This is the official list of Endangered, Threatened, and Special Concern species as defined in Section 10.60 of Chapter 321 of the Code of Massachusetts Regulations.  The MESA List is prepared under the authority of the Massachusetts Endangered Species Act (MESA).  Under this act (MGL c. 131A and its implementing regulations (321 CMR 10.00)), MESA-listed species are protected from "take".  Please see the Regulatory Review pages for additional information on MESA.

To access a species fact sheet click on the "Common Name". Please note that some species do not have a fact sheet available at this time.  For the most up to date distribution maps please use the Species Viewer and sort by the species common or scientific name.


Taxonomic GroupCommon NameScientific NameMA StatusFed StatusNotes
FishAmerican Brook Lamprey pdf format of    American Brook Lamprey  Lampetra appendixT  
FishShortnose Sturgeon pdf format of    Shortnose Sturgeon  Acipenser brevirostrumEE 
FishAtlantic Sturgeon pdf format of    Atlantic Sturgeon  Acipenser oxyrinchusET 
FishLake Chub pdf format of    Lake Chub   Couesius plumbeusE  
FishEastern Silvery Minnow pdf format of    Eastern Silvery Minnow   Hybognathus regiusSC  
FishBridle Shiner pdf format of    Bridle Shiner   Notropis bifrenatusSC  
FishNorthern Redbelly Dace pdf format of    Northern Redbelly Dace   Phoxinus eosE  
FishLongnose Sucker pdf format of    Longnose Sucker   Catostomus catostomusSC  
FishBurbot pdf format of    Burbot   Lota lotaSC  
FishThreespine Stickleback pdf format of    Threespine Stickleback   Gasterosteus aculeatusT 1
AmphibiansJefferson Salamander pdf format of    Jefferson Salamander   Ambystoma jeffersonianumSC 2
AmphibiansBlue-spotted Salamander pdf format of    Blue-spotted Salamander   Ambystoma lateraleSC 2
AmphibiansMarbled Salamander pdf format of    Marbled Salamander   Ambystoma opacumT  
AmphibiansEastern Spadefoot pdf format of    Eastern Spadefoot   Scaphiopus holbrookiiT  
ReptilesLoggerhead SeaturtleCaretta carettaTT 
ReptilesGreen SeaturtleChelonia mydasTT 
ReptilesHawksbill SeaturtleEretmochelys imbricataEE 
ReptilesKemp's Ridley SeaturtleLepidochelys kempiiEE 
ReptilesLeatherback SeaturtleDermochelys coriaceaEE 
ReptilesWood Turtle pdf format of    Wood Turtle   Glyptemys insculptaSC  
ReptilesBog Turtle pdf format of    Bog Turtle   Glyptemys muhlenbergiiET 
ReptilesBlanding's Turtle pdf format of    Blanding's Turtle   Emydoidea blandingiiT  
ReptilesDiamond-backed Terrapin pdf format of    Diamond-backed Terrapin   Malaclemys terrapinT  
ReptilesNorthern Red-bellied Cooter pdf format of    Northern Red-bellied Cooter   Pseudemys rubriventrisEE4
ReptilesEastern Box Turtle pdf format of    Eastern Box Turtle   Terrapene carolinaSC  
ReptilesEastern Wormsnake pdf format of    Eastern Wormsnake   Carphophis amoenusT  
ReptilesEastern Ratsnake pdf format of    Eastern Ratsnake   Pantherophis alleghaniensisE  
ReptilesCopperhead pdf format of    Copperhead   Agkistrodon contortrixE  
ReptilesTimber Rattlesnake pdf format of    Timber Rattlesnake   Crotalus horridusE  
BirdsCommon Loon pdf format of    Common Loon   Gavia immerSC  
BirdsPied-billed Grebe pdf format of    Pied-billed Grebe   Podilymbus podicepsE  
BirdsLeach's Storm-petrel pdf format of    Leach's Storm-petrel   Oceanodroma leucorhoaE  
BirdsAmerican Bittern pdf format of    American Bittern   Botaurus lentiginosusE  
BirdsLeast Bittern pdf format of    Least Bittern   Ixobrychus exilisE  
BirdsBald Eagle pdf format of    Bald Eagle   Haliaeetus leucocephalusT  
BirdsNorthern Harrier pdf format of    Northern Harrier   Circus cyaneusT  
BirdsSharp-shinned Hawk pdf format of    Sharp-shinned Hawk   Accipiter striatusSC  
BirdsPeregrine Falcon pdf format of    Peregrine Falcon   Falco peregrinusE  
BirdsKing Rail pdf format of    King Rail   Rallus elegansT  
BirdsCommon Moorhen pdf format of    Common Moorhen   Gallinula chloropusSC  
BirdsPiping Plover pdf format of    Piping Plover   Charadrius melodusTT 
BirdsUpland Sandpiper pdf format of    Upland Sandpiper   Bartramia longicaudaE  
BirdsRoseate Tern pdf format of    Roseate Tern   Sterna dougalliiEE 
BirdsCommon Tern pdf format of    Common Tern   Sterna hirundoSC  
BirdsArctic Tern pdf format of    Arctic Tern   Sterna paradisaeaSC  
BirdsLeast Tern pdf format of    Least Tern   Sternula antillarumSC  
BirdsBarn Owl pdf format of    Barn Owl   Tyto albaSC  
Birds Long-eared Owl pdf format of    Long-eared Owl   Asio otusSC  
BirdsShort-eared Owl pdf format of    Short-eared Owl   Asio flammeusE  
BirdsSedge Wren pdf format of    Sedge Wren   Cistothorus platensisE  
BirdsGolden-winged Warbler pdf format of    Golden-winged Warbler   Vermivora chrysopteraE  
BirdsNorthern Parula pdf format of    Northern Parula   Parula americanaT  
BirdsBlackpoll Warbler pdf format of    Blackpoll Warbler   Dendroica striataSC  
BirdsMourning Warbler pdf format of    Mourning Warbler   Oporornis philadelphiaSC  
BirdsVesper Sparrow pdf format of    Vesper Sparrow   Pooecetes gramineusT  
BirdsGrasshopper Sparrow pdf format of    Grasshopper Sparrow   Ammodramus savannarumT  
BirdsHenslow's Sparrow pdf format of    Henslow's Sparrow   Ammodramus henslowiiE  
BirdsEastern Whip-poor-will pdf format of    Eastern Whip-poor-will   Caprimulgus vociferusSC  
MammalsWater Shrew pdf format of    Water Shrew  Sorex palustrisSC  
MammalsRock Shrew pdf format of    Rock Shrew  Sorex disparSC  
MammalsIndiana Myotis pdf format of    Indiana Myotis  Myotis sodalisE 
MammalsSmall-Footed Myotis pdf format of    Small-footed Bat  Myotis leibiiE  
MammalsLittle Brown Myotis pdf format of    Little Brown Myotis  Myotis lucifugusE  
MammalsTricolored Bat pdf format of    Tricolored Bat  Perimyotis subflavusE  
MammalsNorthern Long-eared Bat pdf format of    Northern Long-eared Bat  Myotis septentrionalisE  
MammalsSouthern Bog Lemming pdf format of    Southern Bog Lemming  Synaptomys cooperiSC  
MammalsSperm WhalePhyseter macrocephalusE 
MammalsFin WhaleBalaenoptera physalusEE 
MammalsSei WhaleBalaenoptera borealisEE 
MammalsBlue WhaleBalaenoptera musculusEE 
MammalsHumpback Whale pdf format of    Humpback Whale  Megaptera novaeangliaeEE 
MammalsNorthern Right WhaleEubalaena glacialisEE 


