Below is an interactive map of Coldwater Fish Resources (CFRs) in watersheds across Massachusetts. Zoom in and then click on a stream for its name and unique SARIS code.

What is a CFR?  Conservation commissions, planning commissions, land trusts, consultants, and town open space committees may find this information useful for conservation planning or environmental review.

CFRs are sorted by stream name, watershed, or SARIS ID number (stream number). Because there are some streams in the state with the same name, (i.e. Mill Brook) the SARIS (Stream Inventory) numbers are unique and help identify the correct CFR location.

NOTE: The CFR list posted on the website is not definitive of all CFRs as new streams are sampled and evaluated yearly. There are more than 11,000 miles of streams and rivers in the Commonwealth, not all of which have been sampled.  The CFR lists are updated annually online to reflect the most current fisheries surveys, but CFR listings may be identified frequently in the interim.  

For information on the most updated listings or any decisions or questions involving CFR water quality or development projects (i.e., environmental review, etc.) that may affect CFRs, please contact Richard Hartley at  Requests should include GPS coordinates or location description, stream name and/or SARIS ID number, town, and a brief explanation for your inquiry.