Below is a list of Coldwater Fishery Resources (CFRs) for this watershed.

Note: This is not a complete list of CFRs; the Commonwealth has more than 11,000 miles of streams and rivers, not all of which have been sampled. This list is updated annually to reflect the most current fisheries surveys.  For any decisions involving water quality in CFRs or projects (i.e., environmental review, etc.) affecting CFRs, please contact Richard Hartley at

UNT = "un-named tributary"

Westfield River Watershed

Waterbody NameStream Inventory #
Abbott Brook3210250
Alder Meadow Brook3212100
Arm Brook3208700
Ashley Brook3208800
Austin Brook3210325
Baker Brook3211350
Barry Brook3208650
Bartlett Brook3212025
Bearden Brook3209975
Bedlam Brook3209500
Billings Brook3211900
Birch Meadow Brook3209675
Black Brook3209825
Blair Brook3210275
Borden Brook3209250
Bradley Brook3209800
Bronson Brook3211550
Bush Brook3208625
Case Brook3209400
Center Brook3212350
Chauncey Branch3211250
Childs Brook3211600
Clear Brook3212250
Cold Brook3210100
Coles Brook3210525
Cone Brook3210950
Cook Brook3209125
Cooley Brook3209710
Crow Brook3210025
Cushman Brook3210350
Day Brook3210775
Dead Branch3211225
Depot Brook3210600
Dickinson Brook3208975
Drowned Land Brook3212375
Exit Brook3209200
Factory Brook3210475
Falls Brook3209625
Florida Brook3211200
Ford Brook3211875
Freeland Brook3209900
Fuller Brook3210975
Geer Brook3210500
Gibbs Brook3209950
Glendale Brook3210900
Goldmine Brook3210175
Great Brook3208375
Griffin Brook3210225
Hamilton Brook3210425
Hollister Brook3209100
Horse Hill Brook3210050
Hume Brook3212175
Hundred Acre Brook3208750
Jacks Brook3208775
Johnson Brook3208450
Kearney Brook3211625
Kellog Brook3208400
Kinne Brook3210800
Little River (1)3208725
Little River (2)3211100
May Hollow Brook3208335
Meadow Brook3211925
Mica Mill Brook3210150
Middle Branch Westfield River3210725
Middle Brook3209325
Mill Brook3211950
Miller Brook3208325
Mongue Meadow Brook3212125
Moose Meadow Brook3209700
Morgan Brook3210650
Moss Meadow Brook3210825
Munn Brook3208825
North Branch Swift River3211800
Nye Brook3209925
Otis Wait Brook3210450
Outflow of Center Pond3210540
Page Brook3211375
Paucatuck Brook3208350
Peebles Brook3209350
Phelon Brook3209225
Phelps Brook3212275
Pierce Brook3211000
Pitcher Brook3209175
Pittsinger Brook3211275
Pixley Brook3209575
Pond Brook (1)3208600
Pond Brook (2)3209375
Pond Brook (3)3209750
Pond Brook (4)3211050
Potash Brook3209725
Powdermill Brook3208575
Powell Brook3211650
Richards Brook3209650
Roaring Brook (1)3210000
Roaring Brook (2)3210125
Rudd Pond Brook3210575
Sanderson Brook3210200
Savery Brook3210675
Seymour Brook3209050
Shaker Mill Brook3210625
Shaw Brook3212150
Shop Brook3211300
Skunk Brook3210850
Smith Brook3210875
Sodum Brook3209150
Stage Brook3209850
Steep Bank Brook3212325
Steven Brook3211575
Still Brook3210760
Stones Brook3211825
Swift River3211775
Sykes Brook3211075
Tannery Brook3209525
Taylor Brook3211850
Tiffany Brook3209550
Tillotson Brook3209075
Tower Brook (1)3211700
Tower Brook (2)3212225
Trask Brook3208675
Trout Brook3211025
Trumble Brook3209025
Tuttle Brook (1)3208500
UNT to Depot Brook3210710
UNT to Fuller Brook3211430
UNT to Glendale Brook3210905
UNT to Great Brook (2)3208431
UNT to Horse Hill Brook3210055
UNT to Kinne Brook3210855
UNT to Middle Branch Westfield R3210923
UNT to Mill Brook3211970
UNT to North Branch Swift River3211805
UNT to Paucatuck Brook3208365
UNT to Sodum Brook3209155
UNT to Stones Brook3211855
UNT to Stones Brook3211856
UNT to Swift River3211865
UNT to Tower Brook3211710
UNT to UNT to Mill Brook3211973
UNT to Wards Stream3211180
UNT to Watts Stream (1)3211155
UNT to Watts Stream (2)3211160
UNT to Watts Stream (3)3211165
UNT to Webster Brook3211405
UNT to West Branch Westfield R3210460
UNT to Westfield Reservoir3209720
UNT to Westfield River (1)3210080
UNT to Westfield River (2)3210720
UNT to Westfield River (3)3212005
UNT to Westfield River (4)3212030
UNT to Westfield River (6)3212330
UNT to Whitmarsh Brook3211680
UNT to Windsor Jambs Br3212205
Walker Brook (2)3210300
Wards Stream3211175
Watson Brook3209475
Watson Brook3210700
Watts Stream3211150
Webster Brook3211400
West Branch Brook3211525
West Branch Walker Brook3210400
West Branch Westfield River3210075
Westfield Brook3212050
Westfield River3208250
Westfield River (E.B.)3211030
Wheeler Brook3209600
White Brook3208300
Whitmarsh Brook3211675
Wigwam Brook3209875
Windsor Jambs Brook3212200
Wolf Brook3212075
Yokum Brook3210550