If you have a question about any project that has been or will be reviewed by the NHESP, please contact the regulatory review team .

Recent MESA Project Review Applications
NHESP Tracking NumberTownLocationFiling DateNHESP Due Date
15-34277AMHERST420 Riverglade Drive27-Mar-1526-Apr-15
14-33973AYER17 Nemco Way; 1 Nemco Way30-Mar-1529-Apr-15
15-34305BARNSTABLE30 Newspaper Road30-Mar-1529-Apr-15
12-31722BARNSTABLESampson's Island and Dead Neck06-Apr-1506-May-15
14-33803BILLERICAWinning Road09-Apr-1513-May-15
15-34298CHILMARK14 Yardarm Lane26-Mar-1525-Apr-15
12-30760CONCORD1400 Lowell Rd03-Apr-1503-May-15
15-34323EASTHAM10 Starlight Lane01-Apr-1501-May-15
15-34319EDGARTOWN6 & 8 Mead Lane30-Mar-1529-Apr-15
08-23886FALMOUTHLittle Pond, Great Pond, Green Pond, Bournes Pond, Eel Pond, and Waquoit Bay Watersheds07-Apr-1507-May-15
06-20870FALMOUTH125 Falmouth Woods Road13-Apr-1513-May-15
10-29037GILLCamps 2W, 10W, 12W, Route 2 West (Mohawk Trail), Gill; Camps 2E, 3E, 4E, 6E, 7E, 8E, Industrial Blvd, Montague25-Mar-1524-Apr-15
10-28667GREAT BARRINGTON70 Egremont Plain Rd02-Apr-1502-May-15
12-31549GROTON146 Ames Road and Gay Road23-Mar-1522-Apr-15
15-34289HALIFAXCrescent Avenue30-Mar-1529-Apr-15
13-32217HAMPDENSouth Road24-Mar-1523-Apr-15
12-31250HOLLISTONLots 4 & 5, 4A, 4B,4C Old Cart Path; 69, 70, 71 Minuteman Circle23-Mar-1522-Apr-15
14-33971HOPKINTONWhitehall Reservoir23-Mar-1522-Apr-15
15-34320LAKEVILLE15 Highland Rd30-Mar-1529-Apr-15
14-33930LOWELLRoute 110 over Beaver Brook01-Apr-1501-May-15
15-34304MARIONTo the west of Jenney Lane in Marion30-Mar-1529-Apr-15
10-28770MATTAPOISETTAppaloosa Lane10-Apr-1510-May-15
10-28145METHUEN348 Howe St15-Apr-1515-May-15
15-34266MIDDLEBOROUGHThomas Street26-Mar-1525-Apr-15
10-29037MONTAGUECamps 2W, 10W, 12W, Route 2 West (Mohawk Trail), Gill; Camps 2E, 3E, 4E, 6E, 7E, 8E, Industrial Blvd, Montague25-Mar-1524-Apr-15
11-30169NANTUCKET9 Washing Pond Road30-Mar-1529-Apr-15
08-25216NANTUCKET5 Quaise Pasture Rd30-Mar-1529-Apr-15
08-24451NANTUCKET250 Polpis Road30-Mar-1529-Apr-15
12-31436NORTON83 East Hodges Street; Mary Joe Road15-Apr-1515-May-15
15-34289PEMBROKECrescent Avenue30-Mar-1529-Apr-15
13-31860SHIRLEY56 Walker Road30-Mar-1529-Apr-15
15-34324SOMERSET1238 Riverside Avenue03-Apr-1503-May-15
15-34223SOUTHAMPTONConant Park03-Apr-1503-May-15
14-33727TAUNTON101 Prince Henry Drive13-Apr-1513-May-15
12-31624WAREHAMAgawam Mill Pond14-Apr-1514-May-15
14-32918WELLFLEET0 Bay View Avenue31-Mar-1530-Apr-15
15-34267WEST BRIDGEWATER401 Pleasant Street06-Apr-1506-May-15
15-34314WEST SPRINGFIELDI 91 Bridge over Connecticut River06-Apr-1506-May-15
15-34300WESTPORToff Beach Ave23-Mar-1522-Apr-15
15-34261WESTPORT546-548 State Road23-Mar-1522-Apr-15
08-25991WILLIAMSTOWN137 New Ashford Road07-Apr-1507-May-15
Pending Conservation & Management Permit Applications
NHESP File NumberTownLocationFiling DateNHESP Due Date
13-32625AQUINNAH15 Aquinnah Circle09-Apr-1509-May-15
12-31095BELLINGHAMProposed Subdivision - Elmshade27-Jun-14MEPA**
08-24387LAKEVILLE5 Harding Street; Route 4421-Aug-1424-Oct-14*
08-24015MARSHFIELDWebster Street 30-Mar-15MEPA**
08-24387MIDDLEBOROUGH5 Harding Street; Route 4421-Aug-1424-Oct-14*
06-20894MIDDLEBOROUGHWood Street29-Aug-1428-Sep-14*

