Feb-1726-Mar-17
17-36561WESTFORD21 Pine Grove Road13-Mar-1712-Apr-17
09-27541WILLIAMSTOWNRoute 43 (Water St)10-Mar-1709-Apr-17
14-34005WORCESTER496 Hamilton Street13-Mar-1712-Apr-17
Pending Conservation & Management Permit Applications
NHESP File NumberTownLocationFiling DateNHESP Due Date
00-8132BRIDGEWATERPleasant Street (Route 104)1/11/20172/10/2017
12-30540DRACUT100 Pelczar Rd9/13/201610/13/2016*
14-32963EASTONoff Mill Street, 71 Mill Street12/1/201612/31/2016*
15-34659HOLYOKE200 Rock Valley Road9/16/201611/27/2016*
15-34109NANTUCKET10 & 14 Massasoit Bridge Road8/3/20169/2/2016*
09-26262WESTPORTBrookmeadow Estates, off Brookwood Drive5/9/20166/8/2016*

*Please Note: Due dates for Conservation & Management Plans often are suspended by mutual agreement with the proponent in order to work out final details prior to a Permit being issued.

**If a Conservation and Management Plan has been submitted and the Project or Activity is undergoing a MEPA review, the due date will be 30 days after the issuance of a final MEPA certificate (per 321 CMR 10.23(4)).

MESA Project Review Decisions
NHESP File NumberTownLocationDate of DecisionDetermination
13-32800ADAMS2 Zylonite Station Road10-Mar-17Take
15-34910ATHOLAthol Pond Dam, Washington Ave10-Mar-17Conditional - No take
17-36538BARNSTABLE379 Lakeside Drive West13-Mar-17No Take
16-35448BARNSTABLESandy Neck15-Mar-17Take
17-36389BREWSTERBeachwood Drive, Seymour Pond13-Mar-17No Take
16-35401CHILMARKMiddle Line Road09-Mar-17No Take
11-29884DENNISCorporation Beach, Corporation Road07-Mar-17Conditional - No take
04-14424DUNSTABLE309 Hall Street01-Mar-17Take
17-36496EASTHAM26 Salt Marsh Way28-Feb-17No Take
17-36457FAIRHAVENHuttleston Avenue22-Feb-17No Take
14-33193FALMOUTH650 Gifford Street; 64 Pumping Station Road10-Mar-17No Take
17-36497FALMOUTH82 Waterside Drive15-Mar-17No Take
07-22540HARWICH2171 Route 2803-Mar-17No Take
17-36475HARWICH151 & 161 Church Street24-Feb-17No Take
17-36478HARWICH37 Proprietor's Way22-Feb-17No Take
15-34207LAKEVILLE44 Cross Street22-Feb-17Conditional - No take
17-36493LEVERETT309 1/2 Long Plain Road17-Mar-17Conditional - No take
17-36527MANSFIELD10 Roy Road08-Mar-17No Take
17-36509MATTAPOISETT22 Crystal Spring Road10-Mar-17Conditional - No take
09-27463MAYNARD129 Parker St02-Mar-17Take
07-23464MIDDLEBOROUGHLot 11 Commercial Boulevard; Clay Street & Commerce Blvd21-Feb-17Conditional - No take
09-27567MIDDLEBOROUGHRear of 126 Highland Street03-Mar-17No Take
17-36487MIDDLEBOROUGH144 East Grove Street02-Mar-17No Take
17-36446MOUNT WASHINGTONEast Street02-Mar-17Conditional - No take
09-26559NANTUCKET15 Hallowell Lane08-Mar-17Conditional - No take
17-36522NANTUCKET20 Monomoy Road17-Mar-17No Take
15-34887NANTUCKET24 Pocomo Road07-Mar-17Take
10-28583NEWBURYPORT6 Bayne Lane22-Feb-17No Take
17-36505NORTHBOROUGH46 Oak Avenue08-Mar-17No Take
17-36503ORANGEHolshire Road over Miller's River08-Mar-17Conditional - No take
17-36511ORANGECorner of West Orange Road and Moss Brook Road08-Mar-17No Take
17-36506ORLEANS128 Monument Road17-Mar-17No Take
17-36448OTIS587 Pine Road10-Mar-17No Take
17-36368PEMBROKE538 Washington Street17-Mar-17No Take
12-31744PLYMOUTHoff Little Sandy Pond Road07-Mar-17No Take
17-36518PLYMOUTH120 Black Cat Road17-Mar-17No Take
17-36489PROVINCETOWN76 R Bayberry Ave03-Mar-17No Take
11-29081SANDWICH82 Old County Road20-Feb-17No Take
17-36512STOCKBRIDGE16 Lake Drive South08-Mar-17No Take
05-18955STURBRIDGE186 New Boston Road10-Mar-17Take
13-32313TRURO4 Rolling Hills Road16-Mar-17No Take
14-33528TRURO11 Coast Guard Terrace17-Mar-17No Take
17-36539TRURO17 Long Dune Lane16-Mar-17No Take
12-31624WAREHAMAgawam Mill Pond13-Mar-17Conditional - No take
12-31607WELLFLEET479 Black Pond Road01-Mar-17No Take
17-36477WELLFLEET0 Anawan Road22-Feb-17No Take
17-36445WEST NEWBURY83 River Road28-Feb-17Conditional - No take
17-36443WEST NEWBURY58 Ash Street01-Mar-17No Take
06-19566WEST TISBURYPine Hill Road15-Mar-17Conditional - No take
17-36412WEST TISBURY66 Ephraim Allen Road01-Mar-17No Take
17-36461WEST TISBURYJohn Cottle Road03-Mar-17No Take
16-36250WESTMINSTERUpper Crow Hill Pond & Paradise Pond10-Mar-17No Take
17-36333WESTPORT187 East Beach Road15-Mar-17No Take


Definitions of Determination

No Take: The NHESP has determined that the project, as proposed, will not result in a prohibited "take" of state-listed rare species.

Conditional - No Take: The NHESP has determined that the project, as proposed, must be conditioned as outlined in the NHESP determination letter in order to avoid a "take" of state-listed rare species.

Take: The NHESP has determined that the project, as proposed, will result in a "take". The project must be revised to avoid a "take" or the applicant may apply for a Conservation and Management Permit.


Conservation & Management Permit Decisions
Project NameTown(s)Date of DecisionDetermination
10 Lot Subdivision, Woodbine StreetTaunton07-Mar-2017Permit Issued
Dead Neck/Sampson’s Island Restoration & ManagementBarnstable01-Feb-2017Permit Issued
Tihonet East Solar ArrayWareham13-Jan-2017Permit Amended
Phase C2 Proposed Cranberry Bogs/InfrastructurePlymouth13-Jan-2017Permit Amended
Boston Gas Company Ponkapoag Take StationMilton26-Jan-2017Permit Issued
River Run Mixed Use Residential DevelopmentPlymouth26-Jan-2017Permit Amended


Adjudicatory Proceedings

No recent decisions.