Title: Chief Marine Fisheries Biologist
Facility: NBO
Program: Assessment and Survey Program
Phone: (508) 990-2860 x 113
E-mail: robert.glenn@state.ma.us

Project leader Invertebrate Fisheries Project, Protected Species Project, and Dive Program
Lead monitoring and assessments program of commercially important marine invertebrate species including; American Lobster, Channeled & Knobbed Whelk, Horseshoe Crab, Northern Shrimp, Jonah Crab, Deep Sea Red Crab, and Blue Crab 
Provide administrative oversight to the Protected Species and Dive Programs

Representative to
  Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC) Management Lobster Technical Committee
  (ASMFC) Management Lobster Assessment Sub-committee
  (ASMFC) Management Northern Shrimp Plan Development Team