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Massachusetts Wildlife magazine is a quarterly publication packed with award-winning articles and photos on the environment, conservation, fishing, hunting, natural history and just about everything relating to the outdoors in Massachusetts.

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Our Publications

  • Recreation Publications

    Find wildlife-related recreation publications from MassWildlife- from birding to hunting, to fishing, nature study, and maps to get there.

  • Wildlife Publications

    Information on all kinds of wildlife, from mammals and birds to reptile and insects.

  • Fisheries Publications

    Facts, species lists, brochures, posters and technical reports.

  • Natural Heritage Publications

    Publications related to rare species and habitats as well as conservation related maps.

  • Wildlife & Habitat Conservation Publications

    Publications relating to habitat management and land conservation activities.

  • Regulations Publications

    Need to find out hunting season dates or fish creel limits? Info on dealing with beaver flooding? This is where you can find this information.

  • MassWildlife Annual Reports

    Find information from the Fisheries and Wildlife Board as well as expenditures, habitat management and biological projects, education programs and land acquisition reports.

  • Get MassWildlife News

    A monthly electronic newsletter available for free by signing up via email. Get the latest info on laws, events, seasonal advice and more. This is a free service for anyone with email!

  • A History of MassWildlife: 1866-2012
    Written by retired MassWildlife biologist James Cardoza and published in 2015, this book chronicles the events that shaped the agency from its inception in 1866 as a Fish Commission. Significant dates; statistics on fish and wildlife populations through time; facts about hunters, anglers, and licenses; stocking data; along with information on staff are all outlined in this manuscript.