Taxonomic GroupCommon NameScientific NameMA StatusFed StatusNotes
SpongesSmooth Branched Sponge pdf format of    Smooth Branched Sponge   Spongilla aspinosaSC  
FlatwormsSunderland Spring Planarian pdf format of    Sunderland Spring Planarian   Polycelis remotaE  
Segmented WormsNew England Medicinal Leech pdf format of    New England Medicinal Leech   Macrobdella sestertiaSC  
SnailsNew England Siltsnail pdf format of    New England Siltsnail   Floridobia winkleyiSC  
SnailsWalker's Limpet pdf format of    Walker's Limpet   Ferrissia walkeriSC  
SnailsCoastal Marsh Snail pdf format of    Coastal Marsh Snail   Littoridinops tenuipesSC  
SnailsSlender Walker pdf format of    Slender Walker   Pomatiopsis lapidariaE  
SnailsBoreal Marstonia pdf format of    Boreal Marstonia   Marstonia lustricaE  
SnailsBoreal Turret Snail pdf format of    Boreal Turret Snail   Valvata sinceraE  
MusselsDwarf Wedgemussel pdf format of    Dwarf Wedgemussel  Alasmidonta heterodonE 
MusselsBrook Floater (Swollen Wedgemussel) pdf format of    Brook Floater  Alasmidonta varicosaE  
MusselsYellow Lampmussel pdf format of    Yellow Lampmussel  Lampsilis cariosaE  
MusselsTidewater Mucket pdf format of    Tidewater Mucket  Leptodea ochraceaSC  
MusselsEastern Pondmussel pdf format of    Eastern Pondmussel  Ligumia nasutaSC  
MusselsCreeper pdf format of    Creeper  Strophitus undulatusSC  
CrustaceansIntricate Fairy Shrimp pdf format of    Intricate Fairy Shrimp  Eubranchipus intricatusSC  
CrustaceansAgassiz's Clam Shrimp pdf format of    Agassiz's Clam Shrimp  Eulimnadia agassiziiE  
CrustaceansNorthern Spring Amphipod pdf format of    Northern Spring Amphipod  Gammarus pseudolimnaeusSC  
CrustaceansAmerican Clam Shrimp pdf format of    American Clam Shrimp  Limnadia lenticularisSC  
CrustaceansTaconic Cave Amphipod pdf format of    Taconic Cave Amphipod  Stygobromus borealisE  
CrustaceansPiedmont Groundwater Amphipod pdf format of    Piedmont Groundwater Amphipod  Stygobromus tenuis tenuisSC  
CrustaceansCoastal Swamp Amphipod pdf format of    Coastal Swamp Amphipod  Synurella chamberlainiSC  
DragonfliesSubarctic Darner pdf format of    Subarctic Darner  Aeshna subarcticaE  
DragonfliesComet Darner pdf format of    Comet Darner  Anax longipesSC  
DragonfliesOcellated Darner pdf format of    Ocellated Darner  Boyeria grafianaSC  
DragonfliesSpine-Crowned Clubtail pdf format of    Spine-Crowned Clubtail  Gomphus abbreviatusSC  
DragonfliesHarpoon Clubtail pdf format of    Harpoon Clubtail  Gomphus descriptusE  
DragonfliesMidland Clubtail pdf format of    Midland Clubtail  Gomphus fraternusE  
DragonfliesRapids Clubtail pdf format of    Rapids Clubtail  Gomphus quadricolorE  
DragonfliesCobra Clubtail pdf format of    Cobra Clubtail  Gomphus vastusSC  
DragonfliesSkillet Clubtail pdf format of    Skillet Clubtail  Gomphus ventricosusT  
DragonfliesUmber Shadowdragon pdf format of    Umber Shadowdragon  Neurocordulia obsoletaSC  
DragonfliesStygian Shadowdragon pdf format of    Stygian Shadowdragon  Neurocordulia yamaskanensisSC  
DragonfliesBrook Snaketail pdf format of    Brook Snaketail  Ophiogomphus aspersusSC   
DragonfliesRiffle Snaketail pdf format of    Riffle Snaketail  Ophiogomphus carolusT  
DragonfliesSpatterdock Darner pdf format of    Spatterdock Darner  Rhionaeschnsaa mutataSC  
DragonfliesSki-tipped Emerald pdf format of    Ski-tipped Emerald Dragonfly  Somatochlora elongataSC  
DragonfliesForcipate Emerald pdf format of    Forcipate Emerald  Somatochlora forcipataE  
DragonfliesCoppery Emerald pdf format of    Coppery Emerald  Somatochlora georgianaE  
DragonfliesIncurvate Emerald pdf format of    Incurvate Emerald  Somatochlora incurvataE  
DragonfliesKennedy's Emerald pdf format of    Kennedy's Emerald  Somatochlora kennedyiE  
DragonfliesMocha Emerald pdf format of    Mocha Emerald  Somatochlora linearisSC  
DragonfliesRiverine Clubtail pdf format of    Riverine Clubtail  Stylurus amnicolaE  
DragonfliesEbony Boghaunter pdf format of    Ebony Boghaunter  Williamsonia fletcheriE  
DragonfliesRinged Boghaunter pdf format of    Ringed Boghaunter  Williamsonia lintneriT  
DamselfliesTule Bluet pdf format of    Tule Bluet  Enallagma carunculatumSC  
DamselfliesAttenuated Bluet pdf format of    Attenuated Bluet  Enallagma daeckiiT  
DamselfliesScarlet Bluet pdf format of    Scarlet Bluet  Enallagma pictumT  
DamselfliesPine Barrens Bluet pdf format of    Pine Barrens Bluet  Enallagma recurvatumT  
BeetlesTwelve-Spotted Tiger Beetle pdf format of    Twelve-spotted Tiger Beetle  Cicindela duodecimguttataSC  
BeetlesHentz's Redbelly Tiger Beetle pdf format of    Hentz's Redbelly Tiger Beetle  Cicindela rufiventris hentziiT  
BeetlesNortheastern Beach Tiger Beetle pdf format of    Northeastern Beach Tiger Beetle  Cicindela dorsalis dorsalisE 
BeetlesBank Tiger Beetle pdf format of    Bank Tiger Beetle  Cicindela limbalisSC  
BeetlesCobblestone Tiger Beetle pdf format of    Cobblestone Tiger Beetle  Cicindela marginipennisE  
BeetlesBarrens Tiger Beetle pdf format of    Barrens Tiger Beetle  Cicindela patruelaE  
BeetlesPuritan Tiger Beetle pdf format of    Puritan Tiger Beetle  Cicindela puritanaE 
BeetlesPurple Tiger Beetle pdf format of    Purple Tiger Beetle  Cicindela purpureaSC  
BeetlesAmerican Burying Beetle pdf format of    American Burying Beetle  Nicrophorus americanusE 
Butterflies and MothsCoastal Heathland Cutworm pdf format of    Coastal Heathland Cutworm  Abagrotis nefasciaSC  
Butterflies and MothsBarrens Daggermoth pdf format of    Barrens Dagger Moth  Acronicta albarufaT  
Butterflies and MothsDrunk Apamea Moth pdf format of    Drunk Apamea Moth  Apamea inebriataSC  
Butterflies and MothsNew Jersey Tea Inchworm pdf format of    New Jersey Tea Inchworm  Apodrepanulatrix liberariaE  
Butterflies and MothsHessel's Hairstreak pdf format of    Hessel's Hairstreak  Callophrys hesseliSC  
Butterflies and MothsFrosted Elfin pdf format of    Frosted Elfin  Callophrys irusSC  
Butterflies and MothsBog Elfin pdf format of    Bog Elfin  Callophrys lanoraieensisT  
Butterflies and MothsGerhard's Underwing pdf format of    Gerhard's Underwing  Catocala herodias gerhardiSC  
Butterflies and MothsPrecious Underwing Moth pdf format of    Precious Underwing Moth  Catocala pretiosa pretiosaE  
Butterflies and MothsWaxed Sallow Moth pdf format of    Waxed Sallow Moth  Chaetaglaea cerataSC  
Butterflies and MothsMelsheimer's Sack Bearer pdf format of    Malsheimer's Sack Bearer  Cicinnus melsheimeriT  
Butterflies and MothsChain Dot Geometer pdf format of    Chain Dot Geometer  Cingilia catenariaSC  
Butterflies and MothsUnexpected Cycnia pdf format of    Unexpected Cycnia  Cycnia inopinatusT  
Butterflies and MothsThe Pink Streak pdf format of    The Pink Streak  Dargida rubripennisT  
Butterflies and MothsThree-Lined Angle Moth pdf format of    Three-lined Angle Moth  Digrammia eremiataT  
Butterflies and MothsImperial Moth pdf format of    Imperial Moth  Eacles imperialisT  
Butterflies and MothsEarly Hairstreak pdf format of    Early Hairstreak  Erora laeta  
Butterflies and MothsPersius Duskywing pdf format of    Persius Duskywing  Erynnis persius persiusE  
Butterflies and MothsSandplain Euchlaena pdf format of    Sandplain Euchlaena  Euchlaena madusariaSC  
Butterflies and MothsDion Skipper pdf format of    Dion Skipper  Euphyes dionT  
Butterflies and MothsPhyllira Tiger Moth pdf format of    Phyllira Tiger Moth  Grammia phylliraE  
Butterflies and MothsSlender Clearwing Sphinx Moth pdf format of    Slender Clearwing Sphinx Moth  Hemaris gracilisSC  
Butterflies and MothsBarrens Buckmoth pdf format of    Barrens Buckmoth  Hemileuca maiaSC  
Butterflies and MothsSandplain Heterocampa pdf format of    Sandplain Heterocampa  Heterocampa variaT  
Butterflies and MothsBuchholz's Gray pdf format of    Buchholz's Gray  Hypomecis buchholzariaE  
Butterflies and MothsPale Green Pinion Moth pdf format of    Pale Green Pinion Moth  Lithophane viridipallensSC  
Butterflies and MothsTwilight Moth pdf format of    Twilight Moth  Lycia rachelaeE  
Butterflies and MothsPine Barrens Lycia pdf format of    Pine Barrens Lycia  Lycia ypsilonT  
Butterflies and MothsBarrens Metarranthis pdf format of    Barrens Metarranthis  Metarranthis apiciariaE  
Butterflies and MothsCoastal Swamp Metarranthis pdf format of    Coastal Swamp Metarranthis  Metarranthis pilosariaSC  
Butterflies and MothsNorthern Brocade Moth pdf format of    Northern Brocade Moth  Neoligia semicanaSC  
Butterflies and MothsPitcher Plant Borer pdf format of    Pitcher Plant Borer  Papaipema appassionataT  
Butterflies and MothsOstrich Fern Borer pdf format of    Ostrich Fern Borer  Papaipema sp. 2SC  5
Butterflies and MothsChain Fern Borer pdf format of    Chain Fern Borer  Papaipema stenocelisT  
Butterflies and MothsWater-willow Stem Borer pdf format of    Water-willow Stem Borer  Papaipema sulphurataT  
Butterflies and MothsSpartina Borer pdf format of    Spartina Borer  Photedes inopsSC  
Butterflies and MothsMustard White pdf format of    Mustard White   Pieris oleraceaT  
Butterflies and MothsPink Sallow Moth pdf format of    Pink Sallow Moth  Psectraglaea carnosaSC  
Butterflies and MothsSouthern Ptichodis pdf format of    Southern Ptichodis  Ptichodis bistrigataT  
Butterflies and MothsOrange Sallow Moth pdf format of    Orange Sallow Moth  Pyrrhia aurantiagoSC  
Butterflies and MothsOak Hairstreak pdf format of    Oak Hairstreak  Satyrium favoniusSC  
Butterflies and MothsPine Barrens Speranza pdf format of    Pine Barrens Speranza  Speranza exonerataSC  
Butterflies and MothsFaded Gray Geometer pdf format of    Faded Gray Geometer  Stenoporpia polygrammariaT  
Butterflies and MothsDune Noctuid Moth pdf format of    Dune Noctuid Moth  Sympistis ripariaSC  
Butterflies and MothsPine Barrens Zale pdf format of    Pine Barrens Zale  Zale luniferaSC  6
Butterflies and MothsPine Barrens Zanclognatha pdf format of    Pine Barrens Zanclognatha  Zanclognatha marthaT  


