If you have a question about any project that has been or will be reviewed by the NHESP, please contact the regulatory review team .

Recent MESA Project Review Applications
NHESP Tracking NumberTownLocationFiling DateNHESP Due Date
14-33547ACTONGreat Road (Main Street to Davis Road)28-Jul-1427-Aug-14
14-33537ACUSHNET101 Wing Lane06-Aug-1405-Sep-14
07-21933AMHERSTAmherst Landfill- 740 Belchertown Road14-Aug-1413-Sep-14
14-33267BARNSTABLE166 Hollidge Hill Lane, Marstons Mills30-Jul-1429-Aug-14
09-26720BARNSTABLE112 Nyes Neck Road East04-Aug-1403-Sep-14
14-33541BARNSTABLE101 Rue Michele, Cummaquid04-Aug-1403-Sep-14
14-33585BARNSTABLE54 Shirley Point Road, Centerville18-Aug-1417-Sep-14
14-33582BOLTONLot 6, Sawyer Road15-Aug-1414-Sep-14
12-30967CARLISLEoff Skelton Road; SVT Elliott Property04-Aug-1403-Sep-14
11-29603CHATHAM27 Morris Island Road06-Aug-1405-Sep-14
14-33563DARTMOUTHCountry Way11-Aug-1410-Sep-14
14-33490DENNIS11 Surrey Lane01-Aug-1431-Aug-14
14-33552DENNIS138 Taunton Ave08-Aug-1407-Sep-14
14-33523EASTHAM470 Herring Brook Rd28-Jul-1427-Aug-14
14-33483EASTHAM1200 Herring Brook Road28-Jul-1427-Aug-14
14-33526EASTHAM535 State Highway - Route 631-Jul-1430-Aug-14
14-33522EDGARTOWN18 Dark Woods Road28-Jul-1427-Aug-14
14-33524EDGARTOWN3 Willet Lane28-Jul-1427-Aug-14
14-33355EDGARTOWNTrapps Pond, Felix Neck, Muddy Creek, Lagoon Pond15-Aug-1414-Sep-14
14-33245FREETOWNEast Chipaway Road08-Aug-1407-Sep-14
14-33588GREENFIELDWMECO/NU off Mountain Road12-Aug-1411-Sep-14
14-33442HADLEY31 & 33 Honey Pot Road18-Aug-1417-Sep-14
12-30660HALIFAXMonponsett Street07-Aug-1406-Sep-14
04-16611HANSONBrookside Estates14-Aug-1413-Sep-14
14-33540HARWICH40 Harbor Road04-Aug-1403-Sep-14
07-23829KINGSTONStation St/Elizabeth Drive18-Aug-1417-Sep-14
14-33461LAWRENCEFerrous Park, off Island Street30-Jul-1429-Aug-14
05-17662MASHPEE80 Punkhorn Road19-Aug-1418-Sep-14
09-26596MASHPEESouth Cape Beach (500 Great Oak Road)20-Aug-1419-Sep-14
14-33530MATTAPOISETTBrandt Island Road01-Aug-1431-Aug-14
13-32491MATTAPOISETT112 Aucoot Road11-Aug-1410-Sep-14
10-28644METHUEN89 Myrtle St15-Aug-1414-Sep-14
11-29841MIDDLEBOROUGH186 Purchase Street11-Aug-1410-Sep-14
14-33538NANTUCKET129 Wauwinet Road06-Aug-1405-Sep-14
14-33472NANTUCKET3 Caroline Way18-Aug-1417-Sep-14
14-33587NEW MARLBOROUGH136 Adsit Crosby Road12-Aug-1411-Sep-14
14-33278OAK BLUFFS4 Alwardt Way22-Aug-1421-Sep-14
13-32766PLYMOUTH421 Ryder Way28-Jul-1427-Aug-14
14-33560PLYMOUTH25 Widgeon Pond Road11-Aug-1410-Sep-14
12-31744PLYMOUTHoff Litte Sandy Pond Road13-Aug-1412-Sep-14
12-30660PLYMPTONMonponsett Street07-Aug-1406-Sep-14
14-33535SANDWICH175A and 175B Shore Boulevard04-Aug-1403-Sep-14
13-32334SANDWICH1, 3 & 5 Bay Beach Lane19-Aug-1418-Sep-14
14-33546SHIRLEY14 & 16 Morse Circle29-Jul-1428-Aug-14
14-33577SOUTHBRIDGE42 Breakneck Road08-Aug-1407-Sep-14
14-33564SOUTHWICK20, 22, 24 Iroquois Drive04-Aug-1403-Sep-14
10-28195STURBRIDGE69 Route 84 and 80 Route 1530-Jul-1429-Aug-14
14-33550SWANSEAoff Dillon Lane28-Jul-1427-Aug-14
14-33565TAUNTON457 Winthrop Street05-Aug-1404-Sep-14
14-33529TISBURY34 West Sound Lane01-Aug-1431-Aug-14
14-33355TISBURYTrapps Pond, Felix Neck, Muddy Creek, Lagoon Pond15-Aug-1414-Sep-14
14-33571TRURO2 Sturdy Way13-Aug-1412-Sep-14
11-30012TYNGSBOROUGH37 Willowdale Road/ Ava Lane11-Aug-1410-Sep-14
14-33543WELLFLEET155 Indian Neck Road04-Aug-1403-Sep-14
14-33548WEST BRIDGEWATERLot B, 122 Lincoln Street28-Jul-1427-Aug-14
14-33581WEST NEWBURY18 Norino Drive11-Aug-1410-Sep-14
Pending Conservation & Management Permit Applications
NHESP File NumberTownLocationFiling DateNHESP Due Date
12-31095BELLINGHAMProposed Subdivision - Elmshade27-Jun-14MEPA**
08-24387LAKEVILLE/MIDDLEBOROUGH5 Harding Street; Route 4421-Aug-1420-Sep-14
13-32816PLYMOUTHPlymouth Airport/ 246 South Meadow Road31-Jul-1430-Aug-14

