Chapter 132 Forest Cutting Plans are prepared for all harvesting operations on DFW lands, are reviewed internally by the DFW Natural Heritage, Wildlife, and Fisheries Sections, and by the appropriate DFW Wildlife District office, then are approved by the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) and sent to the appropriate town conservation commission. Cutting plans contain detailed maps of the harvest area and information on the type of harvesting employed and the silvicultural objectives for the operation. In addition, pre- and post-harvest inventories are done at all harvest sites as part of DFW's Biological Monitoring effort. However, cutting plans provide little or no information on the surrounding landscape or on how the particular harvesting operation fits into plans for the property as a whole. Detailed property level information is available in DFW Forestry Site Plans , and landscape level information is available in DFW Forest Management Zone (FMZ) Plans that cover multiple properties in one or more ecoregions.

A DCR forest cutting plan document with codes and definitions is available. Summaries of Chapter 132 Forest Cutting Plans are presently available for the following sites on DFW lands:

PropertyAcresDistrictTownHarvest Dates
Peru WMA pdf format of    peru_tracy_pond_cutting_plan.pdf  file size 1MB 19WesternPeruNov 2006 - Feb 2007
Fox Den WMA pdf format of    fox_den_cutting_plan.pdf  file size 1MB 36WesternMiddlefieldFeb 2006 - Mar 2007
Montague Plains WMA pdf format of    montague_plains_cutting_plan.pdf  file size 1MB 118CT ValleyMontagueDec 2006 - Feb 2008
Herm Covey WMA pdf format of    herm_covey_cutting_plan.pdf  30CT ValleyBelchertownDec 2007 – Jan 2008
Birch Hill WMA pdf format of    birch_hill_cutting_plan.pdf  62CentralRoyalstonMay 2007 - Dec 2007
Phillipston WMA pdf format of    phillipston_cutting_plan.pdf  30CentralPhillipstonSep 2007 - Oct 2007
Moose Hill WMA pdf format of    moose_hill_cutting_plan.pdf  23CentralPaxtonFeb 2007 - Mar 2007
Stafford Hill WMA pdf format of    stafford_hill_cutting_plan.pdf  file size 1MB 22WesternCheshireJan 2009 - Feb 2009