Taxonomic GroupCommon NameScientific NameMA StatusFed StatusNotes
Adiantaceae (Cliff Ferns)Fragile Rock-brake pdf format of    Fragile Rock-brake   Cryptogramma stelleriE  
Alismataceae (Arrowheads)Wapato pdf format of    Wapato   Sagittaria cuneataT  
Alismataceae (Arrowheads)Estuary Arrowhead pdf format of    Estuary Arrowhead   Sagittaria montevidensis ssp. spongiosaE  
Alismataceae (Arrowheads)Terete Arrowhead pdf format of    Terete Arrowhead   Sagittaria teresSC  
Apiaceae (Parsleys, Angelicas)Hemlock Parsley pdf format of    Hemlock Parsley   Conioselinum chinenseSC  
Apiaceae (Parsleys, Angelicas)Saltpond Pennywort pdf format of    Saltpond Pennywort  Hydrocotyle verticillataT  
Apiaceae (Parsleys, Angelicas)Canadian Sanicle pdf format of    Canadian Sanicle  Sanicula canadensisT  
Apiaceae (Parsleys, Angelicas)Long-Styled Sanicle pdf format of    Long-styled Sanicle  Sanicula odorataT  
Aquifoliaceae (Hollies)Mountain Winterberry pdf format of    Mountain Winterberry  Ilex montanaE  
Araceae (Arums)Green Dragon pdf format of    Green Dragon  Arisaema dracontiumT  
Araceae (Arums)Golden Club pdf format of    Golden Club  Orontium aquaticumE  
Araliaceae (Ginsengs)Ginseng pdf format of    Ginseng  Panax quinquefoliusSC  
Asclepiadaceae (Milkweeds)Purple Milkweed pdf format of    Purple Milkweed  Asclepias purpurascensE  
Asclepiadaceae (Milkweeds)Linear-Leaved Milkweed pdf format of    Linear-leaved Milkweed  Asclepias verticillataT  
Aspleniaceae (Spleenworts)Mountain Spleenwort pdf format of    Mountain Spleenwort  Asplenium montanumE  
Aspleniaceae (Spleenworts)Wall-Rue Spleenwort pdf format of    Wall-rue Spleenwort  Asplenium ruta-murariaT  
Asteraceae (Asters, Composites)Lesser Snakeroot pdf format of    Lesser Snakeroot  Ageratina aromaticaE  
Asteraceae (Asters, Composites)Eaton's Beggar-ticks pdf format of    Eaton's Beggar-ticks  Bidens eatoniiE  
Asteraceae (Asters, Composites)Estuary Beggar-ticks pdf format of    Estuary Beggar-ticks  Bidens hyperboreaE  
Asteraceae (Asters, Composites)Cornel-leaved Aster pdf format of    Cornel-leaved Aster  Doellingeria infirmaE  
Asteraceae (Asters, Composites)New England Boneset pdf format of    New England Boneset  Eupatorium novae-angliaeE  
Asteraceae (Asters, Composites)Purple Cudweed pdf format of    Purple Cudweed  Gamochaeta purpureaE  
Asteraceae (Asters, Composites)New England Blazing Star pdf format of    New England Blazing Star  Liatris scariosa var. novae-angliaeSC  
Asteraceae (Asters, Composites)Lion's Foot pdf format of    Lion's Foot  Nabalus serpentariusE  
Asteraceae (Asters, Composites)Upland White Aster pdf format of    Upland White Aster  Oligoneuron albumE  
Asteraceae (Asters, Composites)Sweet Coltsfoot pdf format of    Sweet Coltsfoot  Petasites frigidus var. palmatusE  
Asteraceae (Asters, Composites)Sclerolepis pdf format of    Sclerolepis  Sclerolepis unifloraE  
Asteraceae (Asters, Composites)Large-leaved Goldenrod pdf format of    Large-leaved Goldenrod  Solidago macrophyllaT  
Asteraceae (Asters, Composites)Rand's Goldenrod pdf format of    Rand's Goldenrod  Solidago simplex ssp. randii var. monticolaE  
Asteraceae (Asters, Composites)Eastern Silvery Aster pdf format of    Eastern Silvery Aster  Symphyotrichum concolorE  
Asteraceae (Asters, Composites)Crooked-Stem Aster pdf format of    Crooked-stem Aster  Symphyotrichum prenanthoidesSC  
Asteraceae (Asters, Composites)Tradescant's Aster pdf format of    Tradescant's Aster  Symphyotrichum tradescantiiT  
Betulaceae (Birches, Alders)Mountain Alder pdf format of    Mountain Alder  Alnus viridis ssp. crispaT  
Betulaceae (Birches, Alders)Swamp Birch pdf format of    Swamp Birch  Betula pumilaE  
Boraginaceae (Borages)Northern Wild Comfrey pdf format of    Northern Wild Comfrey  Cynoglossum virginianum var. borealeE  
Boraginaceae (Borages)Oysterleaf pdf format of    Oysterleaf  Mertensia maritimaE  
Brassicaceae (Mustards)Lyre-Leaved Rock-cress pdf format of    Lyre-leaved Rock-cress  Arabidopsis lyrataE  
Brassicaceae (Mustards)Smooth Rock-cress pdf format of    Smooth Rock-cress  Boechera laevigataSC  
Brassicaceae (Mustards)Green Rock-cress pdf format of    Green Rock-cress  Boechera missouriensisT  
Brassicaceae (Mustards)Fen Cuckoo Flower pdf format of    Fen Cuckoo Flower  Cardamine dentataT  
Brassicaceae (Mustards)Purple Cress pdf format of    Purple Cress  Cardamine douglassiiE  
Brassicaceae (Mustards)Long's Bitter-cress pdf format of    Long's Bitter-cress  Cardamine longiiE  
Cactaceae (Cacti)Prickly Pear pdf format of    Prickly Pear  Opuntia humifusaE  
Campanulaceae (Bluebells, Lobelias)Great Blue Lobelia pdf format of    Great Blue Lobelia  Lobelia siphiliticaE  
Caprifoliaceae (Honeysuckles)Hairy Honeysuckle pdf format of    Hairy Honeysuckle  Lonicera hirsutaE  
Caprifoliaceae (Honeysuckles)Snowberry pdf format of    Snowberry  Symphoricarpos albus var. albusE  
Caprifoliaceae (Honeysuckles)Broad Tinker's-weed pdf format of    triosteum_perfoliatum  Triosteum perfoliatumE  
Caprifoliaceae (Honeysuckles)Downy Arrow-wood pdf format of    Downy Arrow-wood  Viburnum rafinesquianumE  
Caryophyllaceae (Pinks, Sandworts)Nodding Chickweed pdf format of    Nodding Chickweed  Cerastium nutansE  
