Below is a list of Coldwater Fishery Resources (CFRs) for this watershed.

Note: This is not a complete list of CFRs; the Commonwealth has more than 11,000 miles of streams and rivers, not all of which have been sampled. This list is updated annually to reflect the most current fisheries surveys.  For any decisions involving water quality in CFRs or projects (i.e., environmental review, etc.) affecting CFRs, please contact Richard Hartley at

UNT = "un-named tributary"

Connecticut River Watershed

Waterbody NameStream Inventory #
Adams Brook3419550
Alder Meadow Brook3418650
Amethyst Brook (1)3419675
Amethyst Brook (2)3419800
Bassett Brook3418325
Beaver Brook3418975
Big Brook3417225
Blue Meadow Brook3418775
Bradford Brook3419175
Breakneck Brook3418725
Brewer Brook3418950
Broad Brook (1)3418300
Buffum Brook3419700
Chestnut Hill Brook3420675
Clark Brook3418875
Cold Brook3419200
Cranberry Pond Brook3420525
Cushman Brook3420200
Day Brook3418850
Dean Brook3419600
Doolittle Brook3420225
Dry Brook (2; Dug Brook)3420425
Dry Brook (3)3421150
Dudleyville Brook3420720
Dunlop Brook3419775
East Branch Mill River3419150
East Brook3417250
Elmer Brook3418025
Esther Brook3420100
Fall River3420925
Fort River3419425
Fourmile Brook (2)3421075
Gates Brook3419725
Goddard Brook3420625
Goldine Brook3417775
Granny Brook3419350
Grass Hill Brook3419000
Ground Brook3420000
Hannigan Brook3420600
Hannum Brook3418375
Harris Brook3419750
Hearthstone Brook3419575
Hop Brook3419500
Jimmy Nolan Brook3419975
Joe Wright Brook3419100
Kidder Brook3421725
Lampson Brook3418125
Longmeadow Brook3417400
Louisiana Brook3421550
Manhan River3418175
Marble Brook3418925
Meekin Brook3419250
Mill Brook3421450
Mill River (2)3418825
Mill River (4)3419825
Mill River (5)3420175
Millers Brook3421375
Mohawk Brook3420400
Moose Brook3418575
Mountain Brook3420275
Nichols Brook3419300
North Branch Manhan River3418400
North Branch Mill River3417700
Nurse Brook3419650
Outflow of Atkins Reservoir3420220
Parsons Brook3418350
Pauchaug Brook3421525
Plum Brook3419475
Pond Brook3420575
Potash Brook3419125
Potash Brook (2)3419050
Red Brook3418750
Red Brook (1)3418600
Rice Brook3418475
Roaring Brook (1)3420125
Roaring Brook (2)3420250
Roaring Brook(4)3421400
Roberts Meadow Brook3418900
Rockadundee Brook3417300
Rogers Brook3419375
Running Gutter Brook3419850
Russellville Brook3420325
Sacket Brook3418675
Sawmill River3420550
Scantic River3417125
Scarboro Brook3419525
Schneelock Brook3417675
Schoolhouse Brook3417800
Shattuck Brook3421000
Sodom Brook3418450
South Branch Mill River3417650
Spaulding Brook3420650
Temple Brook3417275
Thrasher Brook3417175
Three Mile Brook3417425
Town Lot Brook3419275
Tripple Brook3418525
Tucker Brook3418700
Turkey Hill Brook3418075
UNT to Bachelor Brook3418030
UNT to Bachelor Brook3418040
UNT to Bachelor Brook3418045
UNT to Barton Cove (3) (UNT to Connecticut River)3421055
UNT to Connecticut River3420910
UNT to Connecticut River3420912
UNT to Cranberry Pond3420530
UNT to Dry Brook3421160
UNT to Dry Brook (Dug Brook)3420435
UNT to Dudleyville Brook3420721
UNT to East Branch Mill River3419155
UNT to Harts Brook3419456
UNT to Harts Brook3419457
UNT to Hawley Reservoir3419809
UNT to Hop Brook (1; Baby Carriage Brook)3419505
UNT to Hop Brook (2)3419510
UNT to Manhan River3418780
UNT to Mill River3420165
UNT to Nichols Brook3419305
UNT to North Branch Manhan River3418505
UNT to Northampton Reservoir3420005
UNT to Parsons Brook3418360
UNT to Rice Brook3418480
UNT to Running Gutter3419895
UNT to Sawmill River3420715
UNT to Temple Brook3417290
West Branch Mill River3419225
West Brook (1)3417200
West Brook (2)3419900
West Wait Brook3421325
Weston Brook3418100
Williams Brook3420700
Worthington Brook3417450