Quest Campus

1213 Purchase St. - 3rd Floor
New Bedford, MA 02740
Tel: (508) 990-2860
Fax: (508) 990-0449
Hours: 0700-1700, M-F
Permitting Hours: 0900-1500, M-F



  • Shellfish Sanitation and Management Program: Distributes aquaculture and shellfish propagation permits. Oversees surf clam and ocean quahog management. Collects shellfish samples for Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning (PSP) testing. Conducts microbiological investigations in support of the classification of shellfish growing areas. Provides technical assistance to municipalities concerning shellfisheries management issues. Responds to coastal pollution events and co-reviews coastal alteration projects that may negatively impact shellfish resources.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment Program: Fisheries biologists provide comments and assessments of the environmental impact of various construction projects in the marine and estuarine environment. Review project proposals that include dock, pier, pipeline, and waterfront construction and power and sewerage plant discharges.
  • Recreational and Anadromous Fisheries Programs:
    • Recreational Fisheries Biology - research projects are conducted that further our understanding of the biology of recreational fish.
    • South Shore Anadromous Fisheries Project - provides technical assistance for fish passage issues. Stocking of river herring in select spawning areas.
    • Outreach - provides MarineFisheries information and educational materials to the public and conducts the saltwater fishing derby.
  • Coastal Lobster Investigations: monitors and manages the American lobster resource and fishery in Massachusetts waters.
  • Resource Assessment Project: collects and analyses biological data to contribute to the stock assessment, protection and management of finfish and some crustaceans. Conducts inshore trawl survey in Massachusetts waters.
  • Conservation Engineering Program: develops and tests modifications to commercial fishing gear and innovative designs that minimize impact on non-target species and habitat.
  • Clean Vessel Act/Boating Infrastructure Grant Program:
    • Massachusetts Clean Vessel Act - administers efforts to assist coastal municipalities in providing pump-out boats and shoreside pump-out stations.
    • Boating Infrastructure Grant - provides assistance to the US Department of Interior Federal Aid Program, which distributes money to municipalities for an increase and improvement of boating facilities for transient vessets 26' or greater.

Directions to Quest Campus

From Route 140 South, merge onto I-195 East via ext 2E toward Cape Cod. Merge onto MA-18 S via exit 15 toward Downtown New Bedford. Take the Purchase St. exit. Turn left onto Purchase St. The Quest Center, 1213 Purchase St., is on the right.