* Permit Fees as of 12/5/14
Commercial PermitsResidentsNon-Residents
Coastal Lobster **$310$570
Offshore Lobster Non-Trap$310$570
Boat (99+ feet)$260$520
Boat (60-99 feet)$195$390
Boat (0-59 feet)$130$260
Seasonal Lobster$80$145
Shellfish & Rod & Reel$55$130
Shellfish & Seaworms$40$80
Rod & Reel$35$100
Coastal Lobster Transfer fee$50--

Dealer PermitsResidentsNon-Residents
Wholesale Dealer$130$260
Wholesale Broker$130$260
Wholesale Truck$130$260
Retail Store$65$130
Retail Truck$65$130
Retail Boat$65$130
Bait Dealer$65$130

Special PermitsResidentsNon-Residents
Non-commercial Lobster$55$75 *
Contaminated Shellfish:
      - Master Digger$250$500
      - Subordinate Digger$100$200
Scientific Collection$10$20
Shellfish Propagation$10$20
Shellfish Relay$10$20

Endorsements (requires a permit)ResidentsNon-Residents
American Eel$30$60
Black Sea Bass$30$60
Horseshoe Crab$30$60
Northern Shrimp$30$60
Sea Herring$30$60
Striped Bass$30$60
Surf Clam (Contaminated)$30$60
Gillnet **$30$60
Bluefish Gillnet **$30$60
Mobile Gear Coastal Access **$30$60
Fish Pot - Scup **$30$60
Fish Pot - Conch **$30$60
Fish Pot - Black Sea Bass **$30$60
Fluke **$30$60
Surf Clam **$30$60
Ocean Quahog **$30$60
Bluefin Tuna by Purse Seine **$30$60
Sea Scallop Shucking$0 
Sea Scallop Diver$0 
Bay Scallop Shucking$0 
Inshore Net$30$60
Head Boat$130$260
Charter Boat$65$130

All Duplicates$5$7

*Special restrictions apply. See permit description
** Limited Entry

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