Update - 7/30/13

Craven's Landing at Scorton Creek is once again open to all permissible activities including fishing, fishing access, and the launch and retrieval of water craft.  The piping plover chicks have vacated the property. Out of a clutch of 4, 3 grew to post fledge size.  2 of the 3 were witnessed flying to the Sandy Neck side of Scorton Creek.  The last chick was not seen for a number of days and is believed to have fledged or met some other fate.  So, today, July 30, 2013 the Mass Audubon rep alerted MarineFisheries that it was permissible to open the gate and allow normal activity to  take place at the landing.   Thanks to all who followed the limited access rules during the closure.  Craven's Landing is an important access point for angling and boating in the Commonwealth and we appreciate your patience.


From 6A in East Sandwich turn onto Ploughed Neck Road. At the end of Ploughed Neck Road, take a right onto North Shore Blvd. Take a right onto Holway Road. This site provides very limited parking opportunities for small boat access and fishing on Scorton’s Creek and Cape Cod Bay. The access area is accessible through most of the tide range, however at the very top of the tidal cycle and earlier during high course tides the wet sand area floods, limiting site access. Legal parking spots are posted along the northern boundary fence. Vehicle parking is perpendicular to the fence. There are approximately 5 spaces for vehicles only on the west end and parking for 5 vehicles with small trailers closest to the creek. Parking is first come -first serve. All other parking on site is prohibited. The legal “parking area” is dry during most of the tide cycle, but the soils are loose sand and require the use of a four wheel drive vehicle to avoid getting stuck.

The property immediately to the north, the adjoining open beach face and the creek edge north of the fence are all private property. Trespass onto all of this area is illegal except for active fishermen in the intertidal zone only (between mean low and high water). Trespassers onto private property are subject to ejection, a fine or both.  Please respect our neighbor’s property rights!