Below is a list of Coldwater Fishery Resources (CFRs) for this watershed.

Note: This is not a complete list of CFRs; the Commonwealth has more than 11,000 miles of streams and rivers, not all of which have been sampled. This list is updated annually to reflect the most current fisheries surveys.  For any decisions involving water quality in CFRs or projects (i.e., environmental review, etc.) affecting CFRs, please contact Richard Hartley at

UNT = "un-named tributary"

Blackstone River Watershed

Waterbody NameStream Inventory #
Ararat Brook5133015
Arnolds Brook5131150
Axtell Brook5132450
Bacon Brook5131625
Balm of Life Spring Brook5131626
Center Brook5131975
Centerville Brook5132300
Chapin Brook5132925
Coal Mine Brook5132550
Cold Spring Brook (1)5132075
Cold Spring Brook (2)5132650
Cook Allen Brook5132150
Cronin Brook5132625
Emerson Brook5131700
Fox Brook5131400
Happy Hollow Brook5131725
Hop Brook5131250
Laurel Brook5131775
Miscoe Brook (1)5131950
Miscoe Brook (2)5132025
Muddy Brook5131300
Peters River5131125
Poor Farm Brook5132575
Quick Stream5131225
Rock Meadow Brook5131900
Scott Brook5133125
Sewall Brook5132600
Silver Spring Brook5133100
Spring Brook5131325
Steamburg Brook5132175
Tafft Pond Brook5131925
Tatnuck Brook5133050
Tinkerville Brook5131500
UNT - Ellis Pond Brook5132418
UNT Center Brook (1)5131976
UNT to Blackstone Aqueduct5132761
UNT to Blackstone River5131780
UNT to Center Brook (2)5131977
UNT to Center Brook (4)5131995
UNT to Coal Mine Brook5132555
UNT to Manchaug Pond5132419
UNT to Peters River5131130
UNT to Sewall Pond5132605
UNT to Wallis Pond5132355
UNT to Warren Brook5132001
UNT to Wellman Brook5132240
Warren Brook5132000
Wellman Brook5132250
West River5131800