Below is a list of Coldwater Fishery Resources (CFRs) for this watershed.

Note: This is not a complete list of CFRs; the Commonwealth has more than 11,000 miles of streams and rivers, not all of which have been sampled. This list is updated annually to reflect the most current fisheries surveys.  For any decisions involving water quality in CFRs or projects (i.e., environmental review, etc.) affecting CFRs, please contact Richard Hartley at

UNT = "un-named tributary"

Housatonic River Watershed

Waterbody NameStream Inventory #
Alford Brook2104025
Anthony Brook2105425
Ashley Brook2105200
Baldwin Brook2104250
Barton Brook2105350
Basin Pond Brook2104825
Bear Rock Stream2103850
Beartown Brook2104550
Bennett Brook2105650
Bilodeau Brook2105750
Brattle Brook2105300
Cady Brook (1)2105525
Cady Brook (2)2105725
Camp Brook2104725
Churchill Brook2105900
Cleveland Brook2105550
Commons Brook2104950
Cone Brook2104125
Cooper Brook2104850
Crystal Brook2104700
Daniels Brook2105925
Dry Brook2103800
East Branch Housatonic River2105275
East Brook2104600
Felton Brook (UNT from Felton Lake)2105010
Fenton Brook2103925
Flat Brook2104225
Frisell Brook2105575
Furnace Brook2104275
Ginger Creek2103500
Goose Pond Brook2104775
Green River2103950
Greenwater Brook2104800
Hathaway Brook2105225
Hollow Brook2105975
Hop Brook2104625
Housatonic River2103450
Hubbard Brook2103750
Ironwork Brook2103700
Jacoby Brook2106100
Karner Brook2103900
Kilburn Brook2105700
Konkapot Brook2104400
Konkapot River2103525
Lenox Mountain Brook2104150
Loom Brook2103675
Lulu Cascade Brook2105850
Marsh Brook (1)2104375
May Brook (1; UNT to Windsor Reservoir)2105460
May Brook (2)2106125
Merry Brook2104675
Mill Brook2105100
Mohawk Brook2104300
Mount Lebanon Brook2106200
Muddy Brook2104475
North Branch2106250
Parker Brook2105825
Race Brook2103825
Rawson Brook2103625
Roaring Brook2105125
Russo Brook2105625
Sackett Brook2105175
Sawmill Brook2105050
Schenob Brook2103775
Scribner Brook2104075
Seace Brook2106225
Secum (Sechum) Brook2105950
Seekonk Brook2103975
Shaker Brook2106175
Smith Brook2106075
Southwest Branch Housatonic River2106025
Stony Brook2104450
Swann Brook2103600
Sykes Brook2105150
Thomas & Palmer Br (UNT to Housatonic R)2104085
Tom Ball Brook2104050
Town Brook2106000
Tracy Brook2105675
Tyler Brook2105500
Umpachene River2103575
UNT to Cleveland Brook2105560
UNT to Hop Brook2104690
UNT to Town Brook (1)2106010
UNT to Town Brook (2)2106020
UNT to Welch Brook2105610
Wahconah Falls Brook2105400
Washington Mt. Brook2104975
Welch Brook2105600
West Brook2104575
Weston Brook2105450
Whiting River2103475
Williams River2104100
Windsor Brook2105475
Yokun Brook2105075