• Massachusetts MarineFisheries is dedicated to educating others about the Commonwealth's coastline and the waters beyond. Please contact Elaine Brewer if you have any questions!

  • Saltwater Angler Education

    We are dedicated to introducing, educating, and engaging the public in saltwater fishing in Massachusetts.  For more information on our Let's Go Fishing Youth Fishing Clinics, Fishing Seminars, Angler Education Financial Assistance, or other related inquires, please contact Maren Olson, the Angler Education Program Coordinator.
  • Coloring and Activity Books

    Searching for a fun way to teach and/or learn about the marine world around Massachusetts? Look no further! Have fun while learning about the Commonwealth's coastline and the ocean beyond.

  • Species Profiles

    Profile pages for different sorts of species that live in the waters surrounding Massachusetts including finfish, shellfish, and crustaceans.

  • Higher Education

    These institutes of higher learning and the laboratories they are associated with are great places to learn about the ocean world around us. Searching for a college to get an undergraduate degree in? How about going for a graduate degree or doing research? Massachusetts has some of the best colleges and programs in the nation. Or if you prefer to get away a little further, look at the schools all around New England and beyond!

  • Internships and Volunteering

    Are you interested in marine sciences? Thinking about pursuing a degree in marine biology, ocean engineering, or another aquatic discipline? Do you want to experience what it means to be involved with MarineFisheries research? Do you want to help guarantee the sustainability of our living marine resources? If you answered 'YES!' to any of these questions, you may want to consider volunteering or interning with MarineFisheries!

  • Share your photos with us!

    We'd love to see your photos and videos! They may even end up in one of our publications. Please fill out and send a media release with your photo or video clip!
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