Title: Assistant Director
Facility: ARS  
Program: Fisheries Biology Section
Phone: (978) 282-0308 x 109
E-mail: michael.armstrong@state.ma.us


Manager of the Fisheries Biology Section (Recreational and Diadromous Fisheries Program, Fish Biology Program, Assessment and Survey Program)
Managing Editor, Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries Technical Report Series
Laboratory Chief – Annisquam River Marine Fisheries Station
Adjunct Faculty to the Department of Fisheries Oceanography, University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth
Adjunct Faculty to the Intercampus School of Marine Science, University of Massachusetts

Representative to
  Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission Management and Science Committee
  Waquoit Bay Research Steering Committee
  New England Fisheries Management Council Research Steering Committee
  Massachusetts Ocean Partnership Fund Research Working Group
  Massachusetts Aquatic Habitat Restoration Task Force
  Atlantic Herring Plan Development Team