Caryophyllaceae (Pinks, Sandworts)Michaux's Sandwort pdf format of    Michaux's Sandwort  Minuartia michauxiiT  
Caryophyllaceae (Pinks, Sandworts)Large-leaved Sandwort pdf format of    Large-leaved Sandwort  Moehringia macrophyllaE  
Caryophyllaceae (Pinks, Sandworts)Silverling pdf format of    Silverling  Paronychia argyrocomaE  
Celastraceae (Staff Tree Family)American Bittersweet pdf format of    American Bittersweet  Celastrus scandensT  
Chenopodiaceae (Saltworts)Fogg's Goosefoot pdf format of    Fogg's Goosefoot  Chenopodium foggiiE  
Chenopodiaceae (Saltworts)American Sea-blite pdf format of    American Sea-blite  Suaeda calceoliformisSC  
Cistaceae (Rockroses, Pinweeds)Bushy Rockrose pdf format of    Bushy Rockrose  Crocanthemum dumosumSC  
Cistaceae (Rockroses, Pinweeds)Beaded Pinweed pdf format of    Bead Pinweed  Lechea pulchella var. moniliformisE  
Clusiaceae (St. John's-worts)Creeping St. John's-wort pdf format of    Creeping St. John's-wort  Hypericum adpressumT  
Clusiaceae (St. John's-worts)Giant St. John's-wort pdf format of    Giant St. John's-wort  Hypericum ascyronE  
Clusiaceae (St. John's-worts)St. Andrew's Cross pdf format of    St. Andrew's Cross  Hypericum stragulumE  
Convolvulaceae (Morning Glories)Low Bindweed pdf format of    Low Bindweed  Calystegia spithamaeaE  
Crassulaceae (Sedums)Pygmyweed pdf format of    Pygmyweed  Crassula aquaticaT  
Cupressaceae (Cedars, Junipers)Arborvitae pdf format of    Arborvitea  Thuja occidentalisE  
Cyperaceae (Sedges)Foxtail Sedge pdf format of    Foxtail Sedge  Carex alopecoidea T  
Cyperaceae (Sedges)Back's Sedge pdf format of    Back's Sedge  Carex backiiE  
Cyperaceae (Sedges)Bailey's Sedge pdf format of    Bailey's Sedge  Carex baileyiT  
Cyperaceae (Sedges)Bush's Sedge pdf format of    Bush's Sedge  Carex bushiiE  
Cyperaceae (Sedges)Chestnut-colored Sedge pdf format of    Chestnut-colored Sedge  Carex castaneaE  
Cyperaceae (Sedges)Creeping Sedge pdf format of    Creeping Sedge  Carex chordorrhizaE  
Cyperaceae (Sedges)Davis' Sedge pdf format of    Davis' Sedge  Carex davisii  
Cyperaceae (Sedges)Handsome Sedge pdf format of    Handsome Sedge  Carex formosaT  
Cyperaceae (Sedges)Glaucescent Sedge pdf format of    Glaucescent Sedge   Carex glaucodeaE  
Cyperaceae (Sedges)Slender Woodland Sedge pdf format of    Slender Woodland Sedge  Carex gracilescensE  
Cyperaceae (Sedges)Gray's Sedge pdf format of    Gray's Sedge  Carex grayiT  
Cyperaceae (Sedges)Hitchcock's Sedge pdf format of    Hitchcock's Sedge  Carex hitchcockianaSC  
Cyperaceae (Sedges)Shore Sedge pdf format of    Shore Sedge  Carex lenticularisT  
Cyperaceae (Sedges)Glaucous Sedge pdf format of    Glaucous Sedge  Carex lividaE  
Cyperaceae (Sedges)False Hop-sedge pdf format of    False Hop Sedge  Carex lupuliformisE  
Cyperaceae (Sedges)Midland Sedge pdf format of    Midland Sedge  Carex mesochoreaE  
Cyperaceae (Sedges)Michaux's Sedge pdf format of    Michaux's Sedge  Carex michauxianaE  
Cyperaceae (Sedges)Mitchell's Sedge pdf format of    Mitchell's Sedge  Carex mitchellianaT  
Cyperaceae (Sedges)Rich Woods Sedge pdf format of    Rich Woods Sedge  Carex oligocarpaT  
Cyperaceae (Sedges)Few-seeded Sedge pdf format of    Few-seeded Sedge  Carex oligospermaE  
Cyperaceae (Sedges)Few-flowered Sedge pdf format of    Few-flowered Sedge  Carex paucifloraE  
Cyperaceae (Sedges)Variable Sedge pdf format of    Variable Sedge  Carex polymorphaE  
Cyperaceae (Sedges)Schweinitz's Sedge pdf format of    Schweinitz's Sedge  Carex schweinitziiE  
Cyperaceae (Sedges)Dioecious Sedge pdf format of    Dioecious Sedge  Carex sterilisT  
Cyperaceae (Sedges)Walter's Sedge pdf format of    Walter's Sedge  Carex striataE  
Cyperaceae (Sedges)Fen Sedge pdf format of    Fen Sedge  Carex tetanicaSC  
Cyperaceae (Sedges)Hairy-fruited Sedge pdf format of    Hairy-fruited Sedge  Carex trichocarpaSC  
Cyperaceae (Sedges)Tuckerman's Sedge pdf format of    Tuckerman's Sedge  Carex tuckermanii E  
Cyperaceae (Sedges) Cat-tail Sedge pdf format of    Cat-Tail Sedge  Carex typhina T  
Cyperaceae (Sedges)Engelmann's Umbrella-sedge pdf format of    Engelmann's Umbrella-sedge  Cyperus engelmannii T  
 Cyperaceae (Sedges)Houghton's Flatsedge pdf format of    Houghton's Flatsedge  Cyperus houghtonii E  
Cyperaceae (Sedges)Wright's Spike-rush pdf format of    Wright's Spike-rush  Eleocharis diandraE  
Cyperaceae (Sedges)Intermediate Spike-sedge pdf format of    Intermediate Spike-sedge  Eleocharis intermediaT  
Cyperaceae (Sedges)Tiny-fruited Spike-rush or Spike-sedge pdf format of    Tiny-fruited Spike-sedge  Eleocharis microcarpa var. filiculmisE  
Cyperaceae (Sedges)Ovate Spike-rush or Spike-sedge pdf format of    Ovate Spike-sedge  Eleocharis ovataE  
Cyperaceae (Sedges)Few-flowered Spike-sedge pdf format of    Few-flowered Spike-sedge  Eleocharis quinquefloraE  
Cyperaceae (Sedges)Three-angled Spike-sedge pdf format of    Three-angled Spike-sedge  Eleocharis tricostataE  
Cyperaceae (Sedges)Slender Cottongrass pdf format of    Slender Cottongrass  Eriophorum gracileT  
Cyperaceae (Sedges)Dwarf Bulrush pdf format of    Dwarf Bulrush  Lipocarpha micranthaT  
Cyperaceae (Sedges)Capillary Beak-sedge pdf format of    Capillary Beak-sedge  Rhynchospora capillaceaE  
