Listed below are maps of fish and wildlife lands acquired by the Department of Fish and Game and MassWildlife. In many cases, the properties add onto existing wildlife lands and waters. Sometimes separate properties are created as a new Wildlife Management Area. This listing is updated annually and follows the fiscal year, which is defined as July 1 of one year through June 30 of the next year. 

Devine and Mitchell Farm

Devine Property

The Devine and Mitchell families conveyed 182 acres of land in Colrain for addition to the Green River Wildlife Management Area.  Both Wildlands Stamp funds and bond capital were applied to this acquisition.

This property is a gorgeous old farm located along the Green River that contains exceptional natural resources and enough road frontage for over 20 houses.  It is habitat for three Special Concern Species and is BioMap2 Core for these rare species.

The landscape is varied and very interesting.  There are roughly sixty acres of fields that are growing in but easily reclaimed.  The remainder is forested with varied grades, a significant plot of mature white and black oak, an extensive section of Stafford Brook (a beautiful cold water stream holding native brook trout and featuring a deep gorge several hundred yards long), two other small perennial streams, and three nice woods roads transecting the property and providing excellent access.

Halfway Pond

Halfway Pond

ADM Agawam Development, LLC, an affiliate of A.D. Makepeace Company, Inc., conveyed 58 acres of land in fee and granted a conservation restriction on another 28 acres adjacent to the shore of Halfway Pond in Plymouth.  Both Wildlands Stamp funds and bond capital were applied to this acquisition.

The Halfway Pond area contains an incredibly rich array of natural resources. It is habitat for 18 state-listed rare species (3 endangered, 3 threatened, and 12 special concern).  The property has over 3,000 feet of frontage on this rare coastal plan pond.  It is also Bald Eagle habitat. Healthy chicks were observed in a nest adjacent to the pond during the spring of 2013.