Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 130

Massachusetts General Laws relating to marine fisheries management in the Commonwealth. 

Marine Fisheries Regulations (322 CMR)

Regulations pertaining to marine fisheries management in the Commonwealth (322 CMR). 

Commercial Regulations Tables

Commercial regulations summary tables for finfish, shellfish & seaworms, and lobster & crabs. 
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Recreational Regulations Tables

Recreational regulations summary tables for finfish, sharks, shellfish, lobster, and crabs with additional information on how to measure your catch. 
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Marine Fisheries Regulation Summaries pdf format of Marine Fisheries Regulation Summaries
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Summary of marine fisheries laws and regulations by fishery and gear type. 

Gear-Specific Commercial Regulation Maps

Monthly gear-specific commercial groundfish regulation maps. These maps detail groundfish closures by month in state waters for gillnets, mobile gear, and hook & line gear types.  

Policy and Fisheries Management

Policies, procedures, and guidelines.