Cyperaceae (Sedges)Inundated Horned-sedge pdf format of    rhynchospora_inundata  Rhynchospora inundataT  
Cyperaceae (Sedges)Short-beaked Bald-sedge pdf format of    Short-beaked Bald-sedge  Rhynchospora nitensT  
Cyperaceae (Sedges)Long-beaked Bald-sedge pdf format of    Long-beaked Bald-sedge  Rhynchospora scirpoidesSC  
Cyperaceae (Sedges)Torrey's Beak-sedge pdf format of    Torrey's Beak-sedge  Rhynchospora torreyanaE  
Cyperaceae (Sedges)Northeastern Bulrush pdf format of    Northeastern Bulrush  Scirpus ancistrochaetusEE 
Cyperaceae (Sedges)Long's Bulrush pdf format of    Long's Bulrush  Scirpus longiiT  
Cyperaceae (Sedges)Papillose Nut-sedge pdf format of    Papillose Nut-sedge  Scleria paucifloraE 7
Cyperaceae (Sedges)Tall Nut-sedge pdf format of    Tall Nut-sedge  Scleria triglomerataE  
Dryopteridaceae (Wood Ferns)Braun's Holly-fern pdf format of    Braun's Holly-fern  Polystichum brauniiE  
Dryopteridaceae (Wood Ferns)Smooth Woodsia pdf format of    Smooth Woodsia  Woodsia glabellaE  
Elatinaceae (Waterworts)American Waterwort pdf format of    American Waterwort  Elatine americana  
Equisetaceae (Horsetails)Dwarf Scouring-rush pdf format of    Dwarf Scouring-rush  Equisetum scirpoides SC  
Ericaceae (Laurels, Blueberries)Great Laurel pdf format of    Great Laurel  Rhododendron maximumT  
Ericaceae (Laurels, Blueberries)Mountain Cranberry pdf format of    Mountain Cranberry  Vaccinium vitis-idaea ssp. minusE  
Eriocaulaceae (Pipeworts)Parker's Pipewort pdf format of    Parker's Pipewort  Eriocaulon parkeriE  
Fabaceae (Beans, Peas, Clovers)Large-bracted Tick-trefoil pdf format of    Large-bracted Tick-trefoil  Desmodium cuspidatumT  
Fabaceae (Beans, Peas, Clovers)Wild Senna pdf format of    Wild Senna  Senna hebecarpaE  
Fagaceae (Oaks, Beeches)Bur Oak pdf format of    Bur Oak  Quercus macrocarpaSC  
Fagaceae (Oaks, Beeches)Yellow Oak pdf format of    Yellow Oak  Quercus muehlenbergii T  
Fumariaceae (Fumitories)Climbing Fumitory pdf format of    Climbing Fumitory  Adlumia fungosaSC   
Gentianaceae (Gentians)Andrew's Bottle Gentian pdf format of    Andrew's Bottle Gentian  Gentiana andrewsiiE  
Gentianaceae (Gentians)Spurred Gentian pdf format of    Spurred Gentian  Halenia deflexaE  
Gentianaceae (Gentians)Slender Marsh Pink pdf format of    Slender Marsh Pink  Sabatia campanulataE  
Gentianaceae (Gentians)Plymouth Gentian pdf format of    Plymouth Gentian  Sabatia kennedyanaSC  
Gentianaceae (Gentians)Sea Pink pdf format of    Sea Pink  Sabatia stellarisE  
Grossulariaceae (Currants)Bristly Black Currant pdf format of    Bristly Black Currant  Ribes lacustreSC  
Haemodoraceae (Redroots)Redroot pdf format of    Redroot  Lachnanthes carolianaSC  
Haloragaceae (Water-milfoils)Alternate-flowered Water-milfoil pdf format of    Alternate-flowered Water-milfoil  Myriophyllum alterniflorumE  
Haloragaceae (Water-milfoils)Farwell's Water-milfoil pdf format of    Farwell's Water-Milfoil  Myriophyllum farwelliiE  
Haloragaceae (Water-milfoils)Pinnate Water-milfoil pdf format of    Pinnate Water-Milfoil  Myriophyllum pinnatumSC  
Haloragaceae (Water-milfoils)Comb Water-milfoil pdf format of    Comb Water-milfoil  Myriophyllum verticillatumE  
Hydrophyllaceae (Waterleaves)Broad Waterleaf pdf format of    Broad Waterleaf  Hydrophyllum canadenseE  
Hymenophyllaceae (Filmy-ferns)Appalachian Bristle-fern pdf format of    Appalachian Bristle-fern  Trichomanes intricatumE  
Iridaceae (Irises)Sandplain Blue-eyed Grass pdf format of    Sandplain Blue-eyed Grass  Sisyrinchium fuscatumSC  
Iridaceae (Irises)Slender Blue-eyed Grass pdf format of    Slender Blue-Eyed Grass  Sisyrinchium mucronatumE  
Isoetaceae (Quillworts)Acadian Quillwort pdf format of    Acadian Quillwort  Isoetes acadiensisE  
Isoetaceae (Quillworts)Lake Quillwort pdf format of    Lake Quillwort  Isoetes lacustrisE  
Juncaceae (Rushes)Weak Rush pdf format of    Weak Rush  Juncus debilisE  
Juncaceae (Rushes)Thread Rush pdf format of    Weak Rush  Juncus filiformisE  
Juncaceae (Rushes)Black-fruited Woodrush pdf format of    Black-fruited Woodrush  Luzula parviflora ssp. melanocarpaE  
Lamiaceae (Mints)Purple Giant-hyssop pdf format of    Purple Giant Hyssop  Agastache scrophulariifoliaE  
Lamiaceae (Mints)Downy Wood-mint pdf format of    Downy Wood-mint  Blephilia ciliataE  
Lamiaceae (Mints)Hairy Wood-mint pdf format of    Hairy Wood-mint  Blephilia hirsutaE  
Lamiaceae (Mints)Gypsywort pdf format of    Gypsywort  Lycopus rubellusE  
Lamiaceae (Mints)False Pennyroyal pdf format of    False Pennyroyal  Trichostema brachiatumE  
Lentibulariaceae (Bladderworts)Resupinate Bladderwort pdf format of    Resupinate Bladderwort  Utricularia resupinataT  
Lentibulariaceae (Bladderworts)Subulate Bladderwort pdf format of    Subulate Bladderwort  Utricularia subulataSC  
Liliaceae (Lilies)Devil's-bit pdf format of    Devil's-bit  Chamaelirium luteumE  
Linaceae (Flaxes)Sandplain Flax pdf format of    Sandplain Flax  Linum intercursumSC  
Linaceae (Flaxes)Rigid Flax pdf format of    Rigid Flax  Linum medium var. texanumT  
Lycopodiaceae (Clubmosses)Foxtail Clubmoss pdf format of    Foxtail Clubmoss  Lycopodiella alopecuroidesE  
Lycopodiaceae (Clubmosses)Appalachian Firmoss pdf format of    Appalachian Fir-moss  Huperzia appressaE  
