The DFW Forestry Program maintains a comprehensive geodatabase of Forest Inventory Information for state wildlife lands, and uses inventory data to complete sustainable harvest projections for DFW lands.

From 2004-2007 the Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs funded a stratified random forest inventory with plots established on a 10 x 40 chain grid (one plot per 40 acres) across all DFW lands. Tree data was collected at all plots using Two Dogs™ forest inventory software in order to calculate timber and other wood products volumes. Shrub and herbaceous plant data was collected at a subset of inventory plots using a modified Natural Heritage Form3 sample to assess species diversity, plant community structure, evaluate potential wildfire hazard, and characterize coarse woody debris. These types of Biological Monitoring data are essential for practicing adaptable and sustainable natural resource management.

As of 2009, DFW has completed 2,093 forest inventory plots across more than 90,000 acres of state wildlife lands, and has also completed landcover mapping of nearly 100,000 acres of state wildlife lands. As part of its forest inventory, DFW continues to conduct site visits at potential vernal pool sites. DFW Foresters and Contractors have visited 484 potential vernal pools (PVPs) mapped by NHESP on DFW lands. Of these 484 PVPs, 271 were found to be functional pools. In addition, during the course of this field work, 109 functional vernal pools were discovered and mapped that had not been part of the NHESP PVP datalayer. Overall, a total of 380 vernal pools have been documented through this on-going effort.