Below is a list of Coldwater Fishery Resources (CFRs) for this watershed.

Note: This is not a complete list of CFRs; the Commonwealth has more than 11,000 miles of streams and rivers, not all of which have been sampled. This list is updated annually to reflect the most current fisheries surveys.  For any decisions involving water quality in CFRs or projects (i.e., environmental review, etc.) affecting CFRs, please contact Richard Hartley at

UNT = "un-named tributary"

Deerfield River Watershed

Waterbody NameStream Inventory #
Albee Brook3315125
Allen Brook3313125
Avery Brook3315025
Basin Brook3315550
Bear River3313950
Bear Swamp Outflow3316265
Black Brook3315750
Borden Brook3313500
Bozrah Brook3315325
Branch Brook, VT3314355
Brandy Brook3313275
Brown Brook3315600
Burrington Brook3314625
Burton Brook3314725
Carley Brook3314700
Cary Brook3314400
Cascade Brook3316325
Chapel Brook3313800
Chickley River3315425
Clark Brook3314775
Clesson Brook3314750
Cold River3315675
Cooley Brook3314900
County Brook3316150
Creamery Brook3313825
Davenport Brook3314475
Deerfield River3312900
Dickenson Brook3314675
Dragon Brook3313875
Drakes Brook3314000
Dunbar Brook3316425
East Branch North River3314275
East Branch North River, VT3314276
East Glen Brook3313250
East Oxbow Brook3314925
Fife Brook3316350
First Brook3315050
Foundry Brook3314300
Fox Brook3314225
Fuller Brook3315575
Glen Brook3313225
Granger Brook3316500
Great Brook3313925
Green River (1)3312925
Green River (2)3316025
Green River, VT3312926
Gulf Brook3315800
Haley Brook3316450
Hartwell Brook3315075
Hawkes Brook3313900
Hawks Brook (1)3313625
Hawks Brook (2)3315350
Heath Brook3315275
Hibbard Brook3313425
Hinsdale Brook3313175
Hog Hollow Brook3314776
Horsefords Brook3315650
Houghton Brook3314125
Hunt Brook3316375
Johnny Bean Brook3313725
Johnson Brook3313400
Johnson Brook3314200
King Brook3315525
Kinsman Brook3314450
Legate Hill Brook3315375
Manning Brook3315775
Maxwell Brook3315200
McCard Brook3313100
McClellan Brook3314250
Meadow Brook3314175
Mill Brook (1)3313075
Mill Brook (2)3315175
Mill Brook (3)3315450
Miller Brook3313525
North Brook3315500
North River3314100
Nye Brook3313775
Parsonage Brook3316475
Patch Brook3315400
Pelham Brook3316075
Phelps Brook3316525
Poland Brook3313750
Potash Brook3315475
Potter Brook3316225
Pumpkin Hollow Brook3313700
Punch Brook3313150
Reed Brook3316275
Rice Brook (1)3315300
Rice Brook (2)3316175
Roberts Brook3314525
Ross Brook3315850
Ruddock Brook3314875
Sanders Brook3314575
Schneck Brook3314050
Second Brook3315000
Sheldon Brook3313550
Sheperd Brook3314850
Shingle Brook3313850
Shipee Brook3316200
Sids Brook3314025
Sluice Brook3314075
Smead Brook3313000
Smith Brook3314800
Smith Brook3316400
South River3313650
Spur Brook3314325
Staples Brook3315975
Steele Brook3316100
Stewart Brook3313200
Tannery Brook3315825
Taylor Brook (1)3314425
Taylor Brook (2)3316125
Third Brook3314975
Tilton Brook3315625
Tissdell Brook3314500
Todd Brook3316050
Tower Brook (1)3315950
Trout Brook3315700
Tuttle Brook3316250
Underwood Brook3314650
UNT to Bear River3314040
UNT to Bear River3314043
UNT to Chickley River3315440
UNT to Chickley River3315590
UNT to Clesson Brook3314780
UNT to Creamery Brook3313830
UNT to Creamery Brook (2)3313840
UNT to Deerfield River3314085
UNT to Drakes Brook3314035
UNT to Dunbar Brook3316480
UNT to East Branch North River3314324
UNT to East Branch North River (1)3314305
UNT to East Branch North River (2)3314320
UNT to East Branch North River (4)3314323
UNT to Glen Brook3313230
UNT to Hinsdale Brook3313210
UNT to Hinsdale Brook (2)3313212
UNT to North River3314195
UNT to Poland Brook3313755
UNT to Poland Brook3313790
UNT to Second Brook3315005
UNT to South River3313680
UNT to South River3313823
UNT to Taylor Brook (1)3314430
UNT to Taylor Brook (2)3314435
UNT to Tower Brook3315960
UNT to Upper Branch Clesson Brook3314830
UNT to West Branch North River (1)3314490
UNT to West Branch North River (2)3314495
UNT to Wilder Brook (1)3314965
UNT to Wilder Brook (2)3314970
Upper Branch3314825
Vincent Brook3314550
West Branch Brook3314600
West Branch North River3314375
Wheatherby Brook3315150
Wheeler Brook (2)3315725
Wheeler Brook (3)3316600
Whitcomb Brook3316300
White Brook3316000
Wilder Brook3314950
Willis Brook3315100
Workman Brook3313300