Fishing Permits

All persons who land and sell finfish, shellfish, lobsters, edible crabs or other living marine resources in Massachusetts must have a commercial fishing permit from the Division of Marine Fisheries and must sell only to permitted Massachusetts dealers. Commercial permits may be endorsed for access to the many "regulated" fisheries. Regulated fisheries include most gear types (other than hook fishing), and species that are restricted by quota. For a complete list of regulated fisheries. All commercial permits, except Rod & Reel and Seasonal lobster, may be endorsed for shellfish at no additional cost.

Dealer Permit

All persons engaged in the wholesale or retail trade of raw fish, shellfish, lobsters, or bait, whether frozen or unfrozen must have a Dealer permit from the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries and may be subject to inspection from the Department of Public Health. Shellfish dealers must check Food & Drug regulations for tagging and record keeping.

Policy and Fisheries Management

Policies, procedures, and guidelines. 

Permit Fees

Fees for Commercial Permits, Dealer Permits, Special Permits, and Endorsements.

Permitting Locations

Locations where you can buy and renew permits.