*Please Note: Due dates for Conservation & Management Plans often are suspended by mutual agreement with the proponent in order to work out final details prior to a Permit being issued.

**If a Conservation and Management Plan has been submitted and the Project or Activity is undergoing a MEPA review, the due date will be 30 days after the issuance of a final MEPA certificate (per 321 CMR 10.23(4)).

MESA Project Review Decisions
NHESP File NumberTownLocationDate of DecisionDetermination
14-32973ABINGTON275 Chestnut Street01-Aug-14No Take
14-33159ATHOLadjacent to Athol/Royalston Middle School (off Pleasant Street)21-Aug-14No Take
14-33499BARNSTABLE130 Oregon Way, Cotuit05-Aug-14No Take
14-33424BARNSTABLE104 Bog Road, Marstons Mills18-Jul-14No Take
14-33361BARNSTABLE781 Old Strawberry Hill Road18-Aug-14No Take
14-33458BOURNE490 County Road05-Aug-14No Take
14-33482BREWSTER0 John Myrick Circle08-Aug-14No Take
14-33317BROOKFIELDMill Street31-Jul-14No Take
06-20297CARLISLECurve St. & Westford St. (Rt. 225); 40 Gormley Way (Lot 14); 60 Gormley Way (Lot 15); 67 Hanover Rd; 97 Hanover Rd (Lot 17A)19-Aug-14No Take
14-33435CHATHAM18703 North Beach29-Jul-14Conditional - No take
14-33454CHILMARK3 Clam Point Cove Road01-Aug-14No Take
12-31655CHILMARK74 North Road01-Aug-14No Take
14-32978CONCORD163 Lindsay Pond Road21-Jul-14No Take
14-33427DARTMOUTH(Lot 1) 860 Potomska Road18-Jul-14No Take
14-32913DENNIS20 Bay View Ave/ 49 Oliver Drive19-Aug-14Conditional - No take
11-29884DENNISCorporation Beach, Corporation Road25-Jul-14Conditional - No take
14-33485DENNIS16 Doctor Bottero Road07-Aug-14Conditional - No take
10-28011DENNISDennis - Yarmouth25-Jul-14Conditional - No take
14-33490DENNIS11 Surrey Lane19-Aug-14No Take
09-26379DRACUT450 Nashua Road21-Jul-14No Take
14-33443EASTHAM35 Duck Marsh Lane25-Jul-14No Take
14-33483EASTHAM1200 Herring Brook Road14-Aug-14No Take
14-33523EASTHAM470 Herring Brook Rd22-Aug-14No Take
09-26340EASTHAM2800 State Highway08-Aug-14No Take
14-33515EASTHAM65 Swift Road18-Aug-14No Take
14-33526EASTHAM535 State Highway - Route 622-Aug-14No Take
14-33510EDGARTOWNBeetle Swamp Road18-Aug-14No Take
14-33524EDGARTOWN3 Willet Lane22-Aug-14No Take
14-33522EDGARTOWN18 Dark Woods Road22-Aug-14No Take
14-33519ESSEX130 Rocky Hill Road12-Aug-14No Take
14-33423FAIRHAVEN2 New Boston Road18-Jul-14No Take
08-23886FALMOUTHLittle Pond, Great Pond, Green Pond, Bournes Pond, Eel Pond, and Waquoit Bay Watersheds24-Jul-14Conditional - No take
14-33193FALMOUTH650 Gifford Street14-Aug-14Conditional - No take
14-33517FALMOUTH146 Saconesset Road18-Aug-14No Take
12-31264GRAFTONoff Appaloosa Drive13-Aug-14No Take
12-31353GROTONNate Nutting Road, Sandy Pond Road, Lowell Road, Cow Pond Brook Road24-Jul-14Conditional - No take
14-33442HADLEY31 & 33 Honey Pot Road19-Aug-14No Take
14-33460HAMILTON650 Asbury Street31-Jul-14No Take
14-33447HARWICHCorner of Bay View Rd and Davis Ln30-Jul-14Conditional - No take
14-33455HARWICH8 Cranberry Hollow Road30-Jul-14No Take