*Please Note: Due dates for Conservation & Management Plans often are suspended by mutual agreement with the proponent in order to work out final details prior to a Permit being issued.

**If a Conservation and Management Plan has been submitted and the Project or Activity is undergoing a MEPA review, the due date will be 30 days after the issuance of a final MEPA certificate (per 321 CMR 10.23(4)).

MESA Project Review Decisions
NHESP File NumberTownLocationDate of DecisionDetermination
15-34174AGAWAM0 Silver Street24-Mar-15No Take
07-23543BARNSTABLE185 Meadow Lane14-Apr-15No Take
12-30803BARNSTABLE1343 Falmouth Road02-Apr-15No Take
14-34011BARNSTABLERoute 149 from River Rd to Falmouth Rd, Marstons Mills15-Apr-15No Take
15-34245BARNSTABLE211 Lake Shore Drive, Marston's Mills17-Apr-15No Take
15-34265BARNSTABLE120 North Precinct Road, Marstons Mills14-Apr-15No Take
14-33755BARNSTABLE1001 West Main Street, Centerville17-Apr-15No Take
13-32609BELCHERTOWNQuabbin Power and Communications25-Mar-15No Take
07-21723BERKLEY15 Shore Road, 15 Dillingham Avenue, 205R Bayview Avenue08-Apr-15No Take
05-18723BLACKSTONEMill River near Quick Stream; Glenside Drive24-Mar-15No Take
13-32617BOSTON100 Meadow Road Lot 401-Apr-15No Take
15-34263BREWSTER72 Wynn Way07-Apr-15No Take
15-34247BREWSTERoff Hamilton Cartway14-Apr-15No Take
15-34196BRIDGEWATER4 Birch Hill Road27-Mar-15No Take
15-34125BUCKLANDClesson Brook Road15-Apr-15No Take
15-34204CHATHAM0 Meadow View Road27-Mar-15No Take
12-31634CHILMARK97 Pasture Road24-Mar-15No Take
09-26208DARTMOUTHGulf Road27-Mar-15No Take
13-32617DEDHAM100 Meadow Road Lot 401-Apr-15No Take
11-30249DENNISBass River & West Dennis Beach02-Apr-15Conditional - No take
15-34253DENNIS16 Maureen's Way17-Apr-15No Take
15-34172DEVENS85 Patton Rd16-Apr-15Conditional - No take
15-34256DUXBURY48 Grand View Avenue24-Mar-15No Take
15-34201EASTHAM210 Sunset Avenue24-Mar-15No Take
15-34246FALMOUTHLot 3 Thomas B Flanders Road10-Apr-15No Take
15-34060FRAMINGHAM44 Lake Road07-Apr-15No Take
15-34098GEORGETOWNWest Street Athletic Fields24-Mar-15Conditional - No take
15-34211GREENFIELDRear of Meridian Street, Green River Cemetery24-Mar-15No Take
13-32217HAMPDENSouth Road16-Apr-15Conditional - No take
15-34202HANOVER54 Old Shipyard Lane27-Mar-15No Take
13-32609HARDWICKQuabbin Power and Communications25-Mar-15No Take
15-34172HARVARD85 Patton Rd16-Apr-15Conditional - No take
15-34254HARWICH114 Sisson Road16-Apr-15No Take
12-31250HOLLISTONLots 4 & 5, 4A, 4B,4C Old Cart Path; 69, 70, 71 Minuteman Circle31-Mar-15No Take
15-34203LAKEVILLE53 Nelson Shore Road27-Mar-15No Take
15-34248LAKEVILLE149 Staples Shore Drive07-Apr-15No Take
15-34237LAKEVILLE7 Main Street27-Mar-15No Take
15-34320LAKEVILLE15 Highland Rd17-Apr-15No Take
06-19953LEOMINSTERSamoset Lake24-Mar-15No Take
14-33930LOWELLRoute 110 over Beaver Brook15-Apr-15No Take
05-17944MANSFIELDBetween Saddle Riade Drive and Old Farm Road08-Apr-15No Take
