Below is a list of Coldwater Fishery Resources (CFRs) for this watershed.

Note: This is not a complete list of CFRs; the Commonwealth has more than 11,000 miles of streams and rivers, not all of which have been sampled. This list is updated annually to reflect the most current fisheries surveys.  For any decisions involving water quality in CFRs or projects (i.e., environmental review, etc.) affecting CFRs, please contact Richard Hartley at

UNT = "un-named tributary"

Chicopee River Watershed

Waterbody NameStream Inventory #
Atherton Brook3626700
Bell Brook3627875
Bigelow Brook3627350
Blodgett Mill Brook3625675
Bottle Brook3625575
Bradish Brook3625925
Briggs Brook3626675
Broad Brook (2)3625350
Burrow Brook3627850
Cadwell Brook3625275
Cadwell Creek3626575
Camel Brook3626825
Canesto Brook3628050
Caulkins Brook3625225
Chaffee Brook3626600
Chicopee Brook3625475
Cobb Brook3626775
Conant Brook3625500
Coys Brook3626050
Cranberry River3626300
Danforth Brook (2)3627675
Dugan Brook (UNT to Ware River)3627495
East Branch Swift River3627200
East Branch Ware River3628250
Egypt Brook3626950
Fish Brook3627700
Fivemile River3626400
Foskett Mill Stream3625550
Fuller Brook3625075
Giles Brook3627025
Higher Brook (1)3625100
Hop Brook3627000
Jabish Brook3626550
Joslin Brook3628225
Kings Brook3625600
Manning Brook3627075
Maxwell Brook3625250
Maynard Brook3626475
Meadow Brook3626000
Middle Branch Swift River3627125
Mill Brook (1)3625950
Moccasin Brook3627275
Moose Brook3627725
Moosehorn Brook3627050
Muddy Brook3627550
Natty Pond Brook3628150
Naultaug Brook3625850
Newton Brook3627575
North Brook3626450
O'Neil Brook3625775
Parkers Brook3628010
Penny Brook3625625
Peppers Mill Brook (UNT to Beaver Br)3627480
Pine Hill Brook3627800
Pinnacle Creek3625325
Pleasant Brook3628000
Popple Camp Brook3627375
Pratt Brook3627825
Prescott Brook3626925
Prince River3627900
Pudding Mill Brook (UNT to Jabish Br)3626560
Purgee Brook3626650
Raccoon Hill Brook3627195
Roaring Brook3625400
Rocky Run3626850
Sevenmile River3626275
Silver Brook3627225
Smith Brook3627925
Steep Gutter Brook3628100
Stony Brook3627325
Sucker Brook (2)3626025
Sullivan Brook3625825
Sunk Brook3627425
Swift River3626525
Taylor Brook3625725
Thayer Brook3625300
Tufts Brook3625700
Turkey Brook3625650
Turkey Hill Brook3626325
Twelve Mile Brook3625200
Underhill Brook3626975
UNT to Brooks Pond3626460
UNT to Browning Pond3626285
UNT to Burnshirt River3628135
UNT to Chicopee Brook (1)3625480
UNT to Chicopee Brook (2)3625490
UNT to Conant Brook3625520
UNT to Coys Brook (1)3626060
UNT to East Branch Swift River3627245
UNT to East Branch Swift River (1)3627205
UNT to East Branch Swift River (2)3627210
UNT to East Branch Ware River3628260
UNT to East Branch Ware River3628365
UNT to Fivemile River3626435
UNT to Fivemile River3626465
UNT to Fivemile River3626470
UNT to Foskett Mill Stream (2)3625555
UNT to Higher Brook3625129
UNT to Higher Brook3625130
UNT to Jabish Brook (1)3626555
UNT to Moose Brook3627740
UNT to Muddy Brook3627645
UNT to Muddy Brook (2)3627570
UNT to Natty Pond Brook3628155
UNT to Parkers Brook3628012
UNT to Pottapaug Pond3627190
UNT to Quabbin (Dickey Brook)3626785
UNT to Quaboag Pond3626210
UNT to Quaboag River3625540
UNT to Quaboag River (2)3625465
UNT to Quaboag River (3)3625760
UNT to Sevenmile River (2)3626385
UNT to Sucker Brook3626035
UNT to Sucker Brook3626036
UNT to Tufts Brook3625740
UNT to Twelvemile Brook3625320
UNT to Vinica Brook (1)3625530
UNT to Vinica Brook (2)3625531
UNT to Ware River3627695
UNT to Ware River (1)3627410
UNT to Ware River (3)3627890
UNT to West Branch Swift River (1)3626815
Vinica Brook3625525
West Branch Swift River3626800
West Branch Ware River3628175
Winimusset Brook3627750