14-33457HARWICH283 Bells Neck Road31-Jul-14No Take
07-21525HAVERHILLUpper County/Joseph C. Comeau Bridge and the Basiliere Bridge19-Aug-14No Take
14-33521HAVERHILL399 East Broadway19-Aug-14No Take
13-32472HOLBROOK6 Kathleen Drive18-Jul-14No Take
14-33506HOLLISTON242 Lowland Street12-Aug-14No Take
14-33336IPSWICH82 Labor-in-vain Road12-Aug-14No Take
14-33461LAWRENCEFerrous Park, off Island Street22-Aug-14No Take
14-33465MARSHFIELDDamons Point Road08-Aug-14No Take
14-33488MARSHFIELD51 North River Drive08-Aug-14No Take
14-33415MARSHFIELD480 Ferry Street05-Aug-14No Take
14-33530MATTAPOISETTBrandt Island Road22-Aug-14No Take
08-25387MIDDLEBOROUGH7 Aronson Way22-Aug-14No Take
14-33418MIDDLEBOROUGHFuller Street, Chestnut Street25-Aug-14No Take
14-33489MIDDLEBOROUGH283 Cherry Street07-Aug-14No Take
05-18364MONSONNorth of Carpenter Road19-Aug-14No Take
14-33448NANTUCKET3 Massasoit Bridge Road28-Jul-14Conditional - No take
09-26700NANTUCKET300 Polpis Road/8 Wauwinet Road01-Aug-14No Take
14-33449NANTUCKET73 Eel Point Road25-Jul-14No Take
14-33507NANTUCKET79 Eel Point Road18-Aug-14No Take
14-33509NATICK30 Arcadia Road12-Aug-14No Take
14-33501NEWBURYPORT21 Shore Street18-Aug-14No Take
13-32223NEWTON135 Wells Ave12-Aug-14No Take
14-33545NORWELLTorrey Pond, off Mill Lane22-Aug-14No Take
14-33513PALMER239 Boston Road12-Aug-14No Take
14-33464PEMBROKE206 Washington Street01-Aug-14No Take
13-32766PLYMOUTH421 Ryder Way22-Aug-14Conditional - No take
06-21225PLYMOUTH149 Bettencourt Road01-Aug-14No Take
14-33492PROVINCETOWN10 Meadow Road15-Aug-14No Take
14-33175REHOBOTHReynolds Avenue19-Aug-14Conditional - No take
14-33508ROCHESTER356 Snows Pond Road18-Aug-14No Take
13-32334SANDWICH1, 3 & 5 Bay Beach Lane19-Aug-14Conditional - No take
14-33487SANDWICH99 Salt Marsh Road08-Aug-14No Take
14-33465SCITUATEDamons Point Road08-Aug-14No Take
14-33546SHIRLEY14 & 16 Morse Circle25-Aug-14No Take
11-30031STOCKBRIDGEInterlaken Cross Rd/ Penny Royal Lane30-Jul-14No Take
14-33430STOCKBRIDGE28 Beachwood Drive22-Jul-14No Take
14-33529TISBURY34 West Sound Lane22-Aug-14No Take
14-32995TOWNSEND52 Fitchburg Road (Route 13)05-Aug-14No Take
14-33417TRURO4 Francis Road18-Jul-14No Take
14-33470TYNGSBOROUGH21 Red Gate Road31-Jul-14No Take
09-26634WELLFLEET715 Old Kings Highway01-Aug-14No Take
14-33102WELLFLEET90 Eastwind Circle18-Jul-14No Take
14-33548WEST BRIDGEWATERLot B, 122 Lincoln Street25-Aug-14No Take
14-33479WEST TISBURY9 School House Lane08-Aug-14No Take
14-33456WEST TISBURY16 Red Coat Hill Road01-Aug-14No Take
14-33481WEST TISBURY511 Old County Road08-Aug-14No Take
14-33484WEST TISBURY15 Pond Road08-Aug-14No Take
14-33214WESTFORD426 Littleton Road13-Aug-14No Take
14-33496WESTFORD46 Groton Road15-Aug-14No Take
14-33518WESTHAMPTON314 Northwest Road19-Aug-14No Take
14-33227WHATELYMasterson Road, Dickinson Hill Road, Haydenville Road21-Aug-14No Take
14-33429WRENTHAM410 & 420 Eastside Road18-Jul-14No Take
10-28011YARMOUTHDennis - Yarmouth25-Jul-14Conditional - No take


