In order to allow you to preview the system prior to creating an account, and to help you see and understand all the functionality the VPRS system contains, the NHESP has created a series of tutorials outlining each section of the online system.

Home Page

The system opens to the "Home" page which displays your user account information as well as any notifications between you and the NHESP, including feedback on the system.

VPRS Home Tutorial  pdf format of VPRS Home Tutorial
- creating an account and preview the Home Page

Vernal Pools

The Vernal Pool report mirrors the existing paper-based Vernal Pool Certification form. It allows you to provide certification criteria, and report any rare salamanders that may have been found at the pool. Additionally, the VPRS system automatically updates the NHESP Certified Vernal Pool datalayer found at MassGIS as pools are accepted into the NHESP database.

VPRS Vernal Pool Tutorial  pdf format of VPRS Vernal Pool Tutorial
file size 3MB


The Plant report mirrors the existing paper-based NHESP Plant Observation Form. You can map observation locations and attach photos directly to your electronic reports from within the system.

VPRS Plant Tutorial  pdf format of VPRS Plant Tutorial
file size 5MB


The Animal report mirrors the existing paper-based NHESP Animal Observation Form. You can map observation locations and attach photos directly to your electronic reports from within the system.

VPRS Animal Form Tutorial  pdf format of VPRS Animal Form Tutorial
file size 5MB


The Survey Form is new and is intended to be used by researchers and surveyors conducting organized searches. The purpose of the Survey Form is to capture information about survey effort including number of visits to an area, weather at time of visit, number of surveyors, methodology used, etc. The results of a survey, positive or negative, can be extremely valuable for increasing our understanding of species populations throughout the state.

VPRS Survey Tutorial  pdf format of VPRS Survey Tutorial
file size 4MB

Bulk Upload Feature

In addition to creating individual reports, the VPRS system allows users to create multiple Vernal Pool, Plant or Animal reports using the Bulk Upload feature by entering data into a preformatted spreadsheet. Click the link above for additional information.


The NHESP is very interested in hearing your feedback! Please send any comments using the “Send Feedback” button on your home page within VPRS. If you need additional assistance, please contact us at

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