Lycopodiaceae (Clubmosses)Mountain Firmoss pdf format of    Mountain Firmoss  Huperzia selagoE  
Lythraceae (Loosestrifes)Toothcup pdf format of    Toothcup  Rotala ramosiorE  
Magnoliaceae (Magnolias)Sweetbay Magnolia pdf format of    Sweet Bay  Magnolia virginianaE  
Melastomataceae (Meadow Beauties)Maryland Meadow Beauty pdf format of    Maryland Meadow Beauty  Rhexia marianaE  
Moraceae (Mulberries)Red Mulberry pdf format of    Red Mulberry  Morus rubraE  
Nymphaeaceae (Water Lilies)Tiny Cow-lily pdf format of    Tiny Cow-lily  Nuphar microphyllaE  
Onagraceae (Evening Primroses)Many-fruited False-loosestrife pdf format of    Many-fruited False-loosestrife  Ludwigia polycarpaE  
Onagraceae (Evening Primroses)Round-fruited False-loosestrife pdf format of    Round-fruited False-loosestrife  Ludwigia sphaerocarpaE  
Ophioglossaceae (Grape Ferns)Adder's-tongue Fern pdf format of    Adder's Tongue Fern  Ophioglossum pusillumT  
Orchidaceae (Orchids)Putty-root pdf format of    Putty-root  Aplectrum hyemale  
Orchidaceae (Orchids)Arethusa pdf format of    Arethusa  Arethusa bulbosa  
Orchidaceae (Orchids)Autumn Coralroot pdf format of    Autumn Coralroot  Corallorhiza odontorhiza SC   
Orchidaceae (Orchids)Ram's-head Lady's-slipper pdf format of    Ram's Head Lady's-slipper  Cypripedium arietinum   
Orchidaceae (Orchids) Small Yellow Lady's-slipper pdf format of    Small Yellow Lady's Slipper   Cypripedium parviflorum var. makasinE  
Orchidaceae (Orchids)Showy Lady's-slipper pdf format of    Showy Lady's-slipper  Cypripedium reginaeE  
Orchidaceae (Orchids)Dwarf Rattlesnake-plantain pdf format of    Dwarf Rattlesnake-plantain  Goodyera repensE  
Orchidaceae (Orchids)Small Whorled Pogonia pdf format of    Small Whorled Pogonia  Isotria medeoloidesET 
Orchidaceae (Orchids)Lily-leaf Twayblade pdf format of    Lily-leaf Twayblade  Liparis liliifoliaT  
Orchidaceae (Orchids)Heartleaf Twayblade pdf format of    Heartleaf Twayblade  Listera cordataE  
Orchidaceae (Orchids)Bayard's Green Adder's-mouth pdf format of    malaxis bayardii - new  Malaxis bayardiiE  
Orchidaceae (Orchids)White Adder's-mouth pdf format of    White Adder's-mouth  Malaxis monophyllos var. brachypodaE  
Orchidaceae (Orchids)Crested Fringed Orchis pdf format of    Crested Fringed Orchis  Platanthera cristataE  
Orchidaceae (Orchids)Leafy White Orchis pdf format of    Leafy White Orchis  Platanthera dilatataT  
Orchidaceae (Orchids)Pale Green Orchis pdf format of    Pale Green Orchis  Platanthera flava var. herbiolaT  
Orchidaceae (Orchids)Hooded Ladies'-tresses pdf format of    Hooded Ladies'-tresses  Spiranthes romanzoffianaE  
Orchidaceae (Orchids)Grass-leaved Ladies'-tresses pdf format of    Grass-leaved Ladies'-tresses  Spiranthes vernalisT  
Orchidaceae (Orchids)Cranefly Orchid pdf format of    Cranefly Orchid  Tipularia discolorE  
Orchidaceae (Orchids)Nodding Pogonia pdf format of    Nodding Pogonia  Triphora trianthophoraE  
Oxalidaceae (Wood-sorrels) Violet Wood-sorrel pdf format of    Violet Wood-sorrel  Oxalis violaceaE  
Poaceae (Grasses) Annual Peanutgrass pdf format of    Annual Peanut-grass  Amphicarpum amphicarponE  
Poaceae (Grasses) Purple Needlegrass pdf format of    Purple Needlegrass  Aristida purpurascensT  
Poaceae (Grasses) Seabeach Needlegrass pdf format of    Seabeach Needlegrass  Aristida tuberculosaT  
Poaceae (Grasses) Reed Bentgrass pdf format of    Reed Bentgrass  Calamagrostis pickeringiiE  
Poaceae (Grasses) New England Northern Reedgrass pdf format of    New England Northern Reed Grass  Calamagrostis stricta ssp. inexpansaE  
Poaceae (Grasses) Tufted Hairgrass pdf format of    Tufted Hairgrass  Deschampsia cespitosa ssp. glaucaE  
Poaceae (Grasses) Mattamuskeet Panic-grass pdf format of    Mattamuskeet Panic-grass  Dichanthelium dichotomum ssp. mattamuskeetenseE  
Poaceae (Grasses)Common's Panic-grass pdf format of    Common's Panic-grass  Dichanthelium ovale ssp. pseudopubescensSC  
Poaceae (Grasses) Rough Panic-grass pdf format of    Rough Panic-grass  Dichanthelium scabriusculumT  
Poaceae (Grasses) Wright's Panic-grass pdf format of    Wright's Panic-grass  Dichanthelium wrightianumSC  
Poaceae (Grasses) Hairy Wild Rye pdf format of    Hairy Wild Rye  Elymus villosusE  
Poaceae (Grasses) Frank's Lovegrass pdf format of    Frank's Lovegrass  Eragrostis frankiiSC  
Poaceae (Grasses) Saltpond Grass pdf format of    Saltpond Grass  Leptochloa fusca ssp. fascicularisT  
Poaceae (Grasses) Sea Lyme-grass pdf format of    Sea Lyme-grass  Leymus mollisE  
Poaceae (Grasses) Woodland Millet pdf format of    Woodland Millet  Milium effusumT  
Poaceae (Grasses) Gattinger's Panic-grass pdf format of    Gattinger's Panic-grass  Panicum philadelphicum ssp. gattingeriSC  
Poaceae (Grasses)Philadelphia Panic-grass pdf format of    Gattinger's Panic-grass  Panicum philadelphicum ssp. philadelphicumSC  
Poaceae (Grasses) Long-leaved Panic-grass pdf format of    Long-Leaved Panic-grass  Panicum rigidulum ssp. pubescensT  
Poaceae (Grasses) Drooping Speargrass pdf format of    Drooping Speargrass  Poa saltuensis ssp. languidaE  
Poaceae (Grasses) Bristly Foxtail pdf format of    Bristly Foxtail  Setaria parvifloraSC  
Poaceae (Grasses) Salt Reedgrass pdf format of    Salt Reedgrass  Spartina cynosuroidesT  
