Title: Senior Marine Fisheries Biologist
Facility: NBO
Program: Conservation Engineering
Phone: (508) 990-2860 x 116
E-mail: mike.pol@state.ma.us


Program Leader, Conservation Engineering
Oversee, design, and implement projects increasing selectivity of fishing operations by reducing juvenile and non-target bycatch  
Co-coordinate GEARNET and REDNET (federally-funded, multi-institutional, network-based research projects)

Representative to
  New England Fishery Management Council Research Steering Committee
  Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission Fishing Gear Technology Expert Working Group
  International Council for the Exploration of the Seas/Food and Agriculture of the United Nations Working Group on Fishing Technology and Fish Behaviour, co-Chair
  New Bedford 2014 Joint WGFAST/WGFTFB Meeting Coordinating Committee, Chair