Regulations & Laws

  • Massachusetts Hunting, Fishing & Trapping Guide
    Information about hunting seasons, bag and creel limits and other hunting and fishing laws. MassWildlife office locations, education programs and other useful information are also found here. Also available free of cost at all MassWildlife offices and license vendor locations.
  • Trapping and Furbearer Regulations

    All regulations and laws pertaining to trapping during the furbearer seasons are in this document.

  • Marine (Saltwater) Fishing and Shellfish Regulations

    An external link to the Division of Marine Fisheries, the agency in charge of recreational saltwater fishing and shellfishing regulations.
    Marine (Saltwater) Fishing and Shellfish Regulations

  • Shooting Restrictions in Some Massachusetts Communities

    This lists communities with various bylaws regarding discharge of firearms or hunting. Be advised that this list is not complete nor up-to-date; there is no requirement that municipalities advise MassWildlife of their bylaws. It is best to contact the town directly and ask for the bylaw in writing so that it is clear exactly what is prohibited. Available free at the MassWildlife Field Headquarters or send a self addressed stamped envelope requesting this document.

Recreation Maps

  • Pond Maps

    Bathymetric pond maps open to the public for fishing, boating and other waterbased recreation. Popular with anglers and boaters of all kinds. You can find a pond map by either pond name or town in which it is located.
    Pond Maps

Guides on Places to Go

  • Wildlife Sanctuaries

    This booklet contains information about 12 Wildlife Sanctuaries owned and managed by MassWildlife. Available for pick-up at the MassWildlife Field Headquarters in Westborough. Call (508)389-6300 for mailing fee.

  • Public Access to The Waters of Massachusetts

    This full-color publication includes 90 individual site maps and descriptions of more than 200 access points to state waterways. The 150-page guide also includes information about sportfishing piers, fishing in fresh and marine waters, boating law, rights of access, and information about boating and fishing programs in the Department of Fish and Game. Available ONLY through the Office of Fishing and Boating Access .
    Public Access to The Waters of Massachusetts

  • Wildlife Viewing Guide
    Though the Wildlife Viewing Guide is no longer in print, see the link to 67 state wildlife viewing sites and other Wildlife Viewing information. Some viewing sites are located at state wildlife lands, state parks or forests, or other federal lands or land holding conservation organizations.