Poaceae (Grasses) Shining Wedgegrass pdf format of    Shining Wedgegrass  Sphenopholis nitidaT  
Poaceae (Grasses) Swamp Oats pdf format of    Swamp Oats  Sphenopholis pensylvanicaT  
Poaceae (Grasses) Small Dropseed pdf format of    Small Dropseed  Sporobolus neglectusE  
Poaceae (Grasses) Northern Gama-grass pdf format of    Northern Gama-grass   Tripsacum dactyloidesE  
Poaceae (Grasses) Spiked False-oats pdf format of    Spiked False Oats  Trisetum spicatumE  
Polygonaceae (Docks, Knotweeds)Pondshore Knotweed pdf format of    Pondshore Knotweed   Persicaria puritanorumSC  
Polygonaceae (Docks, Knotweeds)Strigose Knotweed pdf format of    Strigose Knotweed  Persicaria setaceaT  
Polygonaceae (Docks, Knotweeds)Sea-beach Knotweed pdf format of    Sea-beach Knotweed  Polygonum glaucumSC  
Polygonaceae (Docks, Knotweeds)Seabeach Dock pdf format of    Seabeach Dock   Rumex pallidusT  
Polygonaceae (Docks, Knotweeds)Swamp Dock pdf format of    Swamp Dock   Rumex verticillatusT  
Portulacaceae (Spring Beauties) Narrow-leaved Spring Beauty pdf format of    Narrow-leaved Spring Beauty  Claytonia virginicaE  
Potamogetonaceae (Pondweeds) Algae-like Pondweed pdf format of    Algae-like Pondweed  Potamogeton confervoidesT  
Potamogetonaceae (Pondweeds)  Fries' Pondweed pdf format of    Fries' Pondweed   Potamogeton friesiiE  
Potamogetonaceae (Pondweeds)  Hill's Pondweed pdf format of    Hill's Pondweed  Potamogeton hilliiSC  
Potamogetonaceae (Pondweeds)  Ogden's Pondweed pdf format of    Ogden's Pondweed   Potamogeton ogdeniiE  
Potamogetonaceae (Pondweeds)  Straight-leaved Pondweed pdf format of    Straight-leaved Pondweed   Potamogeton strictifoliusE  
Potamogetonaceae (Pondweeds)  Vasey's Pondweed pdf format of    Vasey's Pondweed   Potamogeton vaseyiE  
Pyrolaceae (Shinleaf) Pink Pyrola pdf format of    Pink Pyrola  Pyrola asarifolia ssp. asarifoliaE  
Ranunculaceae (Buttercups) Black Cohosh pdf format of    Black Cohosh  Actaea racemosaE  
Ranunculaceae (Buttercups)  Purple Clematis pdf format of    Purple Clematis   Clematis occidentalisSC  
Ranunculaceae (Buttercups)  Golden Seal pdf format of    Golden Seal   Hydrastis canadensisE  
Ranunculaceae (Buttercups) Tiny-flowered Buttercup pdf format of    Tiny-flowered Buttercup  Ranunculus micranthusE  
Ranunculaceae (Buttercups) Bristly Buttercup pdf format of    Bristly Buttercup  Ranunculus pensylvanicusSC  
Rosaceae (Roses, Shadbushes) Small-flowered Agrimony pdf format of    Small-flowered Agrimony  Agrimonia parvifloraE  
Rosaceae (Roses, Shadbushes)  Hairy Agrimony pdf format of    Hairy Agrimony   Agrimonia pubescensT  
Rosaceae (Roses, Shadbushes)  Bartram's Shadbush pdf format of    Bartram's Shadbush   Amelanchier bartramianaT  
Rosaceae (Roses, Shadbushes)Roundleaf Shadbush pdf format of    Round-leaf Shadbush  Amelanchier sanguineaSC  
Rosaceae (Roses, Shadbushes)  Bicknell's Hawthorn pdf format of    Bicknell's Hawthorn   Crataegus bicknelliiE  
Rosaceae (Roses, Shadbushes)  Barren Strawberry pdf format of    Barren Strawberry   Geum fragarioidesSC  
Rosaceae (Roses, Shadbushes)  Sandbar Cherry pdf format of    Sandbar Cherry   Prunus pumila var. depressaT  
Rosaceae (Roses, Shadbushes)  Northern Prickly Rose pdf format of    Northern Prickly Rose   Rosa acicularis ssp. sayiE  
Rosaceae (Roses, Shadbushes)  Northern Mountain-ash pdf format of    Northern Mountain Ash   Sorbus decoraE  
Rubiaceae (Bedstraws, Bluets)Northern Bedstraw pdf format of    Northern Bedstraw  Galium borealeE  
Rubiaceae (Bedstraws, Bluets)Labrador Bedstraw pdf format of    Labrador Bedstraw  Galium labradoricumT  
Rubiaceae (Bedstraws, Bluets)Long-leaved Bluet pdf format of    Long-leaved Bluet  Houstonia longifoliaE  
Salicaceae (Willows)Swamp Cottonwood pdf format of    Swamp Cottonwood  Populus heterophyllaE  
Salicaceae (Willows)Sandbar Willow pdf format of    Sandbar Willow  Salix exigua ssp. interiorT  
Scheuchzeriaceae (Pod-grasses) Pod-grass pdf format of    Pod-grass  Scheuchzeria palustrisE  
Schizaeaceae (Climbing Ferns) Climbing Fern pdf format of    Climbing Fern  Lygodium palmatumSC  
Scrophulariaceae (Figworts)Sandplain Gerardia pdf format of    Sandplain Gerardia  Agalinis acutaEE 
Scrophulariaceae (Figworts)Winged Monkey-flower pdf format of    Winged Monkey-flower  Mimulus alatusE  
Scrophularceae (Figworts)Muskflower pdf format of    Muskflower  Mimulus moschatusE  
Scrophulariaceae (Figworts)Swamp Lousewort pdf format of    Swamp Lousewort  Pedicularis lanceolataE  
Scrophulariaceae (Figworts)Hairy Beardtongue pdf format of    Hairy Beardtongue  Penstemon hirsutusE  
Scrophulariaceae (Figworts)Sessile Water-speedwell pdf format of    Sessile Water-speedwell  Veronica catenataE  
Scrophulariaceae (Figworts)Culver's-root pdf format of    Culver's-root  Veronicastrum virginicumT  
Sparganiaceae (Bur-reeds) Small Bur-reed pdf format of    Small Bur-reed  Sparganium natansE  
Verbenaceae (Vervains) Narrow-leaved Vervain pdf format of    Narrow-leaved Vervain  Verbena simplexE  
Violaceae (Violets)Sand Violet pdf format of    Sand Violet  Viola aduncaSC  
Violaceae (Violets)Britton's Violet pdf format of    Britton's Violet  Viola brittonianaT  
Viscaceae (Christmas-mistletoes)Dwarf Mistletoe pdf format of    Dwarf Mistletoe  Arceuthobium pusillumSC  