Definitions of Determination

No Take: The NHESP has determined that the project, as proposed, will not result in a prohibited "take" of state-listed rare species.

Conditional - No Take: The NHESP has determined that the project, as proposed, must be conditioned as outlined in the NHESP determination letter in order to avoid a "take" of state-listed rare species.

Take: The NHESP has determined that the project, as proposed, will result in a "take". The project must be revised to avoid a "take" or the applicant may apply for a Conservation and Management Permit.


Conservation & Management Permit Decisions
Project NameTown(s)Date of DecisionDetermination
Solar Electric Generation FacilityBourne3-Jul-14Permit Issued
Sachem's Path Affordable Housing ProjectNantucket9-Jul-14Permit Issued
Tall Timbers EstatesKingston9-Jul-14Permit Issued
Pilot Study of In-situ Solidification and Stabilization (ISS) of Non-aqueous Phase Liquid (NAPL) Tar in Underwater SedimentSpringfield9-Jul-14Permit Amended
Off Road Vehicle Escorting Past Piping Plover ChicksOrleans16-Jul-14Permit Issued
Maple Park ReserveMethuen28-Jul-14Permit Issued
Hopper Rd Bridge ReplacementWilliamstown28-Jul-14Permit Issued
Woburn Country ClubWoburn14-Aug-14Permit Issued


Adjudicatory Proceedings

No recent decisions.