08-24015MARSHFIELD08-24015: 108 Webster St.  08-24015a: Webster St.14-Apr-15Take
13-32491MATTAPOISETT112 Aucoot Road07-Apr-15Conditional - No take
14-32888MENDON36 Milford St07-Apr-15Conditional - No take
15-34236MONTAGUEMillers Falls Road15-Apr-15No Take
07-21999MONTEREYLake Garfield08-Apr-15No Take
15-34250NANTUCKET117 Madaket Road14-Apr-15No Take
15-34252NANTUCKET96 Washington Street Extension15-Apr-15No Take
15-34229NANTUCKET80 Madaket Road02-Apr-15No Take
15-34230NANTUCKET5 Caroline Way27-Mar-15No Take
15-34281OAK BLUFFS41 Hay Path Road17-Apr-15No Take
10-27654OTIS21 Poplar Lane16-Apr-15No Take
14-33186OTIS64 Drive B15-Apr-15No Take
14-33288PEPPERELLMill Street & Main Street01-Apr-15No Take
15-34107PLAINVILLE34 Treasure Island Road14-Apr-15No Take
15-34184PLYMOUTH122 Black Cat Road24-Mar-15No Take
13-32211PLYMOUTH141 Long Pond Road15-Apr-15No Take
11-30396RAYNHAM339 Locust St01-Apr-15No Take
15-34208SALEM161 Swampscott Road07-Apr-15No Take
15-34280SANDWICH47 & 49 Atkins Road15-Apr-15No Take
07-22024STURBRIDGEWalker Pond15-Apr-15No Take
05-18312TRUROPamet Harbor, Pamet River03-Apr-15Conditional - No take
12-31257TRURO16 Great Pond Road03-Apr-15No Take
15-34228TRURO25 & 25A Pond Road27-Mar-15No Take
13-32609WAREQuabbin Power and Communications25-Mar-15No Take
06-19929WAREHAM32 Little Harbor Road16-Apr-15Conditional - No take
12-31624WAREHAMAgawam Mill Pond14-Apr-15Conditional - No take
07-21325WAREHAM127 R Marion Road25-Mar-15Conditional - No take
14-33700WAREHAMoff Sand Pond Road24-Mar-15Take
14-33786WEST BRIDGEWATER285 Lincoln Street16-Apr-15Conditional - No take
14-33479WEST TISBURY1 & 9 School House Lane06-Apr-15No Take
08-25301WEST TISBURY90 Dr. Fisher Road10-Apr-15No Take
09-27505WEST TISBURY270 John Cottle Road08-Apr-15No Take
15-34259WEST TISBURY22 Scotchman's Lane10-Apr-15No Take
15-34300WESTPORToff Beach Ave10-Apr-15Conditional - No take
14-33876WILBRAHAM535V Main Street16-Apr-15No Take
08-25991WILLIAMSTOWN137 New Ashford Road08-Apr-15No Take


Definitions of Determination

No Take: The NHESP has determined that the project, as proposed, will not result in a prohibited "take" of state-listed rare species.

Conditional - No Take: The NHESP has determined that the project, as proposed, must be conditioned as outlined in the NHESP determination letter in order to avoid a "take" of state-listed rare species.

Take: The NHESP has determined that the project, as proposed, will result in a "take". The project must be revised to avoid a "take" or the applicant may apply for a Conservation and Management Permit.


Conservation & Management Permit Decisions
Project NameTown(s)Date of DecisionDetermination
Lots 1 & 2 off Harvard RoadBolton3-Feb-2015Permit Issued
100 Cranberry TrailSandwich3-Mar-2015Permit Issued
Hadley Falls Station Downstream Fish Passage ProjectHolyoke12-Mar-2015Permit Issued
Gay Head Light House RelocationAquinnah23-Apr-2015Permit Issued


Adjudicatory Proceedings

No recent decisions.

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