1. Trimorphic freshwater population only.

2. Including triploid and other polyploid forms within the Ambystoma jeffersonianum/Ambystoma laterale complex.

3. Ditto

4. This species is listed by the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service as P. r. bangsi (Plymouth Redbelly Turtle) in 50 CFR 17.11.

5. Undescribed species near P. pterisii

6. True Z. lunifera, sensu Schmidt (2010)

7. Includes the two varieties of this species that occur in Massachusetts: s.p. var. pauciflora and s.p. var. caroliniana.


"Endangered" (E) species are native species which are in danger of extinction throughout all or part of their range, or which are in danger of extirpation from Massachusetts, as documented by biological research and inventory.

"Threatened" (T) species are native species which are likely to become endangered in the foreseeable future, or which are declining or rare as determined by biological research and inventory.

"Special concern" (SC) species are native species which have been documented by biological research or inventory to have suffered a decline that could threaten the species if allowed to continue unchecked, or which occur in such small numbers or with such restricted distribution or specialized habitat requirements that they could easily become threatened within Massachusetts.

Any native species listed as endangered or threatened by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is also included on the state list. The rules and regulations and precise definitions relative to the establishment of the Commonwealth's list of endangered, threatened, and special concern species are set forth in 321 CMR 10.00 et seq. View a key to the Federal Status abbreviations appearing on the list.

1. Introduction - The list in 321 CMR 10.90 contains the names of all species of plants and animals which have been determined to be Endangered, Threatened, or of Special Concern pursuant to M.G.L. c. 131A and 321 CMR 10.03.

2. List Format - The columns entitled "Common Name" and "Scientific Name" define the species listed. In the "Status" columns the following symbols are used: "E" for Endangered, "T" for Threatened, and "SC" for Special Concern. The status defined under the "MA" column denotes the official status of the species in Massachusetts pursuant to M.G.L. c. 131A and 321 CMR 10.00. The status under the "US" column is the status of the species under the federal Endangered Species Act at the time of the latest revision of 321 CMR 10.00 and is given for informational purposes only. Recent changes in the federal list might not be reflected on this list. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service should be consulted for official and up to date information on the federal status of any species. Inquiries may be made by writing to U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, 70 Commercial Street, Suite 300, Concord, NH 03301-5087. The "Taxonomic Family/Taxonomic Group" column of the list is included for the purpose of organization. The "Notes" column directs the reader to footnotes which further define or clarify the status of a species or alternative names of species.

3. Organization of the List - The list is generally organized according to the relationship of the listed species as determined by the science of taxonomy, which groups and categorizes species that are similar on the basis of shared evolutionary descent. The most basic division in the list is between animals and plants. Within animals the list is divided between vertebrates, (animals with backbones) and invertebrates (animals without backbones). Within vertebrates, invertebrates, and plants, the list is further divided into categories which are generally recognized, such as fish, mammals, dragonflies, and violets. All such information has no regulatory effect and is provided only for the purpose of organizing the list.