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This property on Scorton Creek in Sandwich is both a small vessel launch and shore fishing location. The creek is famed for its dependability as a great summer fishing spot. Many don’t realize that holdover striped bass can also be caught by those willing to brave the colder months of the year. This location is rumored to have salter brown trout – a real unicorn in this part of the world! Other species caught here include shad and winter flounder.

The shores of Scorton Creek provide important beach habitat to the piping plover pdf format of Piping Plover
, a threatened species. The presence of nesting and pre-fledge piping plovers at Craven’s Landing typically requires closure to some or all activities at this location between mid June and the end of August. These plover related closures are variable; this page will be updated with any prohibitions.

Craven’s Landing was acquired by MarineFisheries, with financial support of the Orvis Company of Manchester, Vermont in 1999. Previously known as the Scorton Creek Public Fishing Area, it was renamed in 2003 in posthumous honor of James Michael Craven, a former MarineFisheries biologist and Environmental Police Officer.



From 6A in East Sandwich turn onto Ploughed Neck Road. At the end of Ploughed Neck Road, take a right onto North Shore Boulevard. After 0.4 mile, turn right onto Holway Road. The facility is to the left at the terminus of Holway Road. Legal parking spots are identified by signage posted along the boundary fence. All other parking on site is prohibited. Parking is first come, first served (roughly a dozen spots). Click here to for directions from your location.


Much of this property is subject to flooding at high tide. Use caution when parking and be aware of incoming tides. Cape Cod Bay tidal ranges can be greater than eleven feet. Wet sand is a good indicator of how high the last high tide reached. Soft sand on the creek-side of the parking area can require four-wheel drive.

The lands immediately north of the creek edge and north of the fence are private property. It is illegal to enter these areas except for active anglers in the intertidal zone (between mean low tide and mean high tide). Trespassers are subject to ejection, a fine, or both. Please respect our neighbor’s property rights.