The Natural Heritage & Endangered Species Program of the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife and Mass Audubon have developed an on-line data entry system which will allow shorebird cooperators that monitor Piping Plovers Piping Plovers, Terns, Laughing Gulls and Black Skimmers to complete and submit state census forms through a web portal.  Major benefits of this system include:   

  • Increases efficiency of data submission by shorebird cooperators
  • Allows monitors throughout the state to submit census form data online via a structured submission process
  • Creates census form documentation for the state based on a normalized set of inputs, enabling standardized reporting and new analytics
  • Improves quality of quantitative and qualitative census data submitted by monitors on the census form and imported to the state database  
  • Facilitates the analysis of state-wide census data

This system is design to be used by organizations and individuals who are working with MassWildlife to monitor coastal waterbirds in Massachusetts.  If you are a cooperator and do not already have an account, contact the NHESP for a login and password.

For information on how to use the system, please see the Piping Plover & Tern On-line Data Entry System User Manual  pdf format of PIPLODES/TERNODES User Manual
file size 3MB.

For additional information about each field, tab and button, please see the Piping Plover & Tern On-line Data Entry System Reference Manual  pdf format of PIPLODES/TERNODES Refrence Manual

If you have any questions while using the system please contact Jennifer Longsdorf at or 508-389-6360.