Each FMZ plan covers multiple DFW properties (see table, below). Individual FMZ plans provide an assessment of current forest conditions and identify a desired future condition that will achieve DFW's wildlife habitat goals on state wildlife lands. FMZ plans describe forest management and monitoring activities designed to achieve desired future conditions and to document the outcome of management activities. FMZ plans identify active and passive management sites on DFW land. Active management sites are open to sustainable harvesting of wood products to provide young forest habitat and to enhance structural habitat attributes (e.g., snags, den trees, mast-producing trees, coarse woody debris). Passive management sites include forest reserves that will conserve elements of biological diversity that are missing from harvested sites, provide biologically mature forest habitat, facilitate assessment of sustainable harvesting practices, and provide aesthetic, recreation, and spiritual opportunities.
Forest Management Zone Plans for State Wildlife Lands
Forest Management ZoneNo. DFW PropertiesDFW AcresManagement Plan Date
Berkshire Highlands FMZ Plan pdf format of bh_fmz.pdf
file size 8MB 3534,000Nov-06
Taconic Mountains FMZ Plan pdf format of tmmv_fmz.pdf
file size 5MB 236,654Nov-06
Connecticut River Valley FMZ Plan  TBA
Worcester Plateau FMZ Plan  TBA
Northeast Coastal Plain FMZ Plan  TBA
Southeast Coast & Islands FMZ Plan  TBA
North Shore FMZ Plan  TBA
Blackstone Complex FMZ Plan  TBA
Boston Basin FMZ Plan  TBA