Below is a list of Coldwater Fishery Resources (CFRs) for this watershed.

Note: This is not a complete list of CFRs; the Commonwealth has more than 11,000 miles of streams and rivers, not all of which have been sampled. This list is updated annually to reflect the most current fisheries surveys.  For any decisions involving water quality in CFRs or projects (i.e., environmental review, etc.) affecting CFRs, please contact Richard Hartley at

UNT = "un-named tributary"

Concord River Watershed

Waterbody NameStream Inventory #
Cranberry Brook8247885
Danforth Brook8247275
Flagg Brook8247225
Great Brook8247175
Hayward Brook8248000
Hog Brook8247325
Hop Brook (1)8247600
Hop Brook (2)8247825
Howard Brook8247525
Jackstraw Brook8248475
Landham (Allowance) Brook8247900
Nagog Brook8246900
North Brook8247375
Piccadilly Brook8248450
Pine Brook8247950
Rawson Hill Brook8247575
Run Brook8247875
Second Division Brook8247075
Sheepsfall Brook8247250
UNT (Nourse Brook)8248530
UNT to A-1 Site (1) (Nourse Brook)8247627
UNT to A-1 Site (2)8247628
UNT to Assabet River8247260
UNT to Cranberry Brook8247886
UNT to Great Brook8247180
UNT to Hog Brook8247327
UNT to Hop Brok8247879
UNT to Hop Brook (2, 1; Trout Brook)8247830
UNT to Hop Brook (2, 3)8247855
UNT to Nashoba Brook8246876
UNT to North Brook8247435
UNT to Pine Brook8247965
UNT to Second Division Brook8247076
Wrack